The dreamy atmosphere, the smile of people, the colors, the business… This is so impressive!! Every artist has their own particular style, whether it’s intentional or by accident. Wild roses are easier to watercolor than garden roses. I offer 2 videos a week on average : Sketchbook Tutorials, Watercolor Demos, Casual VLOG and Journaling sharing and more. In this kit I just have very basic tools – …, My mini sketching kit for everyday painting Read More », For the last video in this short series of butterfly painting videos I chose to sketch a moth. But eventually you’ll probably settle into a style of painting that is your own. Some have worked well and some have not.

As most of you may already know, my BLOG became a VLOG and I am mostly on YouTube at the moment. Did you participate to that event too? We then enjoy a bit of Maru Godas workshop, “Gouache like a child”, and some leaf through in her sketchbook. I’m an illustrator and nature enthusiast and I love to paint. Continue reading →. Continue reading →, In June, I had the chance to attend a watercolor workshop with one of the greatest master of our time : Alvaro Castagnet! My critic self often thinks that I work too much with colors and that this does a bit of harm to the value impact of my pieces…Painters often say that values are more important than colors (which is highly probably true) so that’s not so good to be too much into colors ! I offer 2 to 3 videos a week so I really can’t share them all and make a newsletter for each of them here on my blog.

My photos from the workshop. 13. Frequency 1 post / quarter Blog Domain Authority 25 ⋅ Alexa Rank 11.9M View Latest Posts ⋅ Get Email Contact. In fact, it was not on purpose but I changed the medium each day, funnily! At last, I reached the 100 sketches! Hello, my name is Julia. #OneWeek100People2017, the many people of India (always eager to pose! Temples and statues everywhere, bright colors, gorgeous atmospheres… India is a real gift for the painter! Alvaro Castagnet ! The main thing to say is : Whooo! I recently ran across a blog post by nature artist John Muir Laws (one of the folks I greatly admire) where he emphasizes the same principle. 3. NB : I didn’t sketched all day but rather moved forward a lot on the challenge the days I sketched! The Russian Bear (also called Spanish flag …, Sketching a Russian Bear moth in watercolor – video tutorial Read More ». Yes, time flies but, even a few months later, that’s a real pleasure to enjoy the atmosphere of the Symposium with the sketchers everywhere,the interesting workshops, the warmth of summer, and the craziness of Chicago!! Continue reading →, Hi! This ink will be a lovely light grey that darkens quite a bit when it dries. , And I am REALLY happy that I at last managed to start working on the video shots I took during the Urban Sketchers Symposium last July in Chicago. ☺️. Sketching. →. Starting this summer, I’ve set out …, Observing birds of prey and sketching bird silhouettes Read More », After sharing a recipe for making walnut ink last time, I have a recipe for pomegranate ink. , But before sharing the tutorials with you, important thing. I recently had the pleasure to talk with Bethan Burton on the Journaling with Nature podcast. We talked about my background, how I rediscovered sketching and found nature journaling, how I came to love and sketch birds, what it’s like to live in (and paint) …, Journaling with Nature Podcast Interview Read More », Today I have a really detailed sketching demo for you, I take you through the entire process of sketching a double page in my nature journal, from basic sketch to color. Continue reading →, Happy New Year!!!! I hope you are doing well and that your days are creative and exciting! Attached are some quick watercolor sketches from the five Instructors done with Pocket Sketching. , As usual, these days, they are video tutorials, as it’s really the better way for me to show you stuff!