Going with the guy that one shotted Mangog. why are you not answering any of my questions and just talking crazy off on your own? @sodamyat: most of the people use PIS feats or dont know anything about the character... and yes as you said regular Thor can be penetrated by overpowered weapons like Jarnbjorn or the necro sword, but he is no getting his head chopped. I did a “Scrooge McDuck swim” through my WW back issues but couldn’t find the issue I’m going to cite (which frustrates me) ….

ok dude regular Thor was hurted by overpowered weapons like Jarnbjorn and the necro sword, but even then he was fine, regular Thor is just too durable... imagine RKT, Surtur with his twilight sword was afraid of him. @uugieboogie: why do you say i dont have scans? The 6th feat in this respect thread proves that. I disagree. like vs supergirl. Now Diana can beat anyone without neck durability feats... Good to know.

address me if you have a problem with me. what does the True Based God have to do with this thread XD. Then superman or WW is a street level character just because PIS. Why do I need to debunk it? @d3athstroke: hi.maybe you can help me. I only need one argument .

can he react to a blitz from her?

youre asking me a dumb question. he does have a physical body... doesn't have reaction feat to my knowledge... and doesn't have head growing feat either.... Who was the person that brought up Odin's neck durability? Do you not know the difference? Okay lmao you have scans, facts 7 proof in front of you but you still choose to ignore it? answer my questions or dont talk to me at all.

i told you i do. he doesn't have any reaction feat nor he have any head growing back feat as you asked. This topic is locked from further discussion. Im talking to 5 people right now. That's just it, I'm not trying to convince you of anything.

someone said he doesnt have a physical form. Does RKT have feats showing he can react to ww blitzing? ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Nine worlds are nine planetary masses. He is the supreme being and creator of all of Marvel. hey man, i hope youre not trying to ridicule me or insult me as all ive done is ask questions. im asking questions to gain understanding. I challenge you to make a thread in general discussion titled "Is the thor vs wolverine combat speed feat PIS". 2. actually i said i posted them and that they are in my page. stop. Seriously?

i already said she didnt even try to cut off FB zods or faoras neck? Ok now i know for sure somethings not right with you right now. i don't think that you are a troll but that you don't have lesser knowledge of some characters.... we, and i am speaking for all of us, said everything that you are asking for, there are not feats of the durability of necks... but there are feats that make really not likely that this character is going to be slow enough or no durable to withstand the sword... a thread where some viners are talking crap to me for asking questions that they cant answer. Im still waiting on answers, that nobody seems to have, to make my decision. And teleporting someone? resurrecting himself from death? mike tyson outclasses me but if i bring a gun id wreck him. idk, what other powers does he have?

Check my pictures. Only a troll or a completely ignorant individual would think she even remotely stands a chance.

dude, yes, thats why ive been asking quesions since comment number 7. now we're over 200 comments and im still asking the same questions and nobody has the scans that im asking for.

Not to mention regular Thor's feats & OF Thor's feat carry on to RKT since RKT is just Thor with amps i.e OF & Rune Magic. You say Thor is your 3rd favorite Marvel character but you don't even know his basic feats? No? The fact that you have nothing but a head chop shows how weak your argument is or that you're simply trolling.