Show Information She manages to seal the deal with Rumplestiltskin, who is then taken away by Prince Charming and Grumpy.

Prompted by Tremaine's callous remarks that Thomas is toying with her feelings for him, Ella flees from the ball, accidentally leaving behind one of her glass slippers. ("The Other Shoe"), On the eve of her wedding celebration to Thomas, Cinderella happily watches the fireworks display on the balcony, before she and her future husband go downstairs to greet their guests. She spots Clorinda and Tisbe, but in her hurry to avoid them, she bumps into Princess Snow. ("The Price of Gold"), After some time, Cinderella discovers she is pregnant and decides to run away from the kingdom, but Thomas catches her in the act. Jessy Schram After Aurora's mother died, Valerio hired Irene, a single mother of two girls, to run the household. First appearance: Knowing her stepmother will never let the couple be, Ella gives her the key so she can be in a land where Tremaine will never find them. ("Down the Rabbit Hole"), As Ashley raises Alexandra, she starts a daycare, Mommy & Me, a place where mothers and their babies can spend quality time together. Ashley, Aurora and Mary Margaret are shocked by this, but Emma insists that it's just magic she's been practicing. Clorinda also reveals Thomas is looking for Ella, and that she intends to run away with Jacob. GALLERY, Cinderella Eventually he passes away too and Ella is left to live with her step-family, who force her to be their maid.

("The Price of Gold"), At the ball, Cinderella is escorted in by a human Gus, whom she excuses to allow him to pursue a tray of cheese. Daycare workerWaitress at Granny's Diner (formerly)Maid (formerly) Ella is a housemaid for her stepmother Lady Tremaine and her stepsisters Clorinda and Tisbe. There are six pages sharing the name Cinderella on the Once Upon a Time Wiki: Once Upon a Time Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. ("The Snow Queen"). Tremaine coolly explains that had Ella's father left her with money, she could've hired a proper staff, but instead, he only had Ella.

Both adaptations were based on it. Full of spunk and grit, she's hardly sitting around waiting for her prince. "Leaving Storybrooke"

Before she can leap through, she is stopped by Clorinda, who clears up the misunderstanding about Thomas, as the rose was from Thomas' footman Jacob, whom she loves.

In Hyperion Heights, we find Ella (now Jacinda) in a much more traditional Cinderella situation – trapped by economic circumstances that her stepmother (Victoria Belfrey) created. Instead, his father Mitchell steps in to inform Emma finds out about the adoption papers Ashley signed and gave to Mr. Gold. The next day, Mr. Gold feigns concern for Ashley and asks Emma, to which she agrees. Status:

In Hyperion Heights, we find Ella (now Jacinda) in a much more traditional Cinderella situation – trapped by economic circumstances that her stepmother (Victoria Belfrey) created. Her biggest problem right now? Before the fairy can work her magic, she is killed by Rumplestiltskin's fireball. They head inside to pick out …

Herman houseThe King's castle (formerly)Tremaine estate (formerly) Princess Ella, better known as Cinderella, currently known as Ashley Boyd, also known as Ash, is a character on ABC 's Once Upon a Time. They receive an invitation to an upcoming royal ball, where Tremaine intends to have her daughters dazzle Prince Thomas.

Relevant Pages Please follow one of the disambiguation links below or search to find the page you were looking for if it is not listed. With that problem settled, Thomas suggests to Cinderella that they name their child Alexandra. Hair color: When a royal messenger, Jacob, arrives from the King's castle, Clorinda and Tisbe rush out to look presentable, while pushing Ella out of the way. Cinderella is based on the titular character from the fairytale, "Cinderella", and the Disney film Cinderella. Home: Suddenly, she begins feeling contractions as Thomas rushes to fetch water from the well. During one get-together, they finish the session by singing a song to their babies and Ashley announces she has made CDs for everyone so they can learn new songs for their next meeting.

Before Ella can help her stepsister, Tremaine goes to the Land of Untold Stories and drags Clorinda there with her. "The Price of Gold" Latest appearance:

As a waltz begins, she dances with Thomas' father, who teasingly hints at his desire for a grandchild. Emma and Henry find and bring her to the Storybrooke General Hospital.

She advises that, if Neal has trouble falling asleep, Emma can tell him that he's going to turn into a pumpkin by midnight, which will put him right to sleep. Think you know Cinderella? Biographical Information Jacinda struggles every day just to free herself from that wicked woman's control and to protect and provide for her spirited daughter, Lucy. This girl's got problems and she'll solve them on her own, thank you very much. Physical Description Between 2011 and 2016, Schram appeared in four episodes of the television series Once … Even so, Emma's jealousy comes out in the form of magic when she unknowingly causes Neal's bottle of milk to boil. Emma asks if the meetings are for learning baby tips, but Ashley explains it's also a support group of sorts since it's not easy being a first-time mother. Biographical Information In actuality, he doesn't want Ashley to break the deal they made by running away with the adoption papers. Female First appearance: With Ginnifer Goodwin, Jennifer Morrison, Lana Parrilla, Josh Dallas. Lady Tremaine became her stepmother after Ella's father married her, but after her father's death, Tremaine made Ella into a maid. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Ashley Boyd Emma is perturbed by this, since Mary Margaret is learning everything for the first time despite that Neal is her second child, but she attempts to sympathize with her mother's circumstances. With Frank Crudele, Ilaria Spada, Mariella Valentini, Rosabell Laurenti Sellers.

Thomas assures her that he will fix this, and they simply need to make a new deal to undo the old deal. She is also an allusion to the Miller's Daughter from the fairytale, "Rumpelstiltskin". Relatives: Leroy yells the diner is closed, but the stranger ignores him. Desperate, she agrees and Rumplestiltskin transforms her rags into a beautiful gown. As the man walks toward the diner, he bumps into Ashley and secretly swipes a key from her. If an internal link led you here, you may wish to change the link to point directly to the intended article. Bringing her stepmother, Lady Tremaine, to justice for all the horrible things that she's done -- least of which was making Ella's life a living hell. Directed by David Solomon. At the diner, Ruby finally tells her she lent Ashley the car to escape town and go to Boston. When the pain stops, she calls him back.

Just toss her a sword and watch out for her mean right hook. See "Family" Home: Snow befriends Ella and nudges her towards Prince Thomas, who is interested in her.

Ella apologizes for deceiving him and believes he won't want her now, but Thomas proves his feelings for her are genuine and proposes to her. Alive Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. When Emma arrives to pick up Neal for babysitting, Ashley welcomes her with a hug.

Shrugging it off as silly, since magic doesn't exist, Ella drops the key into a box. At nineteen, Ashley is pregnant and abandoned by her boyfriend, Sean, at the insistence of his father Herman.