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Both median home prices and rent are affordable, particularly for a city right on the beach. That’s the 12th-best rate in the study. Unlike its sister city Fort Walton Beach, Mary Esther, which is also located in the greater Crestview area, has very affordable homes. The city is just minutes away from the Kennedy Space Center and also boasts plenty of its own attractions, from the Brevard Community College Planetarium & Observatory to the Brevard Zoo and numerous golf courses and parks.

In addition, San Ramon has the fifth-lowest crime rate. As of the most recent census in 2010, the city’s population was just 3,752, which might appeal to those looking for a small beach community. Mary Esther is one of the small towns in Florida with a community of around 4,000; it’s nestled next to its more famous neighbor, Destin, one of the best beach towns in Florida. Taft has become one of the most affordable cities in California. Googling a number of words on web bar and then selecting the best search results is not an easy work. Fort Pierce is part of the Treasure Coast and is known as the Sunrise City. We make money easy. Get weekly email updates, including expert advice to help you Live Richer™. It is no surprise that San Ramon is our No. When it comes to choosing the right beach destination for you, examine the combination of affordability and livability of the various beach towns according to your own standards and preferences. To find the best cities to raise a family on the West Coast, we compared 150 cities across 10 different factors: To create our final scores, we first ranked each city across all 10 metrics. Yorba Linda’s crime rate is the third lowest in our study and the lowest in the top 10. Make sure your homeowners insurance offers enough protection. Contact us at, Bank of America® Travel Rewards Visa® Credit Card Review, Capital One® Quicksilver® Cash Rewards Credit Card Review, 7 Mistakes Everyone Makes When Hiring a Financial Advisor, 20 Questions to Tell If You're Ready to Retire, The Worst Way to Withdraw From Your Retirement Accounts. Less than 22% of the city’s population is age 19 or younger. Milpitas comes in at number four thanks largely to its top-20 scores in math and reading proficiency. We looked at housing costs as a percent of income, annual cost of childcare, percent of residents under age 19, average math proficiency, average reading proficiency, high school graduation rate, average spending per pupil, poverty rate, unemployment rate and crime rate. It is another cheapest place to live on the west coast. The poverty rate here of 5% is the 10th-lowest in the study. The city’s charms aren’t lost on homebuyers, as the city has the highest median list price in the top 20. Some homebuyers might prefer the best beach towns in Florida to those in Connecticut, for example, while others might want to avoid the hurricane risk in those states and choose one of the best beach towns on the West Coast. Fremont has a graduation rate of 87.18% for high school students, and the city’s scores in math and reading proficiency are both in the top 25. One of the safest most walkable downtown’s in Florida. The city has the strong agricultural economy.

Strategically located near both Boston and Cape Cod, New Bedford is also the No. It has the population about 28 thousand and the median home rent is about 170 thousand dollars. As the only Connecticut city on the list, New London earns its spot in part due to its extraordinarily low median list price. The place with the highest average ranking received a score of 100, and the place with the lowest ranking received a score of 0. Another Bay Area city, Pleasanton takes third. If you are planning to move to the state and hunting for the cheapest places to live on the west coast then you will find many, all these cities are affordable and has the median home rent that you can easily afford. It has a top-25 rate in childcare costs as well as in average math and reading proficiency. More than 75% of Livermore’s population is 20 or older, which is one factor that negatively affects this city’s ranking for this study. Perhaps surprisingly, however, the city also boasts the world-renowned Salvador Dali Museum, along with other cultural treasures. The median home value is about 150 thousand dollars. An individual has to make a number of searches for different items and things in a … Read More. Voted the South’s best town by Southern Living Magazine, Beaufort is the home of many stunning Civil War-era mansions with waterfront views. If you’re drawn to the West Coast but can’t stomach the cost of living in cities like LA and San Francisco, the Pacific Northwest is a region you shouldn’t ignore.

Unemployment here is just 2.90%.

The home price to income ratio is about 3.6x while the income to rent ratio is about 59.7. previously it as renowned for gold mining but now it has become popular because of farming and agriculture. Rounding out the top 10 is Hillsboro, Oregon, the first city in our study that is not in California. California Holtville is the third most affordable city on the west coast. Rent, in particular, is low. California is the state that lies on the west coast of the USA. The population of 6000 cities has the home price to income ratio of  3.5 X and the income to rent ratio is about 67X. How Much Do I Need to Save for Retirement? Rent is a bit high relative to median home values in the city. If you’re interested in all the glitz and glamour of world-famous Daytona Beach but don’t need all the craziness, consider South Daytona Beach. Fort Walton Beach is one of two beach communities on the list in the greater Crestview area. Cheapest Places to Live On the West Coast, most affordable places to live on the west coast, Pros and Cons of Living in Colorado Springs. Housing costs here are also manageable. • •, Best and Cheapest Places to Live in Texas 2018, Venice is the Best Romantic destination in the Europe, 13 Places You Must Visit When Going To Las Vegas, 15 Incredible Places you Need to Know in Florence, 12 Reasons Why you Need to Visit Orlando Florida. Related: Best Hidden Beaches to Visit for All Budgets. The high school graduation is a little higher than 88%. In fact, Cocoa Beach is famous for, among other things, being the beach where John Glenn and other astronauts hung out while training for space flight. The carrots are vegetated in huge amount and supplies to the whole country. It has the population about 9000. Copyright © 2020 — Cheapzip • All rights reserved.

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