For the printer to work, the card reader should be ‘locked’ in and sit inside the white, rubber-feel, plastic cradle before any transaction if you want to print a receipt for it. Customer service PayPal Here UK review: how does it compare with iZettle and SumUp? Your bank account and business details will then take a few days to verified officially, after which your bank account is ready to receive transactions. There’s already some battery power on the SumUp 3G + Printer, so you can switch it on immediately, log in with your username and password and take payments straight away. The printing cradle is also a charging cradle, so the card reader will be charged when placed inside the cradle. You can accept all kinds of methods from contactless and Chip & Pin to Google Pay and Apple Pay. *Offer valid for one card reader per new SumUp account. In a restaurant, you may want to use the card machine for tableside payments requiring a printed receipt. Receipt rolls are easily changed at the back of the printer – just pull out the receipt roll compartment, take out the old roll and insert the new roll with a bit of paper sticking out. We tried to print a receipt for refunds, but found it only prints the receipt for the original transaction, so you can’t provide a paper proof for refunds. 2600 hrs, 50 transactions from full charge, standby up to 23 hrs, 57 mm (width) x 30 mm (diameter) thermal paper, paper length per roll: about 10 m, SumUp 3G card reader, SumUp 3G Printer, USB-C charging cable, UK power plug, 3 receipt rolls, ‘accepted cards’ decals, Push-button, backlit (blue light), for PINs, actions and navigation, Card details (card brand, last four card number digits, method), Statement in tiny writing: “I agree to pay the above total amount according to the card issuer agreement”, Statement in bigger writing: “Please retain for your records”, Bottom: SumUp logo and small text about SumUp, Time period – today, last week, last month, last 6 months, or specific date interval, Payment type – card or cash (the latter only relevant if you use the SumUp app accepting cash), Payment status – successful, failed, refund, or chargeback, Employees (if you’ve added employee user accounts in the backend). Käsittele kaikki maksutapahtumat helposti yhdellä laitteella, joka muodostaa automaattisesti yhteyden 3G-verkkoon sisäänrakennetun SIM-kortin kautta. Further conditions apply. No other commitment-free, receipt-printing card machines in the UK are this cheap, with a reasonable card rate, pay-as-you-go and without monthly fees. Everything you need to know. Il Lettore di Carte 3G. You can filter sales and transactions by: SumUp does not currently have the ability to integrate sales with external accounting systems, but if you export transactions to a CSV file, you can import that file in your chosen accounting software. Run your business in your store or on the go, the magic happens inside the device. **Price excluding VAT. Easy Process payments with just one hand thanks to the standalone device, making multitasking even easier. So it was quite a natural thing for us to do and it works really well. The SumUp 3G reader is small and lightweight on its own.

To do so, just follow the instructions below: 1. I also saw that the customers often didn’t have cash either. SumUp 3G with Printer is basically a SumUp 3G card terminal that rests in a printing cradle. Alternatively, you can email support or submit a message via your SumUp account online any time, although there won’t be a response before the following business hours.

The display is touchscreen, prompting you to tap the letter, symbols or numbers of your SumUp user login, or contact details for e-receipts.

The SumUp 3G with Printer is formed of a receipt printer cradle that works in conjunction with a SumUp 3G card reader. Then go to the main menu and pick ‘Sales history’, the transaction, and whether to send or print the receipt. When separated from the printer, the card reader will only offer to send a receipt digitally via text or email following the transaction.

30-day-money-back-guarantee from date of delivery. You can make full or partial refunds by picking the transaction and scrolling to ‘Refund transaction’. The same receipt information is displayed on paper, SMS and email receipts and includes: Since it does not show itemised products, but rather a total amount, it is a small receipt size. Want more POS features? Add to cart Shipping time: 7 days.