You need to thank these nice people. A bush begins moving in the background and a series of grunts are heard as Zuko, clad similar to his Uncle, emerges from it. Katara: (gesturing negatively with her hands as Sokka resurfaces behind her, Momo landing on his hand) We're not river people. River people! Before Sokka can answer, Chong leans into the frame and begins to whisper conspiratorially.)

Chong: The curse says that only those who trust in love can make it through the caves.

We let huge ferocious beasts lead our way. Album: Essential Festival: The Twang.

"The Desert" 12. I don’t even know my own heart, My two loves are deeper than one love Katara: He died in the war between their two villages. They approach the dais on which the two coffins rest.)

So I can’t hurt either of the two Highlight. eotteokhajyo To fixing myself, too Song and her mother stand ready to bid them goodbye.)

We just need love.

Sokka: (aggravated) That's it! I live day by day troubles put me on the run

Thanks for everything, Moku. Katara: Okay, let's see what you got. 나 두 사람을 사랑해 목숨 바쳐 A furry, brown badger mole appears from the dust. When we make love

Sokka: We've got a lot of ground to cover if we wanna make it to Omashu today. The camera pans right to reveal Iroh sitting on another table, naked from the waist up, being attended by Song, a young woman who is a healer at the hospital. Zuko: (losing his patience) We're not taking any more chances with these plants! Stay as long as you need Tell me, is something wrong? You can take the oxygen straight out of my own chest Chong appears over his shoulder.)

When the scene returns, it is in normal pan-scan format. (Cut to a side shot of Sokka floating past the camera in the foreground. Sokka: Everyone into the hole!

Short black hair now covers his head.) Aang: So, are you guys gonna come to Omashu with us?

(In front of Sokka lies the devastated fortress city of Omashu. Though I know I can’t love two people, And a mountain divides them apart. And I bet a bad thought don't cross her mind (She turns and swats Iroh's hand away scratching his rash) Why don't you stay for dinner We'll be fine. Rom: dragonshine

Two holes are blown open next to the tunnel exit to reveal the tow badger moles. Katara: Both villages helped her build a new city where they would live together in peace. (Pointing over to Aang) The little guy knows it. Now as for my lovers I got it undercover

Iroh: (sheepishly) Heh heh heh. With the lord next to me I'm no different from the others Come in and make yourself right at home, Stay as long as you need ], Act I But just give it a rest Aang: Just like the legend says: we let love lead the way. Aang: (worried) What about Sokka? Then all of a sudden, without knowing

eopseo jeongmariya 그러다 너도 모르는 사이 어느새 Lyricapsule: The Surfaris Drop ‘Wipe Out’; June 22, 1963, Lyricapsule: The Byrds Drop ‘Mr.

The camera pans up to show Aang looking at Katara, smiling, then cut to a shot of Katara faces, her eyes serious, the camera panning slowly rightward. Out of the darkness a huge pack of wolf-bats emerges. Katara: (voice-over) The two lovers learned earthbending from the badger moles. Chong: From what? And all good lies must come to an end Cause it's not goin to work with a 9 to 5 "Bitter Work" 10. 없어 정말이야, 이해할 수 있어 Aang: How are we gonna find our way out of these tunnels? They turn and enter the two holes the created to exit the mountain, closing them up with their earthbending powers after they passed through. I will love you with every single thing I have

(Cut to frontal shot of Sokka who raises an eyebrow in skepticism at this.)

꽤나 힘들었겠어 Commander: Launch!

(Cut to a close up of Zuko's eyes as Song finishes and during his reply he lowers his gaze.) Appa gets burned and stampedes around the tunnel.

You know I got two lovers so just call me the mack 네 맘에서 점점 커지고

애매하고 못된 헷갈리고 서툰 This fades to a shot of the woman kneeling over her lover's grave, heartbroken, her hands holding her face in grief.)

Song: It's okay.

If something's wrong you can count on me Chong: Whoa... sounds like someone's got a case of "destination fever," heh. But this can happen sometimes Commander: (o.c.)

They look at each other in alarm, realizing Appa's intentions. Aang: (totally clueless) Where are you going with this? (Iroh turns around to reveal his red, swollen face which he is scratching) And it wasn't.

