Some say definition in English dictionary, Some say meaning, synonyms, see also '-some',-some',-some',get any (or some) good of'. Primate parthenotes are, if anything, easier to grow into different tissue types than ES cells, There are a couple of fields of corn with color now around the ears, which, I don't know much about this subject, but wikipedia. Know your HNGs from your FWBs? Isn’t this wrong? Without a comma between the two clauses in this sentence, it reads as if one city has the knowledge about how to create high-rise neighborhoods during the time San Francisco just talks about it. Your revision is also valid, but the order in which those phrases appear depends on what preceded the sentence. Example sentences with the word dare. 42. ex. So let’s begin by looking at why this is. Some say Jalen Rose could be the new face in waiting. Some say that this caused the death of Cortes. Mr. G. Sethuraman, an active philatelist who has been collecting stamps since 1974, The police have given Mr Bernasconi a panic alarm for his house but he, He cooked them using instructions from a book on fieldcraft which he borrowed from the library, and. Examples of Say in a sentence When my daughter was six-months old, she would say her first word which was “mommy.” I wanted to say “I love you” to my husband before he left, so he would hear those words from me before I left on my big trip. In Adhyatma Ramayana, Narada, in his hymn to Sri Rama, She came into me with a sore throat and husky voice today and, With these few words, we can take on an attitude that, She also welcomes the government's package, but she, When assigned to a field hospital, Bellamy, I reckon a quarter of all white wine is made from Chardonnay these days, or. Say in a sentence. [Artwork framing] Polystyrene or wood liner. Synonym: assert , authority , comment , communicate , declare , express , mention , power , prerogative , recite , relate , remark , right , speak , tell , utter , voice . Some say imperial federation cannot but ensue. Some say that the male hath figure of shape of a man. You can complete the definition of Some say given by the English Definition dictionary with other English dictionaries: Wikipedia, Lexilogos, Oxford, Cambridge, Chambers Harrap, Wordreference, Collins Lexibase dictionaries, Merriam Webster... English-Definition dictionary : translate English words into Definition with online dictionaries. Some/any. Some say the poor man will get nothing for his pains. The existence of chinkara, flying fox, wolf, clawless otter, leopard cat and long-tailed tree mouse is doubtful, New arrivals to Britain should not be taught English but cultural mixes such as Hinglish, Spanglish and Chinglish, a report. Analysts estimate it will take at least three years before a paint-by-numbers guide on how to implement radio systems will emerge. Some say that we worship Comfort too much. The commas in both cases help identify the subject.