LB Advent Calendar 2010 – Christmas at the North Pole

Level by Raidermatty

Walkthrough by manarch2

Go to the E wall and find a jumplever behind a tree. This opens the NE trapdoor; drop in the hole and slide down the ramp. Pick up a Little Medikit W and go to the SE corner to push the block far as possible, then turn left and pull the second block far as possible, too. Go to the left side of it and push it once in the room. Behind it is another block; pull it out and then once left. Before throwing the lever in the passage go back and push the block on the opposite side of the passage into the next room. Head back, pull the timed lever and sprint into this room again and through the opened door. Jump in the pool and swim into the SW corner to pull an underwater ceiling lever. This opens the SE door. Swim there, climb out and pull the lever to open the golden door near to the last lever. Get there and follow the passage. Climb out and arrive at a new area. Go to the NE corner and pull out the block twice. Go in the chamber behind it and shoot the white grate on the W wall, climb in the crawlspace and follow it to the end. Pull down the jump lever in the second chamber (this raises a block in the last room) and crawl back again.

Get to the main room and climb up onto the higher area to find a NW button to push. Climb on the raised block and jump to the N balcony. Exit this room through the corridor. In the next area you can either shoot the NW or NE grate to get to the next room. After crawling through push the button on the S wall. Jump in the N pool and pick up Flares from the pedestal. Now swim N and under the slanted ceiling to find an underwater ceiling lever. Pull it to open the door S in the main room. Get back there and jump on the floor. Run inside the passage; jump in the pool to find a Large Medikit and climb out. Push the button, turn and run to the N and at the junction choose the right path. In the snowy area you can find a NE jumplever that opens the door in the left path. Get back there and climb the ladder above the entry. Pull the lever and jump back to the floor to see the golden door has opened. Pull out the block there and in the next room so that you can climb on it and get back to the higher floor. Run and crawl back in the pool wher you came from and swim to the NE corner. Climb out and find the Elves Key in the passage.

Swim back in the main room and climb up the pillar. Run and crawl in the second underwater room – the W door is open now, so swim and climb out there. Go right in the room and then choose the E path. You can find Bolts on the path. At its end climb on the roof and find Flares there. Use the Elves Key to open the first hut. Push the button in the NW corner and head out again. This opens the E underwater door – run and swim there and climb out at the SE corner. Now jump over the W blocks to reach the other side of the room. Pull a lever there and jump back in the water. Swim back to the two huts you visited earlier. Climb on the roofs and follow the N passage through the opened door. Jump down and climb the central hut in the next area to find a Rubber Band. Go E and pull out a block between the two huts. Pull it to either side and run in the passage behind. Go S and pull the lever in the passage. Back to the last room exit through the SW passage and run all the way back to the pool. Jump in it and swim in the E passage. Climb out SE again and jump over the W blocks to find a Candy Stick (i.e. a Crowbar) there.

Swim back the way you came and in the bigger room swim back S, climb out and crawl into the main room again. Jump downstairs and exit the room through the S corridor. Get on the lower area and pull the block there away to get back to the passages. Go N and pry off the Tree Seal from the wall. Return all the way to the upper underwater room and swim in the W passage, then return to the huts – use the Candy Stick to open the E hut. Go ahead and pick up the Dough while crawling under the presents. Back out climb the huts and go through the N exit. In the second hut area, go to the N side of the central hut to place the Tree Seal. Inside the hut push the button to open a door somewhere. Go to the SE hut and go inside to find the Golden Bell. Now – yet again – go back all the way you came and jump in the water to swim back N again and get to the main room. Place the Golden Bell on the N side of the upper ledge. Now you get to a room with four levers and four mummy-like snowmen – don’t approach them so that you have nothing to fear. Pull all levers but the SE one and go through the passage. Open the chest in the next room to find the Blue Bucket. Once again return all the way to the huts – go to the N hut area over the roofs. Jump down and dress the snowman with the bucket to open the nearby door. Push a button inside and go back to the area with the candy sticks to see the now opened door, it’s right before the huts. Now crawl through the corridor and at the courtyard open the E door first.

SECRET 1: Pull out the block in the SE corner of the courtyard and you will find a Snowflake behind.

Go to the NE corner of the hutch and push the button near the S horse. Go in the SE passage and climb the ladder. Jump over the fences and you can find a Large Medikit and the House Key on some blocks. Now go back to the huts and place the House Key on the NE hut. Inside pick up the Screwdriver when shooting a box – get out again. You now have to return to the opposite mansion of the one with the horses inside. Open the door with the Screwdriver and push the block on the other side of the room as far as possible. Climb the ladder to the top and find a Slingshot in the NE corner. Before going out pick up Bolts in one of the horse boxes. Combine the Slingshot with the Rubber Band. Return all the way to the second hut area again and climb on the central one. Shoot the spider with your Slingshot + Rubber Band which is high up E. Run back to the horse boxes area and shoot the translucent bird on the N wall. In the NW corner you can find a hole; jump inside, wade through the water and find the Front Door Key at the end. Get back and climb out – use the key N and the candy door opens. There are two paths; right you can find Bolts, left a button to open the mansion door.

SECRET 2: Go in the SW corner and get a snowflake from the flower.

Now go in the SE kitchen and pick up the Iron Form from the N board. Combine it with the Dough and you get the Raw Gingerbread Man. Return all the way to the second hut area and go to the last, NE hut. Open the door and place the Raw Gingerbread Man in the fire to get a cooked one. Return to the horse hutch area and enter the W one. Climb on the first stage and place the Cooked Gingerbread Man S. The door opens; pick up a Little Medikit in the next room and pull out the wooden box. In the hole you made you can pick up the Bedroom Key. Run into the N mansion and run NW to find a way to the upper area. Place the key there and push the button on the column. Another door on the upper area is open; enter the library and pick up a Torch from the flowerpot. Return to the crawlspace that leads to the hut area: Stand in front of it and throw the Torch away, then crawl in, pick up the Torch again and look upwards, then throw the Torch a second time. It now should be accessible at the other side. Go SE and get the Torch through the second crawlspace. Get to the second hut area and light the Torch in the SE hut. Get back all the way to where you picked up that Torch. Light the E fireplace and the last upper door opens. Pick up the Livingroom Key in the Bath and get downstairs again to use it N. The last door is now open – so step in and see a wonderful end cutscene.