Queens of Darkness | Alias On the Nov. 15 episode, familiar faces returned, Zelena had her baby and we finally learned what Emma has been hiding from Hook. what do the station manager and the station manager's uncle hope will happen to kurtz ? Excalibur: The reforged Excalibur can erase the Darkness as it is another form of the Holy Grail, the object that the Darkness originated from via the corruption of it's magic.

No information When Rumple is attacked by Captain Hook and poisoned outside of Storybrooke (the only place in the Land Without Magic where any magic exists), he starts dying, with the Dark One's Dagger showing off that fact as the letters of Rumple's name start vanishing from its surface. Asked by b c #435996 on 4/13/2015 10:25 PM The Darkness is the ultimate antagonist and omnipresent force of evil in the Winter Finale, "Swan Song". Even though they don't need it, they can and do sleep. However, the Darkness automatically sends itself to the Vault of the Dark One, ready to be spread out to the world with its previous host after someone sacrifices themselves. “Everything I’ve done has been to keep our future alive,” Emma told him. Why This Works. In the process, Mulan freed Ruby. Prince James | The dagger drops to the ground, now possessing the name, "Emma Swan". Emma pleaded with him that she could help him, but then he died. Nevertheless, he has the blood needed to let Nimue, the original host of the Darkness, to cross over, along with all other Dark Ones. Evil-doer

The following contains spoilers from this Sunday’s opening hour of Once Upon a Time. Anita | And at episode’s end, he plotted with Zelena to “take care of” Emma…. ARTHUR! It was created by Nimue. Once that is done, she will use Excalibur to strike down Zelena and vanquish the Darkness once and for all — a drastic, dark plan that all of her loved ones opposed. Emma could see her future. This is a result of Nimue drinking the waters of the Holy Grail. Crimes

(It’s because he’s on iZombie!) In recent weeks, there have been hints and indications — no more so than when Emma fended off the eeeeevil counsel of former DO Nimue — that the onetime Savior hoped to use her Darkness for good, to protect her loved ones. Rumplestiltskin | Mulan taught Merida how to fight. When he warns of what happens if the last bit of love in his heart disappears, the heroes realize that they have to get rid of the Darkness; if they didn't, then Rumple would die and the Dark One would stay, and no-one would want to have a Dark One around who doesn't have a leash. November 15 2015, 6:07 PM PST. He had a house and everything. The trio wanted to know who Nimue was — the only person they thought had the power to destroy the Dark One. Regina nearly got to Emma when the gang showed up. Sheriff of Nottingham | Fix problem with Windows Security Antispam OE Hook Launcher pop-up. It had been a test from her father the entire time. Namely, a whole second episode. It is an evil force that was battled by Merlin the Sorcerer centuries ago. Dude, she just saved your life.

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