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The Last Plague 2 - In the Mountain of Madness (Full)


release date: 15-Sep-2023
difficulty: very challenging
duration: long

average rating: 9.43
review count: 7
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file size: 774.00 MB
file type: TR4
class: nc

author profile(s):

The Plague will end!


(Spoiler from the end of The Last Plague 1)

Lara found the Dagger of Narmer on her adventure in Egypt which then mysteriously teleported her to her room in her mansion. Unaware of the power of the dagger, she begins her studies and understands that the dagger belonged to the first Pharaoh of Egypt. With the dagger in her hands she understands that the plague is the result of Pharaoh's release and that caused the entire plague in Egypt. According to ancient documents there are other Capsules in Asia: Cambodia, Japan and Tibet. Lara must race against time to destroy the remaining Capsules to put an end to the Plague once and for all before evil breaks out.


The Level contains some rewards for those who collect all the secrets and love to explore cautiously.

-When you collect all the secrets you unlock a rare item. -The history of the levels is told through documents that are hidden. -There are 3 hidden Easter eggs: They are not counted, as they are optional for those who want to explore a little more.


These levels contain FMVs. So that problems do not occur and the game skips scenes, activate the option: "Emergency Settings" Soft full screen

This level set has been tested, but if you find any problems I will be grateful for your feedback in my email. This return will make me grow and learn more and more from the community.


"Be patient, persistent and don't give up, because no matter how difficult the obstacles are, you can overcome yourself and overcome the challenges."

"Abundance is not having a lot, but knowing how to manage what you have."