ADDICTED, formerly known as Fishing Addicts NW, was established in 2009. Drag the bait in small movements over the cover, and then let it sit in spaces between pads or at the edge of weedbeds. The Shrimp Tail Teaser gives us advantages There is no guessing when it comes to a bite. This will cause your float to plunge They are effective in many different water situations and entice aggressive strikes from big Steelhead. ", The fish measured 39.5"x 21", caught on a bubblegum/orange 4"paddle. THESE ARE THE LAST WORM YOU WILL EVER NEED. is the Hot Pink. I eased the hook and pink worm rig out of her mouth while keeping water running through her gills. The shrimp pink is THEY ARE SUPER DURABLE. THESE CUSTOM HAND POUR 2.75" STEELHEAD WORMS ARE AMAZING!!! Much like Spey fishing is becoming the “rage” today drifting pink worms were the new “thing” in the 1990’s. Rigging these Using rubber worms for steelhead is a highly effective way to catch fish. THESE BAITS HAVE MORE ACTION AND A BIGGER PROFILE THAN ANY OTHER COHO JIG ON THE MARKET. Use a bait threader to thread the line through a worm and then slide a bait float above it such as a Corkie, Cheater, or my favorite the Cha Cha pill float by Mack’s lure as their profile matches the worm and since they are made from a high dense poly foam they float high keeping the worm drifting along in the river. The second method is not quite as simple, but very effective. Pink Worms have burst onto the Northwest Steelhead fishing scene with a vengeance. Prime members enjoy FREE Delivery and exclusive access to music, movies, TV shows, original audio series, and Kindle books. THE EGGS ON THE SKIRT HAVE AIR POCKETS SO THEY FLOAT WHICH ADDS MASSIVE ACTION TO THIS BAIT. Steelhead are not always the shy spooky fish that we have been told, these fish have proven to be aggressive, striking uncommonly large and gaudy baits. Even when fishing rubber worms that are infused with scent it’s still a good idea to apply scents to the worm, float and even rub it up the leader. Use a snap swivel and tie the mainline onto the end of the swivel.

If drift fishing the worms use hooks in sizes 1 to 1/0 depending on the length of the worm. FOOL THOSE BIG STEELIES WITH SOMETHING THEY HAVEN'T SEEN. Nice article. THEY CAN ALSO BE CUT IN HALF AND MADE INTO 2 WORMS TO TIP  JIGS WITH. Jake Reardon with a chrome bright winter steelhead, caught with a Shrimp Tail Teaser. the hook point out through the flat ‘belly’ part of the lure. to fish Shrimp Tail Teasers as low in the river system and as early

There isn't near the runs up this way and the few fish that are in the streams are a lot more pressured than you would think. Getting a good look at the fish my heart rate raced as this time it would be my first steelhead at the magical 20 pound mark. I prefer the latter with the hook about an inch from the end of the tail on both the 4- and 6-inch worms. One helpful hint is to rub your favorite scent on the leader before you thread on the worm as it helps with running the leader through the rubber. pink worm doesn’t work, the others don’t work either.