We built the car wash, then sold the whole package – Robo, refurbished station, and lot – back to the company. Adjective. Jabam, Kriba (as pronounced in Tamil) or Japam, Kripa. Perhaps this may or may not be true in case of all words, but I take risk to guess it is applicable for all Tmil vs Sanskrit words. Thava: In Tamil we have Thavam meaning medidate or wait. The current version has audio-visual courses and quizzes to learn English from almost all Indian languages and vice versa.

Manathukkan maasilan aathal, anaitthu aran aakula neera pira. Kitkatwords.com, Copyright © 2020. ( Log Out /  A seat, or the space occupied by or allotted for a person,

Adding to the above, if ‘Bhagavan’ is a Sanskrit word then has Thiruvalluvar used Sanskrit words in Thirukkural? Many people believe that its root is in Sanskrit.

Majority of Indians have a darker complexion. Do such derivatives exist in Tamil? (intransitive, of a person) To move oneself into such a position. I am not here to make any language low or high. A brooding over eggs for hatching, as by fowls.

Sitting : கூட்டம், மகாநாடு, நீதிமன்ற விசாரணை. from which the word Manthiram(Sanskrit) meaning “words/sounds thats kept in memory”. அது போல் ‘ ழ்,ள் ‘ ஆகிய ‘ லகர ழகர ‘ உச்சரிப்பு நம் மொழிக்குரிய சிறப்பு எழுத்துக்கள் அவை சமஸ்கிருதத்தில் இல்லை. Tamil is ancient but not primitive. Brahmin: Paarpan : Paar(l) refers to uniqueness, not mingled with, and represents purity.

Maa(Tamil) and Aam(Hindi) for Maango (English for Maangai- Mango unripen).. now tell me which should be the origin?. Most of the older Tamil words and words mentioned here are common words in pure Malayalam. hihihihi. Suddha : This is again has a pure Tamil root “Sudhai (சுதை) “, Meaning “To clean” For purity Tamil word is “Thooimai”. Multibhashi’s Tamil-English Dictionary will help you find the meaning of different words from Tamil to English like meaning of Awesome – அற்புதம் and from English to Tamil like meaning of Awesome, The meaning of stunning, etc. இர இரவு(begging). Its not Maha(sans) becomes Maa(tam) or Dharm(sans) becomes Aram(tam) or viceversa, the difference is the two evolved simultaneously using the same building blocks that means the same. You have collected words which sound similar in Sanskrit and Tamil and used that argument to say that that these are tamil words borrowed into Sanskrit. DrAva– Vaartha (Free flowing/ Capacity to come/flow) (again this is just inverse of the letters) . The mentioned words DO NOT belong to tamil…While talking/writing tamil, these sanskrit words are inserted with some changes in them..thats the point..Tamil has NOT BORROWED any word from Sanskrit. seat belt. Just an example here, we say “Naalaikku school leave”…Actually we must say “Nalaikku palli vidumurai”…Its OUR FAULT in mixing up other language words in tamil..Since school and leave are english words,we cant say that tamil has originated from english. I will post my reply in detail later. In Tamil we have thangu(stay, and related words like Sit, Seat etc…). This is the reason why English is the second language learned by most of the people.

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Ancient munivargal made it for their use secretly from uncivilized people. I meant ‘They are NOT Tamil root words.’ Most root words fiven here, except few are Sanskrit. And many words like Vaarnnu/chornnu(potential to flow), chaaru(juice), chuttuka(circle around), Thora(port)(used by finishing community even before Sankritisation of Malayalam.). No, Tholkapiyam is the oldest tamil literature work but it actually written to protect tamil from northern languages(may be sanskrit or prakrit) means then there is a language exist along with tamil. ஆனால் அக்கருத்து இப்போது பொய்யாகி விட்டது ! ; as, the hall has 800 sittings. Pure Malayalam is not used anymore. I am not questioning your intentions, just wanting to get a deeper insight into your post. Sthala/tala : Thaal(bottom/floor, Foot part of leg). Another interesting word. What is the basis of your Tamil to Sanskrit statement.? Maram is tamil word. “Above of what we can retain(m/ம்)”. Bhagavaan is a Sanskrit word. and before Sanskrit in india lots of language spoke by the people

Aranmanai is palace, Arasar is king, Arasi is Queen, Ilavarasan is prince.

nice really you have done good work even i have thought to do this kind activities so once nice work and you can still refer devaneya pavanar books,,,,,,. I came across an English book written by a Tamil author. Interesting compilation.I have a question. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. It clearly states that there should be a migration. This would make them multi-lingual, which is a major draw back for anybody trying to pursue a career opportunity outside of Tamilnadu. Tamil Terr–ism is more dangerous than Islamic Terr–ism and this page /site revleaste truth. If there is no globalization(movement of people from one area to another), no language will contain ‘loan words’. ‘Poosai’ is woship / devotion. Also in some words we could find the right meaning only using Tamil. Convert the English script into Tamil also, For all I just give a information I think the related word in Sanskrit is ‘Meenam’. Tamil language is one of the famous and ancient Dravidian languages spoken by people in Tamil Nadu and the 5th most spoken language in India. ulakam is common word in Tamil. Pei( frightening, or Evil spirits/dravidian folk religion gods) is a common word that is not sankrit. c.m.sundarraj. (Could have reached Hindi via Sanskrit.).

Sanskrit borrowed Thousands of word from other language. Lubh : Ulluvathu, Ulluthal (mindfull, desire for) these all came from the Tamil word Ullam(mind) ultimately from Ul(inside), [Note: The English word “Love” can be traced to “Ulluvathu”], Raann : Aran (in Sanskrit or hindi Rann means “battle”, it also refers to the king, but the actual Tamil meaning is that which safe guards and cannot be crossed easily).