It seems like Once Upon a Time is back to its old ways of rape on television. The person Regina hated the most was herself rather than Snow White. Overtime, Regina has become protective of her friends and the enemies who became her family.

The Walrus & the Carpenter | From the hit ABC Television series once upon a time comes these highly detailed and articulated action figures of hook, Emma Swan, Regina, and Robin hood! She helped others whenever she could and even saved Snow White's life, but Regina soon grew cold after the death of Daniel and had started hating Snow White for the secret she told Cora, Regina's evil mother. No, I didn’t actually – I think Colin [O’Donoghue] is going to get my chair-back for me, I forgot to get that. Jack | This was shown when she was visibly shocked her mother killed Snow's so she could become the Queen and had uneasiness, not to mention suspicion, with her mother's plan to take Rumplestiltskin's power just to become a family with Henry. Lady Tremaine |

Magic/WitchcraftConjurationEnergy BlastsHealing SpellsLocator SpellsBlood MagicProtection SpellsMagical ImmobilizationMirror EnchantmentsHeart-rippingPhytokinesisPyrokinesisShape-shiftingTelekinesisTeleportationTransformationPotioncraftTrue Love's KissDomain on Leopold's kingdom (in Enchanted Forest)Authority as mayor (in Storybrook) At the start of the third season, she is sarcastic, snarky, and vitriolic, constantly disagreeing with the group on how they save Henry from Peter Pan.

While at first seeming like a redeeming quality, she remembers Jefferson's statement about the hat's rule; two people go in, two people go out, no more and no less. Cheshire Cat | What did you think of Robin’s death?

Regina started Season 2 out as an anti-hero, became the secondary antagonist for a brief time when she become. Britney Spears Loses Bid to Remove Father From Conservatorship, How Clea DuVall's Lesbian Christmas Movie Radicalizes a Conventional Genre, Amy Adams and Glenn Close’s Oscar Chances Try to Stand Above ‘Hillbilly Elegy’, Josephine Skriver, Alexander DeLeon Snag Chic L.A. Midcentury Modern, White Stripes Soundtrack an Animated Love Story in Video for ‘De Stijl’ Classic ‘Apple Blossom’, The 15 Best New Pieces of Fall Menswear to Buy This Week, Hedge Fund Sees Bull Horn SPAC As Gateway Into Sports’ Growth, The 29 Best Face Masks for Running, Cycling & Working Out: Under Armour, Reebok, Adidas. In season 5, Regina had doubt in herself, believing others didn't see her as anymore than a former villain despite forgiveness. However, the evil queen took this advantage and stabbed her, but Regina was shocked that Snow could not be killed as Charming and Snow and their family, are under the protection of Rumplestiltskin's magic. Storybrooke Despite Tinker Bell's offer for another chance at happiness and true love, Regina refused out of fear of a life without anger and hatred. With this, regina uses blood magic that only she can access to unless someone from her bloodline can infiltrate it, like Zelena did before their first meeting with each other. I haven’t really spent a lot of time speculating what will happen or where the characters will go — I think Adam and Eddy would prefer to tease that their way anyway. Sheriff of Nottingham | Relationships Edit Family Edit.

This "political" battle goes on for most of the season.

What do you think losing Robin will mean for Regina? In order to stop a curse cast by Pan, Regina accepts the price of never seeing Henry again. Emma Swan | Dark Ones | Regina was redeemed by her son and reverts back into the woman she once was. When asked by Snow to keep a secret of her own (that she and Charming exiled Maleficent's child through a portal after placing Emma's dark potential in it), Regina held no ill will about it.

When Robin is threatened by a Fury because of her failure to pay the price to save him (her life in exchange), she sacrifices herself, which in turn inspires the others to join her, thus driving off the Fury.

After overpowering Maleficent, she spared her, stating she considered the more moral sorceress as her sole friend.

Because of her mother's wicked ways, Regina hates magic and vows to never be as evil as her mom.