Act III The kids enter from the left, covered in ash and looking depressed.) Cut back to the kids in the river watching them approach. dul jung nugudo bonael suga eopseo nado nae mameul moreugesseo, nae dusarangeun han sarangboda gipeo I tried the best I could To make you understand Look at me: I'm not like any other man But now I've come to see You're not like all the rest What we had was special We could have had the best.

Several tanks pull to a stop in front of the cave entrance. Ain't like they see me that’s not like love

Through the mountain! See, if you move them closer together you protect your center.

The Avatar has returned! Sokka: (with an accusing finger pointed at Chong) Who're you?

Only one fives and tens just to buy the milk and butter After a few seconds, a wolf bat flies right into the camera. Secret tunnel! Secret Tunnel Lyrics. Both look up at the crystals in wonder. (Katara, whose hair is being braided by Lily, looks crossly up at Sokka at this) We need to get to Omashu. na du sarameul sarangham an doeneungeol (A wide shot of them looking at the statue is replaced by a shot of Sokka again looking at his map, Momo perched on his head.) Well I got two

Song: Oh. Cut to Sokka and the others on the opposite side of the cave in. Then she straightens, places her hands on her hips and smiles as she addresses the Avatar.) Review: RIFF-it. Cut to a wider shot of Iroh squatting in front of the plant, mesmerized. It is still daytime.

Built a path to be together. And now I'm singin that sad sad song of how I ved so fast and died so young, (Verse 4) Cut to a shot panning down of the city. Hold on! Katara: (voice-over) The woman's name was Oma and the man's name was Shu.

neomu jal almyeonseo neomu jal almyeonseo (Counting off the verboten distractions on his hand) No sidetracks, no worms, and definitely no rainbows. Sokka: (cynically) Right. Aang: Yeah. And I got a lot of pride (The wolf bat lands on four legs, and folds it wings. (He lifts his hair to look at them and lets his arm drop lazily back into the water.)

And maybe one day, I'll get around I can’t let go of either The badger mole in front of Sokka bends earth around the water tribe boy, pinning him down and separating him from the others. Aang: We found the exit! Shift back to Sokka and Chong's band. Aang: What? As the images unfold, Katara narrates from o.c.) Secret tunnel! The badger mole disappears, replaced by a shot of the man and woman, backs to each other, creating tunnels through earthbending.

Chong: You're not? 보낼 수 없는데 이러면 안 되는데 sangcheojuji anneun beop ttawi eopdago eopseo jeongmariya, seuseuroga mipgo ihaehal su eopseodo Said the boy ain't no genius but he keeps her on her toes When the tunnels are darkest that's when you need a clown, hey! Katara: Why is your forehead all red?

dusarang The image is still of the mountain and the camera closes in upon it fast. Iroh: (patting his stomach) Much practice.

없어 정말이야 (Cut to a shot of Moku and the two nameless members of Chong's band. The camera pans right to reveal the present source of Zuko's misery. eopseo jeongmariya, ihaehal su isseo

"Avatar Day" 06. Appa rolls back to his feet as a rumbling is hears. I shouldn’t do this (A hole appears in the middle of this map that shows the two lovers kissing.) 어떡하죠

Tell me, is something wrong? Cut to Momo landing in front of Appa.

Cut to Zuko and Iroh riding away on the ostrich, then cut to a close up of Song looking out from her front door. 그런 맘이라 생각되면

난 두 사람 중 한 사람도 아프게

This is just a preview! Now we're two strangers, Two children, Too proud to say who's wrong or right. bachyeoseo saranghae Song's Mother: You're welcome. Appa grunts and the view fades to black for a commercial break. I really really love him oh, oh, I love him so.

Sweetheart, you look a little tired When did you last eat? She holds the branch or a red leafed tree in her hand. Song is applying a clay like substance to the rash. Song: When I was a little girl, the Fire Nation raided our farming village. So a few of you might not understand

Is he fighting in the war? It gets kinda rough when you gotta use a gat Strivin to survive to keep my family alive Cut to a shot of the badger mole's face, as he stops his advance and puzzles over Sokka. Calm waters, if that serves you best Chong: (pleased) Aren't we all, brother? I love two people with my life Iroh: Where do you live, exactly? Aang, Sokka, and Katara: (terrified) AAAAAHHHHH! Katara: (teasingly) What, like you're ready to go right now, naked guy?