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Author(s): Croft Storm
total rating:5.31 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
bERT 8 6 7 7
eTux 5 4 4 4
G.Croft 4 3 4 4
Gerty 5 4 5 5
Jay 6 5 6 6
Jose 5 4 5 5
Kristina 4 4 4 4
MichaelP 7 5 6 5
Obig 8 7 8 7
Orbit Dream 6 4 4 5
Ryan 6 5 5 5
Sash 7 6 6 6
category averages
(12 reviews)
5.92 4.75 5.33 5.25

Reviewer's comments

"A 27 minute journey through an apparent coastal level that turns out to be a rather mixed experience as a whole. The best parts are definitely the neat little puzzles involving safe tiles, light and mixing colours that are not too obscure yet require you to use your brain a bit. The secrets are also nice little quests (although the Grenade Launcher didn't register as one, contrary to the walkthrough). But on the downside, the textures are very rough around the edges, the rooms are plain and bland looking, the end of the world can be reached in a couple of places and the enemies are a bit too simple to fight. Not that I like too much combat, but it seemed a bit of a let down here as they can be taken care of without breaking much of a sweat. It adds up to a pretty average experience overall, so you might want to make up your own mind." - Ryan (01-Mar-2019)

"Despite the new ideas for some puzzles and traps, the level was not entertaining for me. Obscure puzzle with the three coloured tiles, in this area if you choose the wrong combination you'll find always a dead end and have to reload. Also I used the keys to open the metal doors before creating the rocky path and the view is not good there, looking to the end of the world and broken nearby places. I jumped into the pool near the exit and I had to reload too. Simple architecture, empty rooms, very few enemies, not care with the texturization, not worked sounds or cameras... The level is playable, but it seems that the author only thought about the puzzles and not any other features." - Jose (08-Nov-2016)

"This adventure takes place in Cornwall;depicted here as a baking hot mediterranean landscape populated by crocodiles.If that isn't proof of Gloabal Warming I don't know what is. The level alternates between the simplistic/rough and the ingenious/polished. The latter category is best exemplified by the very smart light and fire puzzles which really cause you to stop and think and are definately the adventures best aspect. In the former category,however,are some very rough design errors which include several places which it is impossible to extricate yourself from;all which are compounded by some rather sloppy 'speed building'. The weaknesses generally counterbalance the strengths and ensure that this level,despite containing clever moments, is unfortunately little more than average." - Orbit Dream (02-Sep-2007)

"I love this level. There are numerous puzzles. Some of them are meditating the others need good skills. Your objective is finding 2 Keys and the Load Stone in the end. There are 5 Secrets although the game did not count the last one the Grenade Gun. The enemies are crocs skeletons but the emphasis is on the puzzles. Unfortunately there are no added sounds but the textures fit well to the environments. Don't jump into the pool at the beginning of the level cause you can't continue the level later. You can find a Hungarian walkthrough (as we don't have English version) savegames and pictures here: " - Obig (02-Mar-2004)

"Ah a challenge well kind of! The author says he could make it through his own level in 30 minutes with all 5 secrets collected well I just had to see what I could do and drumroll I did it in 21 minutes with all 5 secrets in my grubby little hand though it said I only had 4 secrets so I checked with the walkthrough and the fifth the grenade launcher I had but it did not register. Actually although the time was quite short there was a really great flow through with many challenges trap related mostly and I stumbled somehow through the coloured tile puzzle without knowing what I was doing correctly for the first half. The author mentions if you have all secrets at the end you get a little extra but I didn't find any extra so am a little baffled also if you use the second key before you have caused a certain earthquake you just find a blocked rock area that seems like something went wrong but once the earthquake has occurred it all opens up nicely. So if you want a fast paced quite thrilling little level give this one a go just think mixing colours when you come to the underwater gate puzzle and you may get through it okay." - Sash (24-Jan-2004)

"There's a good imagination at work here. This level is obviously the work of an inexperienced builder but oh the improvement from his first level. It's a pleasant coastal setting well constructed if a little empty. There are some nice puzzles to solve hardly any enemies and a short boulder run at the end. Nothing challenging but you really can spot the potential. Definitely a builder to watch out for in the future." - Jay (04-Jan-2004)

