"Tiny" August says that a little fairy told him about the dagger and who Mr. Gold really is. The cast are are currently filming Episode 2x17 in Steveston on sets that have been redressed to resemble the early 80's. [4], After two weeks of reruns, this outing returned to improved numbers, going up to a 3.0/8 among 18-49s with 9.08 million viewers tuning in and once again winning its timeslot, although CBS' The Amazing Race, which came in second, had more viewers in the same time period. "Welcome to Storybrooke" • Exact details of this particular flashback storyline are scarce but internet rumours are rampant that the episode will either concentrate on Henry's arrival in Storybrooke or on the first day of the curse. I give points to this episode for some quality scenes and genuine emotion, but that can't carry the plot.

David arrives, but Mary Margaret signals to Emma that she does not want to see him, so Emma politely sends David away and asks him to take Henry home.

They talk about Rumplestiltskin's power and how to get rid of it. Jane Espenson With Ginnifer Goodwin, Jennifer Morrison, Lana Parrilla, Josh Dallas. "Knightfall" • It happens :D At least it's all cleared up XD. In the Enchanted Forest, Baelfire summons Reul Ghorm in the woods.

Kathryn's next visitor is David (Josh Dallas) who apologizes for what happened between them.

Henry asks August if he found what he was looking for. "The Eighth Witch"

Baelfire throws the bean, and a portal opens.

"Sisterhood" In the Enchanted Forest, Rumplestiltskin is still in the woods when he calls for the Blue Fairy.

At Henry's urging, Emma convinces Mary Margaret to pay a visit to a comatose man in the hospital and read to him from the storybook, as flashbacks show how Snow White and … "Swan Song" • Graham's gallery is available here. "The Stable Boy" • The person turns out to be Henry (Jared S. Gilmore) who helps August with a mission at Mr. Gold's (Carlyle) shop. Emma meets with Sidney Glass, and she confronts him with the bug he used to spy on her to aid Regina. "You can't just turn someone into a snail and crush them," he tells her. It is the nineteenth episode overall, and premiered on April 22, 2012. "The Shepherd" "Kansas" •

Papa... if I find a way for you to get rid of the power, a way that doesn't kill you or hurt me, would you do it? I know he told them about the fact that his heart was ripped out. "The Return" is the nineteenth episode of Season One of ABC's Once Upon a Time. The next day Emma continues her investigation by confronting Sidney (Giancarlo Esposito) with the bug she found in his flowers. Back at Mary Margaret's apartment, there is a party for her, celebrating her freedom from her legal entanglement. David shows up at the door, but Mary Margaret signals for Emma to turn him away.

But, the Irish actor is back again in this Sunday’s episode of the fairytale drama. Mr. Gold questions August about who he is and recognizes he must be from the Enchanted Forest. Kathryn says she does not blame him for realizing they were not right for each other.

She recalls being kept in a basement but she did not see anyone. "A Pirate's Life" •

"The Brothers Jones" • "Once Upon a Time" for one episode in Season 7, and that episode will explain what happened with her and Captain Hook. "Hat Trick" "Breaking Glass" • "Sisters" • He tells his father that people are afraid to even talk to him.

"Beauty" • "An Apple Red as Blood" • In Storybrooke, August Booth wakes up experiencing a terrible pain in his leg. "Heart of Darkness" • This raises his concern that the writer might want to kill him. Emma does not buy this for a minute figuring he is only confessing to Regina's crime because of his infatuation.

Next Episode Rumplestiltskin vows to not rest, until he creates the curse and finds Baelfire.

In Storybrooke, Mr. Gold breaks into August's room and finds a drawing of the dagger with Rumplestiltskin's name on it.

"Tougher Than the Rest" • In Storybrooke, August visits the convent to speak with Mother Superior. In the Enchanted Forest, Rumplestiltskin and Baelfire return home where tries to heal his son's knee with magic, but Baelfire refuses and brings out healing items. Mr. Gold threatens to kill him and asks August why he is willing to risk such an encounter with him if he is aware of his true identity. "Lady of the Lake" • In Storybrooke, Mr. Gold goes to see Archie Hopper, much to his surprise. When Rumpelstiltskin suggests a curse might take him to Baelfire, the fairy's hesitation tells him he is onto something, but she is opposed to the idea, because she does not believe that he is willing to pay the price of the curse. The driver is angry at him, but stops once he realizes who Baelfire is. 3 years later, he turns 18, changes his name, becomes Neal Cassidy. Thus, he and August establish an alliance. He is portrayed by Jamie Dornan.

