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1943: The Iron Cross


release date: 25-Feb-2016
# of downloads: 2666

average rating: 8.60
review count: 12
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file size: 103.00 MB
file type: TR4
class: City

author profile(s):

After returning from her mission in Europe with the Black Diamond, Marcia L Croft, decided to request a Meeting with those who hired her to retrieve this, and the Star of David. She was curious to know what exactly they were planning to do with these 2 artefacts. The meeting took place at Kosciol Manstov, Karlostov, in Poland. Marcia arrived a couple of minutes early, and saw a black cab arrive and a gentleman step out onto the pavement. He motioned for her to enter the church. Upon sitting rather uncomfortably on a pew, he began to speak. "Marcia, it is always a pleasure to see you", Marcia replied "Lets get down to business". "Right. There is a global conspiracy by some very sinister and very powerful people. They believe themselves to be vastly superior to all, and refer to their organisation as Le Bureau d'Acuity, and we believe them to operate from somewhere in Central France, hence the name. According to our intelligence, they have been training up special agents. These individuals are brainwashed and used to assasinate certain high ranking targets. Their latest recruit goes by the codename of Agent 40. I need you to track them down and stop them before they reach their target." Marcia replied "This all sounds a bit far fetched to be honest". He said "Please trust me, this is something we do know". He went on "We required the powerful artefacts you have retrieved for us to defeat these evil forces". Just then, a loud bang was heard near the entrance to the building, and maybe half a dozen mercanaries stormed the building. Marcia looked up to the roof, and thought of a way out...