Growing in virtue means forming a new habit and continuing that habit over time.

She didn’t have much to work with. It seems that originally the sense of chayil was to stand firm, as would a soldier in battle. Where are you seeking? She was a young Moabitess who eventually married Boaz. We will be conducting two identical services on Sundays. She is not a lazy sluggard. She had thrown in her lot with a woman peculiarly unlucky (Ru 1:13); she was poor and widowed, with no visible means of support. (v 27) In conclusion to this section on diligence, it’s said that the eshet-chayil vigilantly keeps watch over what goes on in her household.

A virtuous woman has a love for and a fear of God. That verse does not teach you to be careless about your appearance, but understand that true beauty  comes from within you as you develop Christian character and become more like Jesus. © 2020 CBE International - All rights reserved. A rich woman with servants whose only physical activity mentioned is spinning or sewing and doing business might not be physically strong. Not to be the man she wants him to be, but so he can be the man God has called him to be. We want to grow for the better.

She is an asset to her husband.

In this passage, we finally find a more specific description of an ideal woman, the “virtuous woman”, the “wife of noble character”. Whereas the adulteress brings death (Pv 7:23, 27), the eshet-chayil brings repute and life. The context is not army nor wealth: Ruth is an extremely poor, unmarried widow. She... 2. So God bless you and i thank you again. Joseph was sold into slavery and ended up as Prime Minister of Egypt.

Many scriptures in the OT and NT are written in a very interesting form, a literary form called an acrostic. The virtuous woman is a woman of strength; made strong by wisdom, grace and the fear of God. No doubt, they noted Ruth’s kindness in renouncing all past attachments (Ru 1:16-17) to assure provision for Naomi. What then is our goal? Some of us grew up strongly influenced by a philosophy of Christian womanhood whose ideal was the passive, “womanly” woman who makes her man “feel like a man”. Delight in knowing and surrendering yourself to Him and He will bring your dreams to pass. The Lord had the writer of this scripture outline the truths presented here so we might even memorize them. Parents, beware of ungodly influences in the lives of your children if you want them to grow up to be beautiful, polished and successful young men and women  in the eyes of God. form.) An ideal woman diligently prepares even for adversity. Respect is a virtue, however, and that includes self-respect. Boaz mentions that everyone in Bethlehem thinks of Ruth as an eshet-chayil. From his lineage Jesus was born.

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Concentrate on being a man or woman of God. In other words, you are priceless. So let’s look now at a woman’s virtue, her value and the fact that she is a vanishing breed, or endangered species. Being virtuous includes all of these things, but there’s more to it than that. (vv 14-15) Though she owns a field and a vineyard (v 16), she trades for the food she doesn’t raise herself, just as a merchant ship would stop off at many ports trading around the Mediterranean Sea. The third and last occurrence of eshet-chayil is Proverbs 31:10-31.

Her vigor and strength are business qualities she has. There are lots of ravishingly beautiful women in this world, but few women of character, virtue and purity. Romance is beautiful and wonderful. They speak of a wife, a mother, a servant of God, a. minister in her own home. Most commonly, shame in the Old Testament is what a person feels when they’ve trusted what shouldn’t have been trusted (Job 6:19-20; Ps 25:2, 20; Is 30:1-5; Jer 48:13; Hos 10:5-6; Mic 3:7; Zep 3:11-12). THE VALUE OF A VIRTUOUS WOMAN Dr. There were many virtuous men and women in the Bible, including the following.

I dont know how but, reading this i can begin my journey again but more carefully with my mind clear/and my hands lifted up. (American Heritage Dictionary – p 1200) The eshet-chayil has this astute practical mind. The Hebrew construction can mean either that she instructs faithfully (that her instruction springs from her faithfulness to relationships, cf Pv 20:6) or that she instructs faithfulness (how to act faithfully in relationships). Please note our temporary start times due to COVID-19.

A wife is a precious gift from the Lord Proverbs 19:14 says. Two are better than one, because they have a good return for their work: If one falls down, his friend can help him up. for her price is far above rubies. Her shrewdness and determination result in always having enough of whatever she needs.

