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Author(s): BHM Productions
release date: 28-Jul-2016
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class: Mystery

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BHM Productions

There was once a small, boys-only elementary school in the United States that thrived for many years. In the year of 2002, however, the school lost its funding from the government and was abandoned. Over time, a group of cultic assassins took over the abandoned school. They cursed the grounds with notes they enchanted with dark magic. These notes over time warped the inside of the school into a hellish vision. Deadly traps appeared, rooms twisted and changed into nightmarish designs, and people who wandered into the school became zombified after being unable to find their way out. Rumor has it that the only way to break the curse of the school is to remove the five cursed notes and destroy every last member of the cult. However, the local residents and even the police force are too scared to attempt this. After news of all this made its way to Lara Croft, she gathered up the courage to take the challenge on. Late one night, Lara enters the school through a window and begins her brave journey to break the schools evil curse.