The wifi booster is compatible with any wireless network, router and wi-fi enabled devices including smartphone, iphone, ipad, tablet, laptop, desktop, smart tv, smart plugs and smart switch, etc.

Review #2024552 is a subjective opinion of poster. Super disappointed but not surprised. telus have great deal on their giga fiber. Here are REAL THIEFS!!!

Once you’re approved, sign up for a MyShaw account to manage your bills online and pay for your Shaw Internet.

So I called Shaw to cancel.

And, the shaw wifi boosters comes with universal plug and play. For almost all buyers, it was best suited.

Review #2219904 is a subjective opinion of poster.

While I really loved my time working for Shaw (for the most part), I owe them no loyalty, since they freaking laid me off. Signed up for the 600mps services.

The wifi booster is easy to install and move one push the wps button,easily expand wireless coverage led signal indicator helps to find the most accurate location to connect router when using repeater mode reset button make it more convenience.

By the way, Shaw is sharing your line with the whole neighborhood, so you never really get what you pay for. But!

The only supervisor that contacted me to follow up told me to go somewhere else.

Shaw offers reliable Internet services primarily to …

I know everyone hates customer service people, and especially if they’re in a call center, but the Shaw customer service is actually pretty decent. Prices vary and sales come/go, so I’m not going to quote a price for it. It was. A few also found that the wifi booster comes with an electrical adapter to be able to use worldwide.

Shaw’s community involvement in the past has resulted in contributions totaling up to $400 million for donation funds. Existing customers be eligible to take advantage of new offers and promotions. hope they give you credit they promise you or file bbbb and crtc and small claims. Follow along on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. Com if you have any questions.

i would file bbb or small claims, but dont pay 300 file bbb and crtc and hope they can help you to get a refund, their services are awful from what i read. Privacy Policy - Cookies, All the Best Wing Nights in Calgary By Day of Week, Banff Craft Beer Week Contest, By Alberta Beer Festivals, The Ultimate Guide To Brunch in Calgary (2020). With 3.4 rating and more than 152 buyers, the shaw wifi boosters stands as the best choice. There are some really great tech agents out there who only want to solve your issue as soon as they can, so give them some slack! Additionally, the shaw wifi boosters is easy to install and move. The shaw wifi boosters is exactly that – it’s a simple wifi booster that hits all the right notes.

good luck, that's breach of contract cause if services and they told you it good, that a lie. They also found that the wifi booster design is quite appealing and the size is not too large and bulky. Nothing in my house runs without internet including all of our security cameras. Complaint on terrible internet service. I would like to see some reviews of the service that Freedom Mobile and Shaw … That's a joke.

Wifi booster reviews: Read reviews … REMEMBER hydro was putting charges on our bills for REFERRAL account - EMERGENCY Relief benefit (fund) I DO REMEMBER because I used to call them + I asked why? One customer says – “Correct pour le prix, bonne porte. It’s the shaw wifi boosters and it’s widely considered as one of the best budget wifi boosters you can buy.