BtB 2014 - Banteay Kdei.

Level by mugs

Walkthrough by G&D Productions.

3 Secrets

After landing in a cave, pick up the mushrooms in front of you, Turn right, go to the S wall and get some more mushrooms there. Go right into the corner and grab up left into a crawlspace for Secret #1, the Wheel of Law Artefact. Drop, go up a ladder E and get the Flares in that passage, hop though the gap into a dark basement with a wooden gate. When you walk left into the room, a flyby will show you around.

Open the Gate.

Climb up left of the Torch (S) and shoot a soldier who will drop an MP5. Shoot the crate in the passage and grab a Laser sight. The hatch on top of the steps is closed, so turn back and go right into the area with the crates. Use the floor lever in the E alcove and that gate below opens up.

Get down and enter, shoot a soldier and get MP5 ammo, the passage left is blocked so go right and crawl through. Go straight to the edge of the large room, turn around and hang into the room. Shimmy left and pull up in the next alcove, run jump over to the floor, grab some MP5 ammo, hop back and hang from the edge to shimmy right into the gap. Look right and spot a low crevice, crawl in there for Magnum ammo. Go out and straight (S), open the gate with the lever and grab the ceiling and go along the monkey swing till you hit the wall in front so the soldiers stop firing. Hop on the ledge left and run right into the passage shooting two soldiers. Be quick about it or they can use their Bazooka and you’re doomed. One leaves MP5 ammo behind.

Follow through to a room with a push able statue, push it once and grab the Magnum, which was underneath. Grab the crate right of the statue and shimmy left around the corner, push the statue once again and grab the Medipack behind you before using the lever to open the gate.

Shoot a Gem, open the Hatch.

But first… You now have Magnum and sight, so go back to the monkey climb in the room with the deadly pool and look down in the pool to spot a large statue with a Gem on its belly, shoot the Gem and the hatch opens. Return to where you pushed the statue, go through the gate and follow through to the basement. Climb up left and go through to the steps.

Outside, Temple Ruins.

You have to grab up to the still closed part of the grate, then quickly go around shooting the soldiers, there are four of them and one leaves some Magnum ammo behind. Two might be hiding at the N side of the stairs near a tent.

Go back and at the stairs look up to the left (E) to spot a Bell behind a statue. Bit tricky to shoot it when the lady spreads her arms like that, but zoom in and aim for the lower right hand side of the Bell. A block goes down behind the Buddha statue behind you, get in there to grab Secret #2, the Reliquary Tower Artefact.  In last alcove on the left (N) are also some Flares.

Now go out S to the yard, there’s a snake you can shoot, but you can also just let it be. Go to the window in the middle of the wall W (between the piles of rubble), the one partially blocked by a cave-in. Look up over the gate and side flip into that opening, drop out the other end.

Elephant Square.

This yard has some enemies, a couple of Tigers left in the bamboo forest and an Elephant running around making a racket. You can shoot it or choose to let it live. Pass left through the bamboo bush and turn right into a cave.

Jungle Temple, a Torch.

Looking out over the river below, hop right around the corner and hop up into the arches, left are Torches, grab a Torch and you’ll also get a screen where to use it. Ignite the Torch in the alcove and get out to the rocky ledge you came from. Run jump with the Torch to the corner ledge (W on the darkest part of the rock). Then turn right and jump up to a ledge in front of a gate. Turn left a bit and hop to the gates where you can ignite the wall torch behind a tree.

The Golden Buddha.

Walk to the steps in front of the left gate that opened, drop the Torch as you don’t need it anymore and climb down the vegetation from the end of the steps into the canyon below (also the way back up). Watch out for a crock and a snake. Turn around and go right into the cave, back flip onto a slanted rock and jump to grab the wooden platform with the Golden Buddha on top.

Use the Buddha.

Go back outside and left around the corner, jump and grab the colorful plants under the left steps (where you just came down) and go up, through the open gate and use the Buddha in the next room. The door left opens up, go through to Buddha Square. Jump down into the pool.

The Buddha Shrine, the Jungle Sword.

Go to the N side of the pool; grab a Medipack after shooting a tiger. In the pool are two grates, one on each side; shoot them. Go to the Buddha Shrine and get the Magnum ammo in the alcove on the left (N) then jump into the alcove behind the Buddha, turn around and find a jump lever on the roof there.

