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Quest for Infinata's Eye


Colin Benson
release date: 25-Oct-2009
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file type: TR4
class: nc

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Roughly one hundred and seventy million years ago, during the middle Jurassic period, a space traveling entity landed on Earth. He was called Infinata, he was one of thousands of space-traveling beings that populate our galaxy. Collectively, they call themselves 'The Cerci'. Unlike the typical cardboard aliens of Hollywood movies, The Cerci were not evil. Their intentions were to simply travel the stars gaining and sharing knowledge with each other. Their life spans were measured in billions of years, so they could survive traveling the vast distances between stars and planets.

As Infinata explored our ancient Earth, he observed but did not interfere with the dinosaurs and other life that flourished on the planet. As time passed, he watched the dinosaurs die out and he watched mammals take their place as the dominate life-forms. As humans were beginning to evolve, roughly 400,000 years ago, Infinata began to weaken, he retreated into a deep tropical cave on the small island of Pink Schoal.

Eventually Infinata, died in the cave. Unlike terrestrial life, all of Infinata's memories were stored in his gem-like eye. This eye remained undiscovered. A short time ago, people found this island and began to settle on it. Not long after that, several miners came upon Infinata's eye. Terrified by the images contained within, they sealed it in the deepest part of the cave. All the miners swore to secrecy. However, their promise to secrecy was broken by a miner. Word spread across the island, to other islands and eventually the secret spread all over the world. Lara Croft also caught wind of the recent happenings on the island of Pink Schoal, too.

One small terrorist group has also learned of the eye. They swiftly took over the island killed many of the people and drove the remaining populace away. Their goal was to find Infinata's Eye at all cost. Selling the eye to the highest bidder on the black market would bring millions of dollars to their evil organization. Fortunately, The terrorists have not located infinata's eye as of yet.

Your mission ,as the game player, is to guide Lara to one of the greatest discoveries of her career and arguably, one of the greatest discoveries of all mankind.