Still, handling in the corners was very stable and free of the surprises an old bike might give you when the pace picks up, a credit to the Harris-designed frame. Wait a sec. Black rims are nicely set off by bright spokes. No great hardship, I'm ... [+] sure the aftermarket will rectify the situation. I'm also an avid motorcyclist, car enthusiast and chronicler of the ongoing evolution of mobility technologies. Royal Enfield Meteor 350 vs Jawa: Which motorcycle should you buy? Jawa bikes, however, are propelled by a 293 cc single-cylinder, liquid-cooled engine, that makes 26 bhp with 27 Nm and is paired to a six-speed gearbox. The narrow tyres means it does slide over surface changes, the bigger surface change, the slightly scarier it feels. So if one was 5, the other one was on 3 for example.

A very simple looking tail-lamp, a single piece quilted seat and grab rail that looks very basic indeed. As problems swirled in my life, it brought a sense of calm while underway. The 648cc P-Twin makes a solid 47 horsepower as stock, and is fed by a Bosch fuel-injection system. The simple packaging, the subtle character and a brand even after being in production since so long continues to get love and appreciation from riders who ride it right to social media memes makers. Kudos to Royal Enfield on the styling of this handsome machine. However, you can count on us to reveal which bike performs better in real-life conditions when we pit RE Meteor and Jawa against each other. Royal Enfield Meteor 350 starts at ₹1.76 lakh for the Fireball variant while Meteor 350 Stellar and Supernova get a price tag of ₹1.81 lakh and ₹1.91 lakh, respectively. It did feel stiff earlier, but now it surprisingly rides better for my weight atleast as suspension setup fits my near 100 kg weight just fine. And speaking of curb appeal, I have to note that the INT650 got the most interest and most compliments of any bike I’ve ridden in years, likely since my long since departed Norton Commando. Plus, the modern electronics (gas gauge!! And while the carburated, vibrating, drum-braked relic attained cult status in India where it has roughly the same stature as old Jeeps in the U.S., it was also rethought and reborn in the new millennium in a fashion not unlike the 1980s reboot that remade Harley-Davidson. ... [+] Fortunately, there's an optional identical-appearing seat with more padding for those longer rides.

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And while I love a good vintage bike, the INT650’s siren song was all the more alluring, knowing I could ride it every day and it wasn’t going to (hopefully) shed any parts, and it could also step up for more spirited escapades. The fender mount on the front forks acts as a brace but unfortunately the forks have no adjustability for preload, damping or anything else, but it was well-damped and supple enough for pretty much any kind of riding save 10/10ths shenanigans. Royal Enfield has been ruling the mid-capacity classic bike segment in the country for long. In comparison to this, BS6 Jawa Forty Two single-channel ABS costs ₹1.65 lakh while the dual-channel variant gets a price tag of ₹1.74 lakh.

“Now, tell me again who makes this motorcycle,” the man asks as he takes in the 2020 Royal Enfield INT650 I had just parked along the curb in scenic North Plains, Oregon.

Royal Enfield has allowed us to keep the bike for a few months, so make sure you come back in a few weeks and read our one-month long-term review.

The single front brake is a rather large 320mm floating ByBre (”By Brembo”) rotor squeezed by four pots with a stock stainless steel line. LCD window shows gas, odo and trip meters. There is exactly one button. Spanner is in the tool kit. Overall, our Mumbai-Pune runs, daily commuting and weekend rides have been very interesting. Please disable AdBlocker to view this page. The Meteor 350 gets a semi-digital cluster that contains an analogue speedometer and a digital display for the odometer, trip meter, fuel gauge, and gear-position indicator.

“So, is it a Triumph?” he asks, adding he’s been riding motorcycles for the better part of 50 years and has never heard of “Royal Enfield.” “No...,” I reply with a small sigh, but seeing how the INT650 could easily be mistaken for the iconic British parallel twin, I tell him I understand the confusion, and explain things... again. and got permission to use the entirety of the rev range. Earlier, the steering felt numb by and there was a lack of agility as well. Some have ended up comparing these two bikes, we are just comparing fuel economy numbers. You may opt-out by. As the motorcycle goes back to RE for a service as we speak with a conked tail-lamp and no other mechanical issues reported, this also speaks of the fuss free experience we have had with the motorcycle.

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“It’s kind of complicated,” I conclude. Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 Review, Verdict. I kept the rides simple with no saddlebags for now, and no bike-to-phone apps, no complications, no go-fast expectations; just the INT650 ticking away for miles, delivering rolling bliss and blessed simplicity. Royal Enfield Meteor 350 | Launch date revealed, expected features and more | Times Drive.

The fact that you can saddle up a brand new one for $6,000 is incredible. The smooth and refined engine which makes adequate low-end power below 3000 RPM, but post that it flies till 6000 RPM and makes for great mid-range power and top-end power is good as well. The Himalayan is powered by the Royal Enfield LS 410 engine, which is 411cc and produces just 24hp@6500rpm and 32Nm@4000rpm. The RE Interceptor 650 has been ridden in blistering heat, torrential rainfalls, parked in the rain for a week, commuting in the rains and so much more. And with that I launch - yet again - into a highly abridged version of the history of Royal Enfield, a company that started making motorcycles in Britain in 1901, and through a circuitous series of events, is now headquartered in India under the Eicher Group umbrella.