No. Hi dear , Once the potato is cut down the middle, unsalted butter and Kasar cheese is added, then you can pick different fillings such as, sausages, sweet corn, extra cheese, mushrooms, salads, etc. I do not drink alcohol, but have a look here: A typical Turkish breakfast consists of cheese (beyaz peynir, kaşar etc.

Thank you for sharing, the photos are excellent, everything looks very appetizing on them! Note: You can always add pepper or other spices to it, as you prefer. Because this dish is just that good! Kebabs are served with either vegetables, rice or yoghurt. How is the train traveling in Istanbul? Well, unfortunately I can’t say much about coffee as I don’t drink it.

Strangely so, it was really yummy , We did not see many places selling kokorec in the European part of Istanbul (I think there is one around the Egyptian Bazaar), and had it in the Asian side. There, I ate so flavorsome Biber Dolmasi – a pepper stuffed with rice, lamb, small grapes, pine nut, and herbs. I don’t know how they cook it, but it was divine. As someone who does not eat much for breakfast, sometimes having the traditional Turkish breakfast was just too much for me. I never went there again, as I did not have money for it, but I still remember how delicious that octopus was So, eat seafood in Istanbul. It has only a few ingredients: micro-thin layers of corn starch and wheat flour pastry, chopped walnuts, a heated milk, sugar and rosewater syrup, and a garnish of pistachios, hazelnuts and pomegranate seeds.

Eating out has always been common in large commercial cities. Some of the best food for me personally was on well-known Istiklal Street near Taksim Square in Istanbul. Dough based specialties form an integral part of traditional Turkish cuisine. The use of layered dough is rooted in the nomadic character of early Central Asian Turks. Wish you best of luck with your blog, keep doing it! Another Favorite: The Solo Female Travel in Turkey Guide, Contributed by Wendy from

But you can also add small bits of meat and other vegetables. Frankly, it does not matter, as the result is going to be amazingly delicious . Hot air balloon flight over Cappadocia Turkey, popular in neighboring Greece, where it’s known as loukoumi. Of course, vegetables and herbs are added as well And it can be spicy, so be careful ordering it. And your way to Karakoy you will see the Asian part of Istanbul, Blue Mosque, Topkapi, get a glimpse of Dolmabahce. Other toppings you may want to try are mushrooms, tomatoes, ground beef, and spinach. In some regions, meat, which was mostly eaten only at wedding ceremonies or during the Kurban Bayramı (Eid ul-Adha) as etli pilav (pilav with meat), has become part of the daily diet since the introduction of industrial production. Ayran (yogurt drink) is the most common cold beverage, which may accompany almost all dishes in Turkey, except those with fish and other seafood. Greek people cook with grease, and Hungarians have gone hungry. Everywhere you go, people will offer you, or simply just serve you, Turkish tea. Do you mean metro by train?

Although meat-based foods such as kebabs are the mainstay in Turkish cuisine as presented in foreign countries, native Turkish meals largely center around rice, vegetables, and bread. Of course, many of these dishes can be found throughout the Middle East and in the Balkans as well, but the Turkish people have their way of cooking things. As the seller explained me, the phyllo dough is boiled in water before adding filling and being put to the oven, hence the name. The dough is nothing special, flour with water and salt, so the main ingredient is the filling.

I like our version, but I didn’t like much the Turkish one. It is similar to simit in shape, is covered in a glaze, and is usually eaten as a part of breakfast or as a snack. For me, being offered a cup of Turkish coffee or, as previously mentioned, tea speaks volume about Turkish generosity and traditions. But everyone uses meat and onion , Sometimes koftes are shaped like patties, in other cases they are wrapped around skewers. Quite frequently a spoon of rice and lemon juice is also added.

It was a high-end restaurant in the last floor of a luxurious hotel. In classical Turkish cuisine, hoşaf (from the Persian "Khosh-ab", meaning "fresh water") alternatively accompanies meat dishes and pilav (pilaf). (function(d, sc, u) {

We had fish in another place as well, but here it was much-much better.

Lokum, or Turkish Delight, is familiar the world over. It’s great with cream cheese along with a cup of Turkish tea, like the locals do. Probably not much.

You will definitely thank me later! It is also called “katık “ sometimes in Turkish “katık “means anything you eat with bread , even poorest person would eat yogurt with bread for survival.

The material on this site can not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with prior written permission of Multiply. We took the tram, it’s very convenient, there is a stop close to the Blue Mosque. Is this area safe enough? But I think that ice cream sold in the street stalls is not worse They have a wide selection of flavours and colours, and it is divine Perfect during a hot day .