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Author(s): Sarikman
release date: 04-Jan-2015
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Kurtis Trent was badly injured after his fight with Boaz. When Lara came back, he had disappeared. She found just his mysterious weapon. Lara tried to find him, but she did not succeed. Kutis was captured by Sophia Leigh, who survived her battle with Lara in the past. She took advandage of Kurtis condition and she imprisoned him within her labs where her scientist are trying to transfer his special abilities to her. She wants more power because she does not have the Eye of Isis. Since Lara took it from her, she started getting old again. Now Kurtis has to escape from his prison, but he is drugged by Sophias experiments. His abilities are not working right. He is able to use them, but not very successfully. In addition, Sophia has more plans. She is trying to find one ancient artifact in order to gain more power.