Multi Track Cosmic Mind, keep what's currently happening around me and important plans in mind.

Galactic range senses.

Invest them to my Heralds. $1.99 . Good at realizing long term implications, effects and result of things. RELATED: Captain Marvel May Tease the MCU Debut of a Major Cosmic Threat. Galacta: Daughter of Galactus (2010) #1 . Divide as much as wanted. The Punisher: What Happened to Microchip in the Marvel Universe? The character was allegedly meant to reappear in Fearless Defenders, but was cut from the story at the last second. Listen to commands from me and has a vast arsenal (gonna use dem Punishers) and databse of weaponry and tech made by Big G. Inside are planet sized biomes with endless zoos of alien creatures. A modern girl has to make her own way in this world, not held down by what her dad did before her. Next page. Mind, to handle the tech. However, one of the strangest, an most infrequently mentioned, incarnations of the character focuses on Galactus, daughter, Galacta. Guide their advancement, actions and evolutions.

Justice League Elite: What Happened to DC's Most Aggro Team?

-. Keep up with Skyfathers and smack Galaxies with fists. Cosmically Fit in Body and Mind, know every little detail about body and mind, even metanatural in effect, The Alien That Made The Pyramids, target the exact little mini-mini-quarks with my tech and manipulate macro scald finely. Cover price $3.99. A flick of the finger and all those people you accidentally turned to zombies are better again. Godly energy limitless in scope from every aspect of my being.

Anything not natural to you, like magic you learned or mutant abilities you gave yourself, will only replenish energy a few hundred times as fast as normal. Keep up with Skyfathers and smack Galaxies with fists. The New Fab Diet: Extraterrestrial Only, always manage to find my diet wherever I go. RIP Stan Lee, will use that Infinicon form to make comics across the cosmos. Galacta has only appeared in comics twice, with her second simply an expansion of the original story in the digital-first series and print one-shot Galacta: Daughter of Galactus. See, you can contact anyone by force, no matter who they are. She can also teleport, turn invisible and fly. Galactus' Daughter

Galacta is the estranged daughter of Galactus and has been living on Earth for an undetermined amount of time in the guise of a Human Woman named Gali. I am an intrinsic part of the universe. Just A Prank, Earthling!, so long as nobody is harmed I can get away with it. This includes cosmic awareness, which gives her intense intelligence regarding everything in the universe when she allows it to overtake her. Encapsulates a solar systems and hold stars in its gravitation.

A one-stop shop for all things video games. Instead of wiping out races without any thought to their survival, Galacta is openly loving to all creatures. Power Cosmic, innate birthright. Cue complaints of power-gaming jumps from our LOVELY peers. What good is a daddy if he’s not around to help you when you need it?

At least, you better hope so. Emotional trauma does kinda count if it gets bad enough, so you’ll want to fix people’s minds too if you really mess with them. Enter your mobile number or email address below and we'll send you a link to download the free Kindle App. Open great tears in the universe, teleport galaxies, remake entire worlds. - Super Nullifier (B&E/Burglary), a part of me that allows me to delete things from space-time, even the meta-universe. You’ll still need to eat if your dear old deadbeat dad did but you won’t feel an uncontrollable urge to harvest planets. This Subreddit focuses specially on the JumpChain CYOA, where the 'Jumpers' travel across the multiverse visiting both fictional and original worlds in a series of 'Choose your own adventure' templates, each carrying on to the next... Come here for discussion and fanworks from the reddit Jumpers! Jasper's Warp: How Alan Moore Helped Shape the X-Men's World.