This is the best banana muffin I’ve ever had! I doubled the recipe, ground my own almonds and used eggs. These are GREAT!!!!! Even pre- celiac disease. Vegan GF Blueberry Muffins for 2  6. It may have been pre-made almond meal. P.S.- Didn’t use any other substitutions. I have made this recipe over 20 times this year.

They were wet and sticky when I added sweetener (and way too sweet) and I always lost half the muffin to the liner, so those are the only deviations I make. SO instead of using honey or syrup, I added 9 packets of Truvia. Bake for 20 minutes, or until a toothpick inserted into the center of a muffin comes out mostly clean.

I love this recipe! I did grease the pan (Wilton non-stick, light colored; sometimes that makes a difference) with butter instead of using paper cups, since some people reported them sticking. These are quickly becoming a staple in our house! Sadly, these will have to go in the trash. Glad you enjoyed them! It’s been a huge disappointment and it really had such a good flavor. I used 120 grams of almond meal, 75 grams of oat flour and 250 grams of banana. I substituted quinoa flakes and quinoa flour instead of the oats, which makes it a gluten free option.

I would make these muffins exactly the same way so delicious and good for you and your family.

I do notice if I use small and less ripe bananas the consistency is a bit different. The other variations in the comments look very interesting – must try some!! This happened to me too! 4. It’s not the first recipe of this kind that I’ve tried where this happened. Thanks for sharing your changes and experience, Cait! 2) they stuck to the muffin paper cups to the point that I had to eat paper too. Best recipe I’ve found for these!

If you’re looking for a more crumbly muffin, check out these Vegan GF Banana Muffins! Since I don’t have almonds ready, I subbed it with coconut flour. Not a big deal. And they’re insanely moist and flavorful thanks to the mashed banana. I’m not sure if it was due to the extra egg but I thought they were a little bland. I recommend waiting for them to cool completely as the papers peel away from the muffin completely that way. I am allergic to bananas but would love to add some other fruit. YUMMY!!!

Almond Flour – I use almond flour to keep these banana muffins gluten free, grain free, and paleo.. Coconut Flour – I always add a little bit of coconut flour to any almond flour … And, I think there is a difference between almond meal and flour. I enjoyed mine as an afternoon snack to tide me over between meals. These are not at all what I was hoping. Hubby ate 3 before they could even cool off.

You really can’t tell it was gluten-free. I kept them in for only five more minutes. I also used my kitchen aid mixer to blend everything up.

Large eggs and large bananas create a lot more wet ingredient base. I also baked them an addition 10 minutes, so that they were in the oven for a total of 35 minutes. ( cut down on raw almond flour I grounded)……. I cannot have oat flour, so I used rice flour and almond flour to sub out the oat. Keep up the great work and content! Hi Sandy, 2 batches is 2 Tbsp (14 g) flaxseed meal + 5 Tbsp (75 ml) water. They are amazing, thank you. I have made these muffins about 10 times since discovering them last month! I made these this morning and they are delicious! As someone who knows more about baking, is there an Idiots Guide to Gluten Free Baking that I could read?

Has anyone tried it this way?

), the next time I will only keep out what I will eat the next day or at most the next two days, and freeze the rest, taking them out a couple at a time not long before I plan to eat them. ?

I also added chocolate chips. These are good! Made these babies last night, only subbed almond meal with cashew meal and they rose nicely and were amazingly moist on the inside! You could try that if you want next time.

I made these muffins today and even after baling an additional 20 minutes, they were gummy, not done and basically in edible. I didn’t have milk, so i used water instead (but only 2 tbsp, because I used bananas that I had froze, and they are pretty wet when defrosted). Hope that helps one or two of you! When you include arrowroot in this recipe do you have to up the quantity of wet ingredients? If I end up using it I’ll report on how it works. I also just mixed it all in a food processor because I made almond flour in it first.

I just made a double batch. ), but the muffins turned out totally moist, full of really good flavor and texture. My grandma is the best at food, period. I think it would go a long way.

of agave. Many thanks. Sift flour, baking soda, salt, cinnamon, and nutmeg together in a large bowl. Topped with almond butter and honey, these muffins are perfect. ), Hey guys! Please post some more recipes like this…those are with ZERO oil and tastes yummy. I also put a bunch of walnuts in them (I’m a sucker for banana nut). I wanted to bake something with my eft over almond meal from making almond milk, this was the first recipe I saw and it was great! I mean NEVER, it goes against everything I believe in, but these are actually not edible :( I usually force myself to eat every burnt or bland muffin out of principle, but I can’t even get these out of the wrappers and what I can get is just a gluey mess. Much more than I expected.

Xo. This is a common problem here and it still hasn't been solved. Breakfast of champions, I tell you. Hi Inbal, We haven’t tried all purpose flour in this recipe, but it might work!