("Second Star to the Right"), Greg and Tamara go with Hook down to the town mines where they plan to activate the diamond and destroy Storybrooke, wiping out all of its inhabitants in the process. Later, due to mounding guilt over effectively killing Cora, Mary Margaret goes to see Regina at her house and begs her to kill her. Owen pleas for them to keep looking, but they lead him away as Regina tearfully watches on from inside the town line. Tamara takes these and has them be sent to the "home office" for analysis.

She tells him that they shan't have to do much work as if there's anyone who you can count on to do your dirty work - it's a pirate.

("The Evil Queen"), Greg and Tamara are seen to have strapped Regina down in the town cannery as she remains powerless. GALLERY. When he was a boy, Owen and his father Kurt were camping in the woods when they stumbled across Storybrooke by accident.

As she does so, Greg sets up some equipment in the room containing Regina and wires it up to her. They are surprised to learn that they have been working for a group of teenagers and demand to know what the plan is. He goes to his car with the footage and looks to the braided key chain on his car keys, saying, "I'll find you, dad," signifying that he is in fact Owen Flynn. Worried for his son's safety, he instructs Owen to get out of the car and run as fast as he can into the woods to call his uncle. Tamara approaches him, offering condolences, before explaining that she's heard back from the home office and they know what the black diamond is - a trigger that can destroy Storybrooke and kill all of its inhabitants. Owen doesn't want to leave his father behind, but Kurt assures him as long as he has the keychain, he'll always be with him. Fleeing back into his car where Owen is waiting for him, Kurt speeds off and tries to make it past the town line, only to be blocked by Graham's sheriff car.

She says that she'll drive it into town the following night before leaving the room. They are unable to leave due to the fact that their car was crushed by a tree in the storm and head to Granny's Diner where they are approached by Regina, the mayor, whose angry that Owen is sitting in her spot. Owen would then be the first person from the Land Without Magic to have their life ruined by Regina Mills (the Storybrooke alias of the Evil Queen from the Enchanted Forest), where his father was taken from him. He seems surprised that this is where they next want to destroy, and Tamara points out that it's the mother lode of magic.

("Selfless, Brave and True"), Tamara meets Greg in his room at Granny's Bed & Breakfast where he's mapped out all of the places in town where he's seen magic, saying the town's lousy at being discrete.

A panicked Regina quickly puts the heart away in the box and attempts to explain herself, but Kurt is uneasy by what he has seen and tries to make a hasty exit after giving his gratitude for all that she's done for him and his son. Kurt's Truck

Back at the cannery, Greg is seen burning some documents as he's approached by Hook and David, who want to steal a bean. When Greg's partner Tamara eventually arrives in Storybrooke, together they plan to destroy Storybrooke, as it is the only place on Earth where magic is present. Regina relents and tells Greg what happened to his father: she killed Kurt soon after he left and buried him at the campsite.

However, when she betrays him and throws him down to Maleficent as a distraction so that she can retrieve the curse's fail-safe, Greg and Tamara rescue him, and when Regina returns to the surface from the library "basement", the three of them are waiting there for her. Land Without Magic Character As Kurt backs away from her, Sheriff Graham bursts in to wrestle and pin him against the desk.

He tells her to go to avoid Neal suspecting anything, but Tamara assures him that he won't, before asking Greg if he's had any luck in finding his father. Biographical Information The girls are surprised that they all want to go back and Leroy makes the argument that there is a whole world out there that has no idea what goes on in Storybrooke, asking them what they think will happen if one of those people came and paid them a visit. Kurt explains his reasons for bringing Owen on the camping trip in the first place, and Regina remarks she too is looking to start over but hasn't turned out how she wanted it to be because even with a new life she has no one to share it with. Greg is later seen at his old campsite, digging, and discovers his father's skeleton. Rumple quickly dives to protect Belle but the car drives right into town and hits Hook in the process, crashing. He débuts in the eleventh episode of the second season and is portrayed by guest stars Ethan Embry and Benjamin Stockham . The pair retreat into their tent as the storm passes through, and in the morning, Kurt finds car is pinned down by a fallen tree.

Now an adult going by the name of "Greg Mendell", he returns to Storybrooke, only to crash his car into a tree and receive severe wounds. Kurt Flynn

Father[1]Brother or brother-in-law[2]Owen Flynn † (son)Wife †

("Welcome to Storybrooke"), Greg is seen at Granny's Diner enjoying an apple pie when Regina walks over and sits opposite him.

Later, Greg is seen packing up and out of a patient's gown. Regina tries to stop Owen, reminding him that he liked it in her town, but he tells her that he doesn't want to be there under the current circumstances, he runs away. She uses Greg and Tamara's fates as an example of what Pan will do them if they try to rescue Henry without a way off Neverland. Kurt thanks her for her help before leaving with Owen, who gives Regina a lanyard as thanks because she let him sit in her seat.

After undergoing surgery at Storybrooke General Hospital, Greg resumes his mission by recording evidence of magic.

He is portrayed by Ethan Embry, with his younger self portrayed by Benjamin Stockham. Owen Flynn and his father, Kurt Flynn, are seen camping in the woods as the former makes his own lanyard.


Born to the world as Owen Flynn, he lost his mother when he was young. Regina goes on to say that Greg seems familiar and that it seems as though they've met before, but Greg assures her that this is their first meeting. At this, Rumple summons fire with magic, ready to do his worst to Hook, however, a car driven by an outsider (Greg) is seen approaching Storybrooke, appearing out of control. Greg and Tamara then refuse to hand over Henry, but Peter Pan's shadow comes out of nowhere and rips Greg's own shadow from his body, killing him instantly. However, she was unable to salvage anything from Greg due to there not being enough left of him; a fact that makes Regina smile. Greg says that he saw the road and realizes his hit someone, asking if he's okay. Once Upon a Time Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community.

Ruby denies that it's real and Belle becomes so distraught over the matter that she is made to be sedated by a nurse as Greg stands witness.

Latest appearance: Greg proceeds to ask about "the package" and Tamara says that it's right outside town.

Ruby wishes the same thing, stating that she wouldn't want to keep him in her "quiet little town", before leaving. Species: In the ensuing struggle, Kurt yells at Graham about Regina controlling him in some form, but Graham doesn't listen, although Kurt eventually manages to knock the box to the floor. Relevant Pages Male

He laughs this off, saying that he's already killed Rumplestiltskin, which means that his life's purpose is fulfilled. He débuts in the seventeenth episode of the second season and is portrayed by John Pyper-Ferguson.

Owen Flynn, later known as Greg Mendell, and briefly known as the Outsider and the Stranger, is a character on ABC's Once Upon a Time. However, he walks in and witnesses Regina holding a glowing red heart and speaking into it, commanding someone to "arrest the father for drunk driving".

Greg picks it up and hands it to him and Henry continues running.

The next night, Greg is seen waiting at the town line as Tamara pulls up beside him with a trailer attached to her car. In Neverland, Greg and Tamara discover that they had been played all along when the "Home Office" turn out to be the Lost Boys.

She wonders why he's in Storybrooke and he reveals that he's there to find his father, however, Regina tells him that his father isn't in Storybrooke anymore and left soon after Greg did. Because as long as you have it, I'll always be with you. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. ("Welcome to Storybrooke"), Later, Kurt and his son are finishing up a meal at the diner when Regina comes in.