Our company sends out automatic shipments of a variety of takeout bags to restaurants each month so you will always have enough for your customers. This bio shows how you can capture your reader's attention by being empathetic and showing how that empathy shapes a valuable professional.

Example: “My name is Jin, and I am reaching out from Bags Unlimited to inform you of the services we provide. Others may perceive you as self-assured and capable when you begin with a strong introduction. Having a concise and error-free email might impress your contact and have them consider your request. People will read your professional bio.

I have worked with more than 20 destination marketing organizations to increase tourism at their destinations, resulting in 40% more business at certain locations.”, Related: 7 Life Lessons You Can Learn at Work. Megan Gilmore is a best-selling cookbook author, and she often posts healthy recipes on her Instagram page to inspire followers' to realize that you don't have to sacrifice taste for the sake of health. Related: 18 Body Language Tips to Remember During Your Next Interview. I’m excited for the opportunity to be part of a team that increases awareness of the businesses in Richmond.

How to Start a Self-Introduction Speech? Our teams hold weekly meetings, and I look forward to working together in the future. For a more formal position or meeting with a potential client, keeping a more professional demeanor could make you more likely to be hired or gain the client’s business. If you don't hook 'em in the first line, you'll lose them quickly.

The accomplished journalist concludes his gripping bio as strong as it began, measuring his experience by the number of states, countries, and continents to which he's traveled in his career. Whether you're the founder of your company or a mid-level specialist, use the next few lines of your bio to describe what you do in that position. Plus, Gilmore includes a CTA link within her Instagram bio that leads followers to free, ready-to-use recipes. In writing a self-introduction essay, the writer intends to introduce himself/herself by sharing a few personal information including the basics (e.g. Mention any associated brand name you might use.

Give it a quick read, paying close attention to the opening and closing lines: "This is Ann Handley's website, and this is a bit of copy about her ... That's not giving you a lot of detail, is it?

Please let me know if I can help with anything as you orient yourself with the office.”. ), his/her background information (e.g. Your new colleague will likely meet multiple people on their first day, so keep your introduction brief. Premium plans, Connect your favorite apps to HubSpot.

Creative self-introduction sample for college students has a great first impression example for students in English. Rather than body language and tone, however, emails rely on clarity of language and accuracy of writing. The information on this site is provided as a courtesy. A professional recruiter, she expresses her "passion for recruiting" upfront, in the first sentence, while using that sentence to hook her profile visitors into a brief story of her background. Here's how to write a bio, step-by-step.

For that reason, it's a good idea for your first and last name to be the first two words of your professional bio.

As you read it, notice the words and ideas included – as well as … You see, while your resume is only useful for when you're actively applying for specific positions, your professional bio is much more visible. And, most importantly, it's the tool that you can leverage most when you're networking. But a single sentence that tees your reader up and provides context for the accomplishments that follow could make the rest of your bio that much more persuasive. It's a well-put value proposition that sets her apart from the rest of the HR industry. Why? State your current position and what you do. Keep in mind that you should start your introduction in a way that is appropriate for the context. Below, we've curated some of the best real professional bio examples we've ever seen on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and the various websites where you might describe yourself. Stage-named DJ Nexus, Jamerson's professional bio makes use of nearly every Page field inside the About tab. Our favorite part about DJ Nexus's bio? If your readers don't remember anything else about your bio, make sure they remember your name.

Marie Mikhail checks off nearly every box for what makes an excellent bio.

You might be thinking — Why would she do that, since it discourages people from buying her book? The second is the "long version," which is actually even more interesting than the first one.

What I love most about Corey's bio is that it's a great example of how to deliver information about yourself without taking things too seriously.

During your conversation, maintain natural body language with relaxed shoulders and open arms by your side.

family background, educational background, etc.

I mean, how many people actually read professional bios, anyway? The best bios are often concise (around 200–300 words), so you don't have a lot of room to play around. Just add your family details if needed.

The necessary educational information is left for the end, after the reader has been hooked.

Like Ann, Mark's given his readers two different options. Better yet, what values do you and your colleagues share that would make your business a worthwhile investment to others? Leaving your audience with something quirky or uniquely you can ensure they'll leave your website with a pleasant impression of you. Mark leverages his Twitter bio because it’s place where he can be human. Don't be afraid to keep it simple: "Lindsay Kolowich is the founder and CEO of Kolowich Consulting.". Sure, you might impress a handful of people with all those laurels, but many people who read your bio will end up feeling either intimidated or annoyed. Do your research. So read more here." The rest of her bio follows suit, breaking up the text with an appropriate emoji and a perfect collection of nouns to tell me who she is as a person. Here’s how to identify which style works best for you, and why it’s important for your career development. Make your primary responsibilities known for the reader, helping them paint a picture of who you are during the day and what you have to offer the industry. Right away, his audience knows which genres he plays in, where he's from, and who else he's worked with. Marie Mikhail finishes off her bio by including a smooth mixture of professional skills, such as her Spanish fluency; and personal interests, such as podcasting and Star Wars (she mentions the latter with just the right amount of humor). I have a rich background analyzing audiences for messaging optimization and would love to tell you about the strengths I can bring to this role.”, Read more: How to Introduce Yourself in an Interview.

What is active listening, why is it important and how can you improve this critical skill? ", Her bio (pictured below) reads, "Corey is a Bruce Springsteen fan who does content marketing, in that order.". The context is your job interview, and introducing yourself means giving the best answer to “tell me about yourself” question. See how this looks above. For more information, check out our privacy policy.

Even if your name is printed above this bio (hint: it should), this is a rare moment where it's okay to be redundant. She's written content for HubSpot's Marketing Blog for years, and her blog author bio has caught my eye since before I ever started working for HubSpot. I have a rich background analyzing audiences for messaging optimization and would love to tell you about the strengths I … More importantly, though, there's no way to tell exactly who is reading it — and you always want it to be ready for when the right people come across it.

Her "former fast-food junkie" call-out shows followers she's relatable (and that her recipes are likely delicious yet healthy alternatives), and by mentioning she's a mother, you get the sense that her recipes really will actually be quick and easy. Bottom line? So, she prefers making her author bio a little more "light. If you're a freelancer, perhaps you have a personal business name or pseudonym you advertise to your clients.