This one smells like a sweat burning tire to me for the first 2 min. This is because its sweeter, less rubbery and bitter and has a gorgeous patchouli and an iris that is soft and not prominent, if I was to imagine this fragrance as a living being it would be cute and cuddly but with a darkness and suaveness.

Another good one from Prada!! Once the scent settles and dries down, similarity to Midnight in Paris by VCA is uncanny. Gave it another try at night and loved it, it has grown on me to the point that it has become my favorite night fragrance. This is a powdery, dry, Green Vanilla. If you want to make a girls eyes roll back when you walk past her wear this, if you want to smell like lemon pledge and Ambroxin and every other guy wear a blue fragrance. Prada Luna Rossa Black is available as a 50 and 100 ml Eau de Parfum. Being a big fan of oriental fragrances, I really felt the need to review this. It's ok but not amazing.also smells like eau de baux a lot but I prefer the others over this! On my first couple of times wearing it, it annoyed me for some reason; quite possibly the Angelica/Coumarin combination but since then, it’s grown on me ten-fold and I’m beginning to really get into it. 8/10. This is an emphasis on the ambery powder that first drew me to original Luna Rossa. I feel like it is different enough that I could tell it apart from the others, but I don't think any of the comparisons are completely off the mark. Perfumista stocks this and many other niche, designer and boutique scent samples. I instantly went to the department store to test it. Almost smells like a wet dog or something. Get a FREE Sample of Luna Rossa Black, the new masculine fragrance by Prada. Very well blended, and it smells so sophisticated, avant garde, and sexual. Not sure why but I'm in love with this stuff. I have both. Buy Prada Luna Rossa Black samples and decants here at I enjoy this scent from start to finish. The dry-down is just spectacular! This bears no resemblance to the original Luna Rossa. Prada PRADA Eau De Toilette Pour Homme Splash Men Sample Vial .05 o/1.5mL New. Are people seriously wearing this in the throws of a brutal American heat wave? I couldn't shake it, it had me hooked right away. The scent smells good but what makes me dislike it is something the after smell. I discovered this fragrance in a department store while I was looking for a new scent. So I've read and seen reviews on YouTube about this fragrance for a while now, I finally tried it out at my local Sephora and holy cow, this stuff is amazing. would choose L'homme Intense over this anyday. Unfortunately, after an hour of projection, the scent almost completely disappears and then reappears from time to time. I prefer this over Prada L'homme Intense. Powered by Shopify. Hope they smell alike. In Florida, the heat just brings this to life! There's something familiar about it, but it's also quite mysterious and seductive. Maybe a few more wearings will change my mind. The tonka and amber make this a really versatile scent that fits well with whoever is wearing it.

Extremely powdery date-night frag. After maybe an hour, woods make their appearance, and that's about the time, it becomes a skin scent. I’m getting married next week, and to change it up and make it more formal, I’m pretty sure I’ll be wearing Luna Rossa Black. I'm typically a fresh, aquatic scent type of guy. I'm not a fan but it's probably just me. Prada black smells sooo good.