• Proverbs 12:4 A virtuous woman is a crown to her husband. I would encourage you to read over Proverbs 31, as I’ll include it below, and ask God to speak to your heart about how you can strive to be a more virtuous wife, mother, and woman. From his lineage Jesus was born. Virtue is moral excellence, including sexual purity. She epitomizes the diligence extolled in Proverbs. As a wise speaker, the eshet-chayil teaches her children (Pv 1:8, 5:20, 29:15, Dt 5:6,7), confronts teachable adults (Pv 9:9, 17:10, 25:12), but leaves fools to their folly (Pv 9:7,8,15:12). You have them also. May 20, 2007 - Tip: to find an exact phrase or title, enclose it in quotation marks. The thing is, there are so many characteristics of a virtuous wife, and I only mentioned a handful in this post. Hebrew poets were very fond of writing poetry in couplets that either repeated the same idea twice or expressed opposites. Thus an ideal woman is not only determined, but also trustworthy. However, the word “strong” here is different from chayil.

A virtuous wife strives to honor her spouse. Not all women everywhere can emulate the Israelite 10th century BC culture which this Proverbs 31 woman exemplifies. The Hebrew word darash indicates that she carefully applies herself in earnest seeking. Posted by hiddentreasures |

If you do, He will bring His man into your life in His time. We note too her foresight and the prizing of her resources. Handsome men (I hear women call them “hunks”) should not be the first quality a young woman seeks in a husband. Takes care of her body, is aware of the language she uses, and makes lifestyle choices that are not selfish or shallow. I just want to say thank you thank you. Jesus, as a young boy, was virtuous. Of course, you can be a virtuous woman even if you are not in perfect shape or even if you indulge in the occasional piece of junk food. Abraham Lincoln. For her price is far above rubies (Proverbs 31:10). An honorable wife encourages strength in her husband; she doesn’t strip it from him. In so doing, she met an aged man who led her to her husband. But what characteristics lie behind these activities which all women at all times can emulate? A man married to a mevisha feels shame because she is not trustworthy. Virtuousness connotes goodness, decency, righteousness, morality and purity. She’s also subject to God’s sovereignty. (Chiasm is the Hebrew poetic arrangement whereby similar words or thoughts are repeated in an a.b.b.a. Verses 19 and 20 describe the eshet-chayil’s shrewdness as that which seeks to share. It’s hard to separate the two character qualities of diligence and shrewdness. Read their inspiring love story in Genesis 24. The virtuous woman maintains her purity even in the midst of a world which demeans and denigrates such virtue. The lack of character, even among Christians, is the reason why in this age there are so many marital problems, including: divorces, business failures and bankruptcies. She does him good all the days of her life. Ruth is specifically mentioned in Ruth 3:11 as a virtuous woman.

An honorable wife trusts The Lord to work in her husband’s life, and she doesn’t try to take that job away from Him. That is true of our 22 verses read this morning. Her title, eshet-chayil, literally means a “woman of strength”. They and their parents are more concerned about appearance, social standing and money. But pity the man who falls and has no one to help him up!

The result of her foresighted preparation is that she has enough food to feed all those she’s responsible for. What makes something valuable?

These verses tell us of the value of a virtuous woman. Shrewd stresses perceptiveness, hardheadedness, cunning and an intuitive knack in practical matters. She is a woman who can be trusted. Becuase today i learned and experienced from your expericence and i myslef want to become a virtous women in the eyes of our God. Eschet is the Hebrew word meaning “woman”. Virtuous Woman. One of her tasks is to look into the future, apply the mental resource of foresight, and to prepare for what she sees. She realizes from God’s word that honor in marriage is a characteristic for both parties, but she doesn’t act honorable only when she feels it’s reciprocated.

There is nothing wrong with shrewdness. The virtuous woman is the one who possesses these qualities. More likely, her strength is moral fortitude: sheer determination, like Ruth’s determination to secure Naomi’s redemption by the near-kin. To grow in the character qualities of the eshet-chayil: her determination, her trustworthiness, her shrewdness and initiative, her diligence, foresight, and the prizing of her resources. thankyou,god has been dealing with me in speacial areas of life hearing your word today has given me peace of mind about feeling worthless this is strenght to my soul ILOVE YOU CHRIST GOD BLESS YOU.