We would like to visit thirutani temple on jan14th 2020. This temple has been mentioned in the Sangam period work Tirumurugaatruppadai composed by Nakkeerar. Had Great darshan during. Thiruparankundram . You can get the ticket directly on arrival . தூரத்திலும் இருக்கிறது. The Thiruthani Saravanapoikai, the sacred pond at the foot hill, is highly renowned for its curative effects because the water is enriched with sulfur, iron and other minerals. Darshan timings will be from 6 am to 8.45 pm .

அவரது திருமேனி பட்டதுமே, வந்திருப்பது முருகன் என அறிந்த வள்ளி அவருடன் இணைந்தாள்.

Dear Sir/Madam, Nanda Devi achieved initiation and illumination at Thiruthani, by understanding the relationship between Jeevatma and Paramatma. Ph: +91-44 2788 5303. ticket at temple seva ticket counter.Blessed to see Abhishekam to swamy. You can book through the official site . We booked. History Thiruthani Murugan temple is a Hindu temple, on the hill of Thiruttani, Tamil Nadu, India, dedicated to Lord Muruga. Read More . ( Log Out /  AddressArulmigu Subramanya Swamy Thirukoil, Tiruttani,Tiruvallur District,Tamil Nadu. தல வரலாறு: திருத்தணி மலைப்பகுதியில் வசித்த வேடர்களின் தலைவனாக நம்பிராஜன் இருந்தான். தூரத்திலும் இருக்கிறது. Shree Sai BaBa temple, Shirdi, Maharashtra, Tiruttani Murugan Temple Info, History and Significance, Suchindram Temple – Info, History, & Significance.

Is there any possibility of getting tickets offline on 9th of April as their is no vacancy through online tickets for panchamrutha abhishekam. தேவர்களுக்குத் தீராத துன்பம் கொடுத்து வந்த சூரபத்மனுடன் போர் புரிந்து தேவர்களின் துயரத்தை நீக்கி, வள்ளியை மணந்து கொள்ள வேடர்களுடன் விளையாட்டாகப் போர்புரிந்து, கோபம் தணிந்து அமர்ந்த தலம் திருத்தணிகை. Points to note:- Temple open from 5.45am to 9.00pm No break. Arulmigu Subramanya Swami temple is always crowded with devotees. Tiruthanigai, We wish to participate in golden chariot and/or silver chariot pulling. He also compared this hill to Sivaloka (Bhuloka) and as the very soul of the world. In any case, the remodel done by Chola lords they did extraordinary occupation for sanctuary, the structure was weather beaten, so in Chola rule the sanctuary got the new birth or new look. Thiruthani Murugan Temple: Tickets & Tours‎, Saptha Kanni Amman Temple: Tickets & Tours‎, Thiruthani Murugan Temple Tours and Tickets, See all 3 Thiruthani Murugan Temple tours on Tripadvisor, Wego Gardens : Exotic Huts - Just around 2 KMs from Temple, View all hotels near Thiruthani Murugan Temple on Tripadvisor. Thank you. Thiruthani . 6-8AM, 9:30AM-12PM, 1:30-5PM, 6:30-9PM Dear Sir/Madam, இத்தலம் 600 ஆண்டுகளுக்கு முன்பே புகழ்பெற்று இருந்திருக்கிறது. It is one among the 6 important abodes of Lord Subramanya. The temple follows many rituals and rules. I had walked through Trituttani Hill Road instead of climbing the steps, which I wanted to do. Thiruthani Murugan Temple Address. Solaimalai, Madurai. Sage Agasthyar Muni (of Potikai Hill) worshipped Muruga at Tanikai when he was blessed with the divine gift of the Tamil language. ?If more how do allowed.? ( Log Out /  [citation needed], The temple is located on a hill named Thanigai hill reached with 60 steps. Aadi Krittikai festival (in July–August) lasts for three days with Float Festival when hundreds of thousands of devotees come to this holy place from far and near.

After Ravana Vatham, HE aboded in Thiruthani temple to pray for serenity and tranquility. There are temples for Valli,Devasena, Kumareswara, Shanmukha, Aapatsahaya Ganapthi inside temple. The other five are Palani Murugan Temple, Swamimalai Murugan Temple, […] Our blog is the best place to know about God stories, Devotional stories in Tamil, Aanmeega Kurippugal, Temple history in Tamil, Aanmeegam Tips, Thagavalgal in Tamil, Bakthi Kathaigal in Tamil.

If you wish you perform evening abishegam, it costs Rs.1500/- and 4 people were allowed for this. The temple has a five-tiered gopuram and four precincts. Sunday We spend good amount of time in this temple. Legend also has it that Indra the king of the Gods gave his daughter Deivayanai in marriage to Skanda, and along with her presented his elephant Airavatam as part of his dowry offering. சந்தர்ப்ப வசத்தால் பூமிக்கு வந்தவள். It is situated on the top of hill of Tiruttani. Had a good Darshan as the Temple was less crowded due to eclipse. The ticket cost you Rs 2000, for more details call at 8500 898 000. more, Points of Interest & Landmarks, Sacred & Religious Sites. dharsan. Legend also has it that Skanda gifted the discus to Vishnu. ஆடி கார்த்திகை: முருகப்பெருமானை இந்திரன், ஆடி கார்த்திகையன்று கல்ஹார புஷ்பம் என்னும் மலரால் வழிபட்டதாக தல வரலாறு கூறுகிறது. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. The streets are thronged to the full. Dear Sir/Madam, In Dwapara Yuga, Arjuna got the blessings by offering prayers to Him on his way to the South for Teertha Yatra (pilgrimage to take sacred immersion).