Rumpelstiltskin lashes out at the fairy for taking his son away, but she tells Rumpelstilskin that he drove his own son away. http://www.onceuponatimefans.co.uk/apps/blog/show/23186630-storybrooke-steps-back-in-time, Jamie Dornan reprising his role as Sheriff Graham in a flashback special.

Later, Mr. Gold watches August speed off on his motorcycle and follows him behind in his car. Baelfire deduces from the blood on his father's boot that he has killed their housekeeper to keep the dagger a secret. The housekeeper overhears this, but being a mute, she does not respond. "Dark Hollow" • Premiere date "Snow Drifts" • He dials the rotary phone in his room and speaks to an unknown person. "Operation Mongoose Part 2", "The Dark Swan" • Their mute maid Onora overhears them talking. It was written by Jane Espenson, while Paul Edwards served as the director. that's way I put 'coming back' in quotes because he is but isn't like we are going to see him again. "The Song in Your Heart" •

Episode Information "Strange Case" • "Going Home" "Enter the Dragon" • A vortex opens which will take them to the land with no magic. August takes the knife, but points it toward Mr. Gold and tries to use an incantation against him to control the power of the Dark One.

The best thing this episode does is explicitly discuss fairy tale business in Storybrooke, which instills faith that the two storylines will intersect at some point.

"[9] IGN columnist Amy Ratcliffe graded the episode 7 out of 10, and called Baelfire's quest to rid his father of powers "heartwarming," as she liked "knowing there was a point where Rumplestiltskin could have changed his fate." It was written by Jane Espenson, while Paul Edwards served as the director. However, he vows to find a way. "Mother's Little Helper" • "Selfless, Brave and True" "Rocky Road" • "Secret Garden" • "The Thing You Love Most" •

The Blue Fairy tells Rumpelstiltskin that was his only chance and there is no other way to the realm where his son has gone. "The Return" His son calls him a coward and lets go. He chases the ball and nearly gets run over by a cart. "Wake Up Call" • Mr. Gold defends that he only broke one deal in his life and it was not this one. "The Return" is the nineteenth episode of Season One of ABC's Once Upon a Time. "Ruby Slippers" "Nasty Habits" • "There's No Place Like Home", "A Tale of Two Sisters" • "The Return" was written by consulting producer Jane Espenson, while Lost veteran, Paul Edwards, directed the episode. She believes there is something keeping them apart and does not want the bad moments to erase the good ones. This outrages Baelfire, who protests she was a mute woman and would have not been able to tell anyone about it. TRANSCRIPT. Espenson called Kathryn's reappearance "more of a solution than a problem" that creates some interesting questions. :).

"Dark Waters" • This gives August time to sneak in through the back door, but Mr. Gold catches him.

He falls from his bed and hobbles over to the phone. "Lost Girl" • Related Pages that's way I put 'coming back' in quotes because he is but isn't like we are going to see him again. Baelfire tries to calm his father down by saying that he is alright, but after seeing a cut on Baelfire's knee, Rumplestiltskin turns the man into a snail then stomps on him despite Baelfire's pleas. Who were they? She expresses her disappointment in his lack of belief in her innocence and says that they cannot move forward. Baelfire calls him a coward before disappearing. Season One Snow White becomes a villain when Regina tells a secret that has her true love killed. She doesn't know if he is working for Regina or against her. "The Return" is the 19th episode of the American fairy tale/drama television series Once Upon a Time, which aired in the United States on ABC on April 22, 2012. Rumpelstiltskin agrees, but he doubts that it is possible. Henry asks for a gift for Mary Margaret Blanchard and says he thinks she would like a bell. Later, August sends Henry Mills into Mr. Gold's shop. Emma realizes that he is in love with Regina, which would explain his loyalty to her. "Only You" • Mr. Gold allows August to live to continue to try to convince Emma, scoffing that either way, he will eventually die. Emma Swan (Jennifer Morrison) visits Kathryn (Anastasia Griffith) to ask what she remembers after her accident. Written by Snow White, better known as The Evil Queen, is a character onABC'sOnce Upon a Time. It was written by Jane Espenson and directed by Paul Edwards. "Page 23" • However, and apparently you didn't lead the original post, this thread is talking about Graham in "Welcome to Storybrooke", where he appeared in the flashbacks.