Radha battled the prince of the cat-dragons seemingly to a standstill, but it wasn't the elvish barbarian that had scared the dragons. Koth broke off his argument with Venser long enough to tell him and Elspeth of the conflicts raging across the surface, and of the dark threat that threatened the plane itself. He revealed that the Phyrexian invasion had profited him greatly, catapulting him into a heroic leadership position that he loathed to give up. During the battle, however, Koth, angry at their lack of progress about the surface war, took Melira and left, leaving Venser and Elspeth alone with the guide.

Where are the Kenriths and Garruk on the Venser scale? There, they confronted the descendants of the nekoru whilst Teferi was lost in the time rifts. Elspeth went into a battle fury, wiping out the massive force, but just as she killed the last of them, an even larger force appeared. Venser was an artificer from Urborg on Dominaria, and a planeswalker affected by the time rift overshadowing the Stronghold Volcano. Where does Sorin rank on the Venser scale? Where is Arlinn Kord on the Venser scale?

They were only saved by Jhoira's diplomacy and the sudden return of Teferi, who challenged Bolas to a planeswalker's duel. During the subsequent travels, Elspeth grew very protective of Melira.

Venser's activities drew the ire of Lord Windgrace and his gladehunters, who guarded Urborg against all artifice and magical machinery. Tezzeret said this was his gift to them; she was completely immune to phyresis.
It wasn't until Karn answered Jhoira's call that Venser realized the mistake. The allies quickly fought off the nim, but before they can plot an expedition deeper into the swamps, Elspeth tells the arguing walkers that she cannot go any further.

He built the ambulator which allowed him to teleport from place to place, but not plane to plane,until he realized his own powers with the help of Teferi and friends. He grabbed Venser by his throat and threatened him, trapping his head in a stone mask and commanding him to planeswalk to Mirrodin. Can we assume Venser is a 10 on the Venser scale? While they were leaving, the camp was attacked by Tezzeret's Phyrexians, and the companions found a guide to take them further. Tezzeret led the companions to a surgery room, where Elspeth, angered by the sight of Phyrexians experimenting on creatures, flew into a rage, slaying all the Phyrexians in the room in a matter of moments. During the battle, Elspeth was the center of the Phyrexians' attention, slaying most of them and creating piles of dead around her so high that the other companions lost sight of her. Venser watched, helpless, as Bolas demolished Teferi's attacks and defenses, then turned his attention once more to their group. Venser was pulled into it along with the rest of Teferi's companions: Jhoira, Radha, and their guards. Left with no options, Jeska had to face the rift of Otaria on her own.

During the Ghitu's assistance, Venser developed a boyish crush on Jhoira, and during their return to Urborg, the sudden appearance of Jodah led the young artificer to become petulant with the group.

They followed the guide deep into Mirrodin's core, encountering many strange rooms and caverns; at one point they did battle with two strange Phyrexian angels. At this shrine, he was assaulted by Geth and was forced to flee back to the surface where he and his companions witnessed the emergence of a Phyrexian army that was invading the surface.