"I played this still having the music from some of the Christmas levels in my audio folder which was kind of hilarious in a coastal/cave kind of setting. This is actually quite a nice (if short at 25 minutes) level in terms of gameplay. Pretty fast paced it gives you traps (spikes gaps death tiles) a nice colour clued puzzle to open doors and drain a pool the well known torch/boulder/rope puzzle and then eventually the Labyrinth which is not much of maze at all (thankfully) and you don't even have to bother much with the pressure pads and the colour hints because you can simply jump over most of the fires in your way to finally pickup the trident and face the final two boulder runs which give this is a nice high point finale. Of course the flare bug occurs with all the fires around but you don't need any flares anyway. The room structure and ambience lighting is a bit simplistic as is the texturing which was clearly neglected here due to the focus on the puzzles although it is much better than in Mark's first level already. The four secrets are fairly easy to find along the way and the alleged 5th one (the grenade launcher) did not register as a secret for me. A nice little level and it looks like Mark is on a steep learning curve. Will be interesting to see what he comes up with next." - Michael (01-Jan-2004)

"In my opinion this level is an improvement on his 'Ship of the Night'. Having said that there is more to learn for Mark as I saw textures missing the disappearing horizon and the flare bug shows his ugly head after the fire room. I liked the puzzles and traps Mark used here although not that difficult to solve they were fun nevertheless. The idea is a good one and there is a load of potential for this guy. Enemies are skeletons and crocs but you will find the shotgun (twice). Found all 5 secrets. 11-12-2003" - Gerty (23-Dec-2003)

"A difficult level to review as on one hand it definitely is an improvement from 'Ship of the night' the light and darkness puzzle and the colourful tile puzzles are great and very well made but on the other hand the lighting is still not up to what it could be the textures are stretched repetitive sometimes missing and the flare/binocular bug appears in the maze itself which you can easily miss and get trapped in a pool where you otherwise end the level. Also the face pad where the rolling ball fell on confused me as I thought that the ball would do the triggering job for Lara when she actually had to jump on it herself too. Not a bad effort but lots of room for improvement." - eTux (22-Dec-2003)

"We may have another builder here with potential. The settings may be basic but they are not bad (coastal). The potential however lies within the gameplay ideas consisting of logic puzzles combining either 'step-on' tiles and colour codes or including clues by the way a room is lit. The last idea for instances creates a modest but nice atmosphere in an otherwise empty room that fries you as soon as you step out of the light. Adequate use of flip-maps resulting in changed landscapes after earthquakes (think I counted three of them). Because there are a lot of fires unfortunately the flare/binocular bug occurs. Not that you need flares really but there are some traps in long corridors where you first may want to take a look with the binoculars (because of the bird view camera otherwise not making it possible to take a look around). I think you may get stuck when you take a deep jump into the small wall-surrounded water area near the big water before entering the underground corridors. Here and there a texture missing. Nevertheless certainly worth a try. Enjoyed it for the short time it lasted." - bERT (11-Dec-2003)

"Lara set off to an ancient ruin in England to find the 'load stone' hidden in a labyrinth of fire. The sad thing is that you can completely miss this labyrinth and the stone and end up stuck near the end. Otherwise the gameplay is easy with a few traps and puzzles. One thing though that had me stuck for a while was the 'step-on-the-faced-tile-to-set-off-an-earthquake-tile'...The surroundings seems a little stiff and empty to me and I missed the small details that adds a lot of atmosphere. The only enemies were a skeleton and some crocodiles. In the read-me the author says he will release a Resident Evil style level next year and with some more atmosphere I'm sure it can be great!" - G.Croft (10-Dec-2003)

"The level is thirty minutes tops but somehow I got confused in it. The setting is quite simple with stretched textures and some parts missing not to mention the disappearing walls at some areas. There is nothing new to see and all the puzzles are simple and used many times such as the torch puzzle and boulder the unmarked fire tiles and the earthquakes. Nevertheless it's a nice try to create a level but I have to say it needed more attention. For example the doors in the area with the coloured windows confused me because although I was stepping on the right tiles they wouldn't open until Lara got so close that touched them. That had me going mad for a while wondering what I am doing wrong. Anyway I was confused much of the time although the level is rather simple as I mentioned above. I found four secrets and the grenade gun which the walkthrough indicates that it I the fifth one but strangely enough I didn't get the secret sound. That means I got all of them but there must be a bug or something or I shouldn't have jumped over the fire to get but turn it off first. It is unnecessary though to do that it's so easy to access it. I hope the author will experiment more with the editor and the next level will be more enjoyable than this one and more original." - Kristina (09-Dec-2003)
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