It is a Timed lever and opens a gate in the S opening of the pool (where you shot the grate). Use the lever, turn right and walk up the slope a bit, then hop up to the floor and get into the pool fast. Though the open gate on the left (S) and pull the chain.

Swim out and climb out of the pool on the left (W). Go through the door and in the next area go to the right and shoot that stone Monkey Warrior. He comes alive, kill him and pick up the Jungle Sword he drops. Go to the SW corner and climb the wall (face E). At the crack, shimmy to the corner left and then climb over the crack to the ceiling. Use the forward key to get to the monkey climb. Turn to the left and swing all the way to the other side, then around the corner into an alcove. Here you need the Sword to pull the broken lever.

Drop down and go back to the pool, now the N side in the pool is open. Get out of the water.

The Khmer Key.

Grab Flares to the right. In front of the statue is the Khmer Key, when you pick it up a Wraith appears. Roll run to the right of the water hole, turn left and climb the wall. Go off left and turn left to climb up. Down and jump left to the ledge where you can use the Key, a gate opens up and possibly the Wraith goes there already to kill itself. Jump to the other side and get the MP5 ammo. Then drop down, go up the stairs behind the statue and up into the open gate left (this is the place where the wraith went). When you step next to the bowl, another gate opens in the opposite wall. Climb in there and up the ladder, follow through and you get back at the Buddha puzzle.

Back to Elephant Square.

Go out and climb down to the river, up the grassy slopes S and shoot a tiger, turn left at the big tree and run jump to the E through the gap between the trees, go left and then right back into the cave to Elephant Square.

Through the Basement.

Go up to the Temple and the right hand window, jump in and go straight into the alcove (W), do not use the lever, it is a trap. Turn around and jump up to grab a crawlspace, turn around in there and use the jump lever to de-activate spikes in the basement.

Go back down, go into the alcove in the N wall and use the lever, you’ll drop down. Follow through go to the right and get the Magnum ammo, then go to the other side (E), pick up a Medipack and open the crowbar door with the Sword.

The Temple Ruins.

Stand left, turn around and quickly drop down into the next area, turn left and run NE where you can jump up near a crate with a Laptop, here you are best protected and can just wait till the soldiers come around the corner one by one. They leave MP5 ammo and a Medipack. There are mushrooms just below where you are and also in the corner where you came down before, next to the banana tree.

The Ancient Shaft Key.

From next to the crate with the Laptop you can hop into the arch N, you need a Key here because of a closed door. Go to the left over the rubble and then jump a bit right onto the balcony. Inside is where we come back later to use the Emerald Orb. From the balcony jump to the grassy arch W, climb up left and shoot a soldier, get the Ancient Shaft Key.

The Emerald Orb.

Jump back to the passage with the closed door (near the crate with the Laptop) and open the door now. Go through and to then opposite wall (N), crawl into the crevice in the dark passage.

When you can stand pick up the MP5 ammo then turn around, jump grab up to the cave above. In the corner are some Flares.

On the left (E) is a crawlspace (use Ctrl to get in it) and grab Secret #3, the Bodhi Tree Artefact, drop out and go into the next area.

On the right on top of a wooden crate is MP5 ammo. Turn around and dive/jump over the balustrade (N) and grab the Naga Key. Jump back to the ground floor.

Straight ahead between the statues is Magnum ammo (a tiger will pester you). Up the stairs behind the balustrade you can find more Magnum ammo. Go to the W side and grab the monkey swing and go to the top of the wooden boxes.

Use the Naga Key and safety drop down. Climb the block that appeared at the staircase and climb even higher.

Shoot both the two-headed tigers and now you can get the Green Orb. On the W wall down the steps is MP5 ammo. Get down to the ground floor and out through the crawlspace (N). Some soldiers will be waiting for you. Go out the door (S) and jump over the rubble to the right.  

Jump over to the balcony and enter. In here are two cages and some big doors, go left at those door and stand with your back against the wall and then jump forwards to the jump lever on the wall. Now enter the cage and place the Orb. Go through the doors and down the stairs to leave this Temple.

G&D June 10-2014