He offers to cover her admission fee, which she rejects due to not wanting to seem like a damsel in distress who needs saving.

Henry notices something off with Ella, although she quips back that it's good they'll have some time to talk. Show Information [29] Goodwin and her husband have two sons, born in May 2014[30] and June 2016. She pulls away, telling him she didn't mean to do that, and Nick apologizes for misreading her signals. As they revel over the reality that they met in another life, Henry hints at the fact they haven't kissed yet.

"[7], Tinker Bell and the Legend of the Neverbeast, North American Federation of Temple Youth, Tinker Bell and the Legend of the NeverBeast, I Am Somebody's Child: The Regina Louise Story, "Ginnifer Goodwin Biography – Yahoo!

She is knocked into a field of hyacinths and later woken up by the stranger, Henry, who offers her a ride to the ball. Goodwin has done voice work in the Adult Swim series Robot Chicken, where her younger sister Melissa works as an animator.

Jacinda and her daughter offer to help her prepare for the upcoming food fair in Hyperion Heights, but Sabine suggests they spend some quality family time together.

When Henry expresses a desire to do more for the comatose girl, Jacinda encourages him to read his novel to Lucy as it always gave her strength whenever she needed it. Later, Doctor Sage receives confirmation through the blood test results that Henry is Lucy's biological father, however, someone poisons her and steals the results. Realizing Nick is the Candy Killer and he kidnapped Henry, Rogers withholds this information from her and instead instructs her to go home and not let anyone in.

[4][7] As a child, she attended the Henry S. Jacobs Camp, a summer camp for Reform Jewish children in Utica, Mississippi. What was the point of this movie? Looking for something to watch? ("The Eighth Witch"), As Tiana's coronation ceremony draws near, Ella and Regina help prepare in the dressing room, but they are interrupted by Dr. Facilier, who warns the future Queen of a fearsome beast that will soon threaten her kingdom and, as proof, he directs her into checking the Fairy Docks at the southern edge of the bayou.

Later on, Lady Tremaine and a prince conspire to murder Ella's father, and following his death Ella is stripped of her old life and forced to be a maid in her stepmother's manor, where she gains the nickname "Cinderella". Latest appearance:

Wanting to be with her daughter, Jacinda sets the papers on fire, but her actions disappoint Lucy, who vows she would rather be apart from her mom if she is going to give up. She nonchalantly asks about why he is playing that song, and when he rambles about his love for 80s music and his penchant for making mixtapes, she remarks how little sense he is making. However, Jacinda reveals all relationships have problems, including a rift she and Lucy are having which she blames on herself. As Jacinda is working under the truck, she hears the stereo being switched to a song by The English Beat before she rolls out to see Henry standing with the stereo propped over his head. ("Pretty in Blue", "One Little Tear"), During a wintery day, Ella builds a snowman near a lake with her stepsisters as Marcus and Rapunzel watch nearby.