Most versatile is the Zebralight sc63/64 for the size. Some tactical flashlights are equipped with unprotected 18650 batteries to provide that blinding beam. You get another two modes to choose from, including low with a lumens output of 40, and strobe mode.

The body is anti-abrasive, shock-proof as well as able to withstand heavy rain. We have reviewed them thoroughly to make things easier for you. This protection circuit does add a small length to the battery, also known as a “button top.” Moreover, it enables you to safely leave the battery in the charger until needed without worrying about it becoming damaged. Four batteries and a charger are included with the flashlight.

A flashlight must suit your requirements. Furthermore, 18650 batteries offer longer run times and a higher voltage compared to other cells such as AA, as well as being rechargeable—ideal for LED flashlights.

10 Best 18650 Flashlights for Everyday Carry 2018, #fury-intellibeam-autoadjusting-dual-fuel-led-flashlight, Mystery Ranch x Huckberry 2-Day Assault 27L, Trending: Maxpedition R-7 Razorshell Knife Case, Our Favorite New EDC Products from Everyman. Even SC62 is only couple of millimeters longer than SC63, which is small enough.

The next flashlight on the list is the Cree XM-L2 U3 LED 1000 Lumen Waterproof USB Rechargeable Flashlight by soonfire.

It has a diameter of 18 mm with a 65 mm length and it comes in a cylindrical shape, which represents the 0 in 18650. Reviews are also welcomed here.

There’s a temperature regulation system to prevent overheating during heavy use, and it’ll keep running in both very cold and very warm temperatures, and even underwater down to IPX8 specifications when you need it. This can be helpful in certain situations. In terms of weight, this unit clocks in at 2.90 oz. For commercial use, most manufacturers use “protected” 18650 batteries, also referred to as “ICR.”. They're lights that make full use of the battery's capabilities but remain compact enough for everyday carry. The unique premium titanium and copper body of the enthusiast choice Emisar D4V2 cuts a striking look, but it’s not all appearances with this light. Despite its capacity, the PowerTac X3000 LED Flashlight only weighs 723 g which makes it extremely lightweight and compact.

The bright light is ideal for hikers, hunters and law enforcement. It features an ultra-slim design that’s easy and comfortable to hold by hand.

Compared to disposable AAs, the lithium-ion battery has a much higher voltage—which can permanently damage your device. Furthermore, never use a lithium-ion battery in an alkaline-appliance. Two 18650 batteries power this TrustFire flashlight and can deliver up to 3,800 lumens. The all-metal construction is of an extra-hard anodized-aluminum material.

Well, we start with a tiny AAA light outputting a mere 100 lumens and then go up to massive 8*18650 lights outputting 50k+ scorching lumens, to even lights throwing far into the night at well over 2000m. It is comparable to the capacity put out by three to four AA batteries.

Unfortunately, there are no modes to choose between; however, we don’t expect any more from a budget-light.

This flashlight is submersible in water up to two meters, which means that it is waterproof. This makes it one of the brightest flashlights for its size and it provides a lifespan of more than twenty years. Next, you can also check for the keychain option so you would know if you can attach it to your bag.

In terms of the battery usage of this flashlight, it gives you to option.

In order to switch between the two modes, you would need to press and hold the side switch for three minutes.

The 18650 battery is protected by an integrated chip that ensures the battery charges safely while preventing it from overheating. DQG UI does not compete with the superior UI of the Zebralight.