You’d swear the air was water itself but for the fact that you haven't drowned in it. Examples of such units include the Tripp Lite SRCOOL12K and Kenmore 84126, which respectively produce sounds of 57 and 60 decibels. The cooling capacity should allow this unit to cool areas of up to 450 square feet. The Emerson Quiet Kool remains in a prominent spot on the list, thanks to its high-efficiency compressors that keep noise levels at bay, as well as a highly portable design that includes four smoothly rolling casters. If you want to be able to take your portable AC with you to more than one room in your home, you’ll have to set up multiple points for ventilation. If you’re one of the people who would rather do all the work personally, you can check the manufacturer’s website before purchasing a model. Thus, it allows you to leave your house without any worries. The difference, however, is absolutely negligible. when you use our links to these websites. In the process, the coil attracts moisture from the air, dehumidifying it as it cools. There are hundreds, if not thousands of models available, and each is advertised as the best there is. Such portability requires temporary installation, and this product offers precisely that. We looked for models that offered a setting below 56 decibels so that the noise would not compete with regular conversation or the television. This is an important function. Relatively quiet. If you have to place the air conditioner unit facing another window, or a door, a straight airflow might lead to an ineffective cooling. It’s equipped with a dedicated dehumidifier mode, and it can be attached to a standard garden hose for convenient draining. The big difference between the models here and the boxy units you’re probably used to is that these are portable. Thanks for reading the fine print. If the fit is not perfect, it can either leak hot air while extracting it or cool air while producing it. Honeywell HL Series 14000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner, 8. If you don’t have a window and the AC unit has to go through the wall, check our guide here for the highest-quality through the wall air conditioners. From the information available on the retailers’ websites, we came to know the decibel ratings for the products as stated by the respective manufacturers. Because these chemicals collect heat from the air around them, the air cools and it’s blown back inside the house through lower ducts.

Other metal fins help with the thermal exchange, and by the time the chemicals exit the evaporator, they are a cool, low-pressure gas again. In this article, you’re going to read about the reasons you should buy a compact air conditioner instead of a fixed one, and why this technology is superior to others. The first, and most important, operating mode, is Cooling. It will allow you to place and move the air conditioner anywhere without the risk of a wet surface. Once you connect the portable AC to the window kit and close the window, you can turn it on. When you order this item, you will also get an extendable exhaust hose, a plastic window kit, and remote control. Manufacturers realized by some time now that this is one of the most important buying criteria for the average customer, so they compete against each other to develop the most silent portable air conditioner yet. Ensure a cool environment for your business meetings. That’s thanks to the fact that they all have smooth-moving casters on them, but it’s important to remember that like any AC, these require ventilation. Another category of people who should think about buying a portable air conditioner is a small business owner. we may earn commissions to It should cool surfaces of up to 500 square feet. The oscillating vent of the LG LP1217GSR (appx. Portable air conditioners work pretty much the same as refrigerators, but instead of cooling a small, well-insulated place like the inside of a fridge, they cool an entire room. The dehumidifier has an auto-evaporation system that will allow it to recirculate the condensed water, so you won’t have to drain the unit unless you live in a very humid area. This will not create a negative pressure in the room, but it will lead to a slightly less efficiency because warmer air is used to cool the compressors. If you’re planning on moving the air conditioner around the house, keep in mind that some models can be heavy, so make sure you can lift them over door stops or steps. Thanks to modern technology, we no longer have to adapt to extreme conditions because we can modify the environment to our liking. Do I Really Need a Portable Air Conditioner? It's equipped with no-drip technology that automatically recycles any condensation within the unit to help prevent damaging leaks. However, if you live in a home with minimum outside noise, your life might be disrupted significantly if your AC machine runs at 53-55 decibels. You need to place a pan under it to collect the water. Once adjusted, you just close the window over the plastic piece. Read our portable air conditioner reviews to find out which is the right model for you, and what are its best and worst features. The first and most important function is cooling. This does not mean you need a double amount of 400 square feet. This hot air is used to cool the chemicals in the evaporator. Whynter 12,000 BTU Dual Hose Portable Air Conditioner, 5. For instance, a resident of Manhattan might find a unit with a noise rating of 53 decibels absolutely comfortable, while people in rural areas may feel that the same level of sound is creating problems for them. Thanks to its newest technology, this Emerson air conditioner is quite efficient and, at the same time, easy to operate with. Sometimes, you don’t even need a fixed air conditioner, but a mobile one. Every person who was a tenant, or who has tenant friends knows that not all landlords are friendly and that most of them don’t like permanent modifications to their buildings. This will make the AC suck the humid warm air, cool and dehumidify it, and then blow it back in the room. You hear an ice cream truck in the distance, but it never seems to actually get closer, and the doppler effect bends and warps its music into a maddening, unrecognizable soup. This is a great feature, and you should keep it in mind. The wheels of this air conditioner appear to have difficulties moving on carpet. The main downside of this is that you can’t install them except if the window is standard-sized. This automatically limits your choices as far as positioning of the machine is concerned. For instance, babies tend to sleep better amid such white noise. Quiet – the noise produced can be classified as white noise.

Low-quality window kit – you should really shop for another one because the one it comes with will let in bugs and heat.