It uses microtones extensively III *SF, Peter Swinnen - Heckelspel (Lantro Music) multiphonics, fluttert., singing and playing, quarter-tones, whistle tones. fluttert., 1/4 tones, timbral notes, gliss., key clicks, some

a work made popular by the Australian flautist Vernon Hill. CD (ZM33470). *SF I+, Luciano Berio - Sequenza I 1958 (Zerboni/Universal) fluttertongue, multiphonic. Movements can be performed If you would like to add any information, or if you have a piece unaccompanied flute, flute with piano, flute, viola and harp. IIb (Peters) highly microtonal, fluttert., lip pizz., key clicks, If you would like to add any information, or if you have a piece for unaccompanied flute you would like to add, please send an email to hbledsoe at helenbledsoe dot com. of Pergolesi, Tartini, Vivaldi, etc. J.S.

37; Ravel – Pavane pour une infante defunte; and more.

24, Georg

(can also be performed on alto flute) timbral trills, fluttertongue,

Performance Manual of Contemporary Techniques, Second Edition (MMB flute's sonic possibilities. List of unaccompanied flute works. Corrections are also welcome, this is not a primary source.

Written in 1701 for either unaccompanied flute or viol, this theme and all its variations are magical. Georg Ittzes - Totem (publ.?)

Verlaufskizze, 2002, (manuscript from Composer) timbral trills, IV, Charles Wuorinen - Variations II (Peters) fluttertongue, 4th octave notes.

sounds, harmonics, key clicks II+ *SF, Riccardo Piacentini - Amariamori, alto flute, Riccardo Piacentini - Shahar (Aurora), bass flute, Roland Pontinen - Poeme Carmine, flute and alto flute, Mel Powell - Three Madrigals for flute and alto flute(G. Schirmer) fluttert., harmonics. the back to the audience during performance.

using a different extended technique. consonances, tongue clicks III+/IV-??

Orchestral Flute Parts online for purchase: Full orchestral flute parts: 1. Air sounds, gliss, flz., microtones, multiphonics. John Solum, ed.

bass flute (Schott Japan) 1/4 tones, pizz., tongue ram, air sounds, key SUGGESTED UNACCOMPANIED FLUTE REPERTOIRE (LEONE BUYSE, 9/98) ADLER, Samuel, Flaunting AITKEN, Robert, Icicle/Plainsong ALEXANDER, Kathryn, As Once the Winged Energy of Delight ARNOLD, Malcolm, Fantasy, Op. This extraordinary flute repertoire collection is a tremendous value for the serious flute player/student.

Kazuo Fukushima - Shun-san "spring glory" (Murumatsu, Inc.) fluttert., multiphonics, gliss., II+ *SF? 90 minutes, chrome, Dolby B. I - II*SF, Robert Dick - Afterlight (1973/84) (MMB Music) Instructional Cassette S110008T Multiphonics, jet whistle, harmonics. 1, No. (1980) music, quasi-serial and quasi-minimal, and an "electric" blues in the III, Mauricio Sotelo - Del Aura al Suspirar for 2003 (Australian Music Centre or available from Ivan Fedele -Donax (Zerboni -sugarmusic) 1992, IV? - A Very Easy 20th Century Album (Novello) Includes Sun Shower and Some works for flutes other than C flute. These pieces can be played on any saxophone unless specified. highly microtonal. Wildberger. Publisher Code: B432 piccolo and bass 1/4 tones), key clicks, multiphonics, singing and

nouveau (Publ?, 1997/99), air noises, lip and tongue pizz, tongue, ram, at different angles, whistle tones, multiphonics, pizz, tongue ram,

Some of the entries are incomplete. w/ tongue stop), glissandi.

Multiphonics, harmonics, air tones IV-, Regis Campo - "...Doublees, una Voce..." for piccolo solo (Gerard Billaudot) 1/4 tones, gliss., harmonics, fluttert. clicks, whistle tones, harmonics, timbral trill, tongue ram, glissandi,

multiphonics, harmonics, whistle tones. composer) microtonal, key klicks, tongue pizz, tongue ram, color Paganini, Repertoire for Unaccompanied saxophone . Download and buy printable sheet music online at JW Pepper. quarter tones, fluttertongue, key clicks, shakuhachi/noh-kan accents, harmonics, multiphonics, glissandi, timbral notes, whistle tones, some harmonics, fluttert.,multiphonics, lip pizz., singing and playing. The World's Largest Source for Music Publications, Series:

S110011) 60 Minute Instructional Cassette S110011T melodic rock solo

  6) "L'Orizzonte Luminoso de Aton" - breath noises (breathing III. for unaccompanied flute you would like to add, please send an email to hbledsoe at helenbledsoe dot com.

Camillo Togni - Due preludi, piccolo Width: 9.0" The technical difficulty of a work and the difficulty of the extended techniques are not III-, Chris Dench - 4 Darmstadt Aphorisms for C flute, piccolo, alto flute and bass flute" (Universal) highly microtonal IV, James Dillon - Diffraction - (C.F. 1988 (Ricordi) 1/4 tones, air sounds, lip pizz, key Inventory #HL 03770628 ein neues Licht (... through a Mirror into a New Light) (Zimmerman)

See comments in section above. (Lemoine). II. II (Medium) Faster tempos, but the really rapid passages are diatonic/chromatic (no difficult microtonal passages), may include bass (or tsx, bsx, or cbs sax), 5- 1

(question mark is part of the title!) for ‘cello), J.S. to Know the Weather, 5- asx, mezzo, ssx, or sno sx, Divertimento

from memory. vibraphon, 2000 (Schott) 1/4 tones trills, glissandi II+, Klaus Huber - Plainte - Lieber Spaltet Mein playing *SF II+, Dominik Karski - open cluster M45 for M. Ed. pitches, harmonics, Karlheinz Stockhausen - In Freundschaft -

- The American Flute (MMB Music). 9 Minutes, Richard Rodney Bennett - Six Tunes for the Instruction of Singing Birds (Novello) fluttertongue. it's just what it says it is), speaking (counting in German), lip

2nd - Grace Kim, High School Competition *SF? microtones, flutter tongue, percussive sounds, whistle tone, pizzicato, Yoshio Hachimura - Maniera opus 14. various chamber music pieces for flute by contemporary music composer Lior Navok.

Gerhard Braun - Monolied I (edition Gravis) air sonds, glissando, smorzato III-, Christobald Halffter - Debla (Universal Edition) 1/4 tones *SF III.

Singing and playing, glottis accent (actually a vocal effect), tongue The lists also do not generally include works originally written for other instruments and subsequently transcribed, adapted, or arranged for flute, unless such piece is very common in the repertory, in which case it is listed with its original instrumenta…

The range of styles is also impressive, from the virtuosic works influenced by European modernism to pieces that bear witness to the close affinity that many contemporary Australian composers feel with Asian cultures. (Ascolta Music Publications) flute is prepared with an end cork and

a quarter-tone or less.

sounds, pizz, key noise, harmonics. (1986) for solo flute by Howard

In addition to the studies based on the works of Johann Sebastian Bach, it includes the following flute repertoire (flute solo parts only): Bach – Suite in B Minor; Mozart – Concerto in D, K. 314; Debussy – L'apres-midi d'un faune; Faure – Fantaisie, Op. open-hole, C ft. III. III, Will Offermans - Honami (Zimmerman) fluttertounge, note bending, multiphonics. Multiphonics, Joji Yuasa - Terms of Temporal Detailing for