During the, It all ties back to the Riverdale Reaper, whom we learned about in, Hal was just a kid at the time, but his mother (who sounds like a true nightmare) forced him to convince a young Svenson, The answer is simple: As some fans have already suspected, there.

The premiere shocked fans when the controversial … Your source for entertainment news, celebrities, celeb news, and ​celebrity gossip. Maybe Fred is involved with the infamous Lodges, known for their corrupt business practices. And then he died. The Black Hood first appeared in the Archie Comics universe in 1940. Apa’s "Incredible" Dancing Will Be The Breakout Star Of The.

© 2020 E! In “Chapter Fourteen: A Kiss Before Dying,” the Season 2 premiere, Archie’s father Fred was rushed to the hospital after being shot by an anonymous man in what Archie described as a "black hood."

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His own life in shambles, Greg took over the identity of the Black Hood complete with the mask — thanks to a coworker giving it to him as a joke. After she said goodbye and went back into her home she noticed that a few music sheets had blown around. Riverdale airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. on the CW.

You don’t see much of the masked murderer, just the fact he's white, has green eyes and a few grey hairs here and there, which indicates that he could be middle-aged. Check out the hottest fashion, photos, movies and TV shows!

Although, how well do you really know someone in this town? The Black Hood announces his … After that, Greg developed a painkiller addiction due to the trauma of his own injury and what he did to the other Black Hood.

Alice just sat there in stunned silence (though not stunned enough if you ask us) as Hal confirmed that he was responsible for shooting Fred, killing Miss Grundy (thanks, actually), killing Midge, and killing the Sugar Man (WOW remember when that was a plot? He returned to face his daughter at Riverdale's prom. Riverdale's Season 3 Finale Reveals the Truth Behind the Gargoyle King and the Black Hood this link is to an external site that may or may not meet accessibility guidelines. In Season 2, fans, along with Archie and the gang, are looking are leaving no stone unturned on their quest to find out who exactly shot Fred Andrews on Riverdale and why. During one quite creepy sequence, Hal sat his family down in the living room and forced them to watch a home movie of him as a small child in what appeared to be a basement, enduring what appeared to be brainwashing from who we assume to be his mother. Case in point: a cop and vigilante who's keen on seeking justice killing Ms. Grundy, a known child predator, could indicate some twisted form of morality. Or maybe he's connected to the Southside Serpents along with friend FP. 2020 Bustle Digital Group. Though originally framed for grand larceny, he later cleared his name. Riverdale's Black Hood Revealed & His Backstory Is Creepy AF Plus, one of the core four might be dead! While definitely dangerous, The Black Hood's comic book history suggests that he may have good intentions in Riverdale after all.

As with most things on Riverdale, fans can never be too sure. 3 Riverdale Prom attendees - In Riverdale season 3, Hal faked his death and escaped the prison bus. It has been updated to meet our standards.

We assume Jughead is not dead but like...what if he is?

Mr. Conway had learned the Cooper/Blossom family's murderous secret, and so the whole family had to die.

As anyone can guess, one of my favorite characters in this melting pot is none other than the Black Hood. ), but he did not shoot up the mayoral debate, meaning there's a copycat on the loose. The Black Hood is an actual character from Archie Comics who dates all the way back to the company’s beginnings, although this vigilante never showed up in Riverdale … Hal Cooper's been donning a black hood and murdering/attempting to murder sinners for months now, which is really the only thing that ever made sense. The Black Hood uses the town's paper, the Riverdale Register, to communicate with the public — and Hal is the co-owner of the paper along with Alice. If you've been watching Season 2 of Riverdale you're most likely disturbed AF by the "Black Hood" killer.

The original comic is vague about whether the Black Hood possesses magical superpowers, or just simply has the unusual strength that other street-fighting superheroes like Batman seemed to possess naturally. The Black Hood first appeared in the Archie Comics universe in 1940. The Black Hood is dead, but his story apparently isn't yet concluded on Riverdale. It turns out that Riverdale's resident Nancy Drew, Betty Cooper (Lili Reinhart) was totally right about her not-so-bonkers Black Hood theory. TV Entertainment Riverdale.

I have a crappy schedule, like most Americans. The comics wiki states that he was an ex-cop named Matthew Kipling "Kip" Burland. He's definitely not, but maybe Cole Sprouse was like "please allow me to sacrifice myself" and Jughead is really, actually gone. He shot back once before losing consciousness and woke up to learn that he shot and killed the second Black Hood (Kip's nephew). Per the Archie comics wiki, the Black Hood started as "a costumed man of mystery who had been trained by a hermit to combat evil."

He still wore his costume and fought crime throughout the city, until he passed the "hood" along to his nephew.

