Anytime a base runner is advancing the bases, he can be tagged out by a fielder who has possession of the ball. It was really beneficial for my 2nd basemen and shortstops, when it came to turning double plays. In baseball, to make a tag out, must you use the hand/glove in possession of the ball? This is practiced with infield and outfielders. I set up a 55 gallon trash can (laid down horizontally with the mouth open to the players) at 3rd base and home. Runners attempting to advance are sometimes thrown out, which means that a fielder throws the ball to someone covering the base, who then tags the runner before the runner touches the base.

For example, if a base runner fails to touch second base before reaching third base, but is safe on third base, the fiedler can still tag him out. "Helton was tagged out at second" implies that a defensive player touched him with the ball before he reached second base. This drill helps hand eye coordination as well as flipping the ball to any base when a player is to close to throw the ball. A tag out is when a fielder, while holding the ball in his hand or glove, touches a base runner who is not safe on a base. We will never share your information. This is called a tag out. A baserunner is in jeopardy when: ... CallUrl('baseball>wikia>com
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