Although one thing is clear: the Black Hood isn't just murdering (and attempting to murder) folks for fun. Could the Black Hood be connected to this arrest somehow? The window was open and obviously something was off. Caution! She constantly delivers great, Netflix just released The Liberator, a four-part animated series based on Alex Kershaw’s book The Liberator: One World War II Soldier’s 500-Day Odyssey, The newest Real Housewives show will take fans of the cult favorite Bravo reality series to the intrigue of Salt Lake City, where we’ll get to meet s, Warning: Spoilers for Dash & Lily are ahead. As a 29-year-old divorced woman, Tayshia brin, Warning: Spoilers ahead for the Dash & Lily finale, “New Year’s Eve.”  “I really enjoyed that scene. At the end of the episode, music teacher Ms. Grundy — who had a very inappropriate and harmful relationship with underage Archie in Season 1 — was making troubling advances to yet another one of her underage students during a piano lesson. This post (obviously) contains spoilers for the May 9 episode of Riverdale, so proceed at your own risk! Fred first took him down with a baseball bat, then stopped to make a quip about how he should have gone pro before getting himself shot right in the bulletproof vest.

Or at least that's what it look like when FP carried his limp, bloodied son out of the forest in his arms, with tears in his eyes. But he could be! Who is the Black Hood, and why is he killing people who are or have been close to Archie? Also, there's a straight up gang war happening that brought in the Ghoulies, led by that goddamn Penny Peabody (hired by Hiram Lodge?). We learned that Hal's father and grandfather also murdered people, and Hal's parents had conditioned him from the time he was a very small child to help them take down sinners, and some of those sinners included the Conway family that was murdered 40 years ago (as Alice helpfully reminded us). The answers to the murderer's identity and what his purpose is on the show could rest within the pages of the beloved comic book series. Riverdale Confirms Who The Black Hood Is With A Twist, The Masked Singer boasts each episode about the intricate steps everyone on set takes to ensure that each celeb remains anonymous until they are unmasked o, Every season on The Masked Singer there are a few overlooked contestants, and in season 4 Popcorn definitely fits that bill. Time to go have a lie down til next Wednesday. We'll have to wait until the season 2 finale to find out — but hey, at least that Hal Cooper fan theory was proven true, right? Editor's note: After publication, we discovered this article did not meet our editorial standards: There were portions that did not correctly attribute another source.

He's not, even though we've got Archie, Betty, and Veronica staring at a grave in the promo for the finale. She wanted a fight so the Serpents would be destroyed, but Jughead's far too noble to let that happen, so he offered himself up alone. Elsewhere, Cheryl revealed herself to be a truly badass archer when she saved her own damn self from the Black Hood/Betty's dad, and it was revealed that Midge's mom actually shot Fangs, who did not survive. Well, we guessed the who, but we could never have guessed the why. He's on a mission.

Therefore, I'm just finishing season 2 of Riverdale. Black Hood first appeared in the Archie Comics.

Entertainment Television, LLC A Division of NBCUniversal. Veronica and Hermione were also attacked by the son of that mobster who was killed (right after Veronica discovered yet another wild scheme), but they attacked him right back and killed him, leaving Hiram to clean up his own mess. All rights reserved. Because we finally get to have a scen, Netflix’s Newest Animated Series Tells An Epic True Story, These Are The 15 Shows Netflix Just Renewed, You May Be Done With Emily, But She Isn’t Done With Paris.

Speaking of, the copycat was busy attacking Archie and Fred. But maybe...no, he's not.

The Black Hood was behind Ms. Grundy and choked her to death right as the credits rolled. Warning: Contains spoilers on Riverdale season two. After watching Dash (Austin Abrams) and Lily (Midori Francis) create holiday magic by writing to each othe, Hold on to your berets and eccentric bucket hat collection, because La Ringarde is back. Additionally, in Season 1, Fred admitted that he was arrested for a DUI incident. But, that still doesn’t explain why the Black Hood would go after Fred, who's considered an upstanding man and father in the community. It turns out that Riverdale's resident Nancy Drew, Betty Cooper (Lili Reinhart) was totally right about, First, some background on this whole Black Hood thing. By Lauren Piester May 10, 2018 1:00 AM Tags. It all falls on one moment. Per The Wrap, in 2015, Dark Circle Comics took the non-Archie characters to create a story and made the Black Hood Greg Hettinger, a cop who got a bullet to the face after being in a gun fight. But we also learned tonight the reason why he does such a thing, and it's certainly not what we expected. He's not, but maybe!

And as we approach tonight's Riverdale Season 2 finale, it appears that the Black Hood's real identity has finally been revealed: 1) Betty's dad, Hal Cooper, is the Black Hood. Bubble Watch 2018: All the TV Shows Yet to Be Renewed.

Netflix just announced via un petit video on Twitter that the, Whether you enjoyed the ending or not — most of us decidedly did not — you can’t deny the fact that Game of Thrones was one of the most influential t, On Tuesday night, The Bachelorette was blessed with one of its most eligible leads in history: Tayshia Adams. Apparently, one of Hal's mom's conditioning phrases was "you must do better," which is basically exactly what Betty said in her speech at the end of season one, which is what set Hal off as the Black Hood.

Hal had been tasked with convincing the young surviving son that it was not Hal's dad who had killed the family, but someone else entirely. All rights reserved. While back in his Black Hood attire, Hal stalked Betty through the school as she encountered the dead bodies of three classmates. Riverdale just revealed who the OG Black Hood is, and it's exactly who we've assumed and kind of hoped (in the weirdest way) it was since he started making creepy phone calls to Betty: her dad! (But he's not.) a murderer known as the Riverdale Reaper, Your Favorite Childhood Characters Just Got Dark AF, K.J.