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Author(s): Freddy de Boer
total rating:2.78 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Ceamonks890 0 0 0 0
DJ Full 9 8 9 10
dmdibl 2 2 2 2
eTux 0 0 1 1
Gerty 0 0 0 0
Jose 2 6 4 5
Kitkat 3 5 5 4
Kristina 2 3 2 2
Magnus 0 0 0 0
manarch2 1 3 1 1
MichaelP 3 5 5 2
Ryan 1 5 3 4
Sakusha 5 3 2 1
Sash 0 4 3 1
Staticon 5 6 7 7
category averages
(15 reviews)
2.20 3.33 2.93 2.67

Reviewer's comments

"If ever there was an example of letting your imagination run wild, this is surely it. Unfortunately there is a line between being creative and just being plain weird and this builder crossed it a few too many times. The remodified objects are admittedly hilarious and I suppose artistic in a way, while the change of sceneries (despite the textures being less than carefully applied) was quite nicely done. But the gameplay leaves a lot to be desired. The tasks range from being infuriatingly obscure and relying on a lot of patience and luck, to being virtually nonexistent, leading to an extremely unsatisfying raid altogether. Another nitpick I have is the audio used, which mainly consists of annoying looping background sounds and pretty much nothing else. Sorry, but I can't recommend this." - Ryan (15-Mar-2019)

"This level was very hard to play for me, even continuosly reading the walkthrough, 'cause the very dark areas without flares to light your way and the way to use the new objects. I was playing it several days; a bit a day, a bit the next day, a bit the next... 'cause I soon got bored and confused. The background music was annoying, even for a joke adventure, and, forgetting the bugs, the only fun I found here was enjoy the new environments. Not a level for my taste." - Jose (30-Jan-2018)

"What's supposed to be a series of jokes quickly starts to devolve at the seems, into something that feels more degrading and insulting to the average player's intelligence the further you go into the overall experience, rather than anything remotely funny at the builder's expense. And with some utterly atrocious design choices throughout(ranging from the texturing to the very gameplay itself), this is one trollish-like release that I wouldn't recommend anybody play, for the sheer purposes of retaining their sanity for far more entertaining levels, which this one simply doesn't provide in the slightest. Moving on..." - Ceamonks890 (09-Dec-2014)

"The looks and the gameplay in this level are bad jokes of the builder being simply BAD in any point. Thousands of bugs in each level, no room was adequately built at all, the gameplay is non-existent... this is undoubtedly one of the worst levels out there, but the thing that makes it interesting is that it gives an insight on the editor. For example, I liked the train level(s) because I always wanted to see what happens when one streches the map out of the rails. There are - err, call them "interesting" - alternating flipmap usages and some of the objects are quite hilarious. But unless you want to see a compilation of every no-no in TR by a (relatively) experienced builder, give this one a wide, wide berth. 40 minutes." - manarch2 (27-Jul-2013)

"One day, eTux compared my level to this game. He is the direct reason why I decided to check out what it is.
At first, a completely black screen showed up to me. It was accompanied by a nice song, so I assumed I am supposed to listen to it all before the game starts. Half a song later, I thought maybe I am able to move... I was right. Spotted crazy inventory, I noticed every single string is changed. So that's the reason... One of many, but the most noticeable one. Confusing, mad lighting and an overwhelming question: HOW TO SURVIVE THE PITFALL? Macabric sense of humour. Torso Guy decoy appearing in the dark, followed by the wonderfully relieving light at the end of the tunnel... Didn't I notice an extra death? Or did I simply die laughing? Not useable motorbike and a pickable reflection in the mirror... using which spawns a walking... something. A mini (or maxi) zoo visited in order to make the way out. Aha... and, when You already think You can't ride a bike, it appears You can. For the first time in my life, I saw such a weird mixture of Venice, Jungle, Desert, Golden Mask and Maria Doria textures put together in a common bike ascent. You need to be observant to find it - the level, at first seeming to be a little effort, in fact is quite complex and it has a fake ending, with the proper one being the mentioned ascent. Picked up a SAS medikit... LOL!
I thought I jumped into the next level. Seems I did not. I lowered the cages and ran in panic amongst various kinds of blood-thirsty beasts (fortunately, they were busy killing each other) to get onto a trigger square and out of the place as fast as I could. After revisiting the previous part of the level (shame it was a backtrack, though a rather fast one), I dropped into...
Looped 005.wav is distracting, but I think this is the exact intention. I knew at once this place has wonderful architecture, well-competing with Tomb of Seth and resembling it a lot. Seconds later, I realized it IS Tomb of Seth - only retextured and... made more boxy. Copy that: one of the prettiest and the least boxy levels of TR4 has been made ugly and boxy... Totally disgraced - I LOVE IT!!! Again, a mixture of Scotland and Maria Doria is filled with scorpionized and harpyzed imps (they acted in the previous level zoo as well), and powered by sudden flood flipmaps, making a familiar place a completely new adventure of fast-paced action. And... I always knew creating things with love gives them souls, but MARRYING items is so poetic example of this rule that I am truly impressed with it. I consider marrying my... well... there is plenty of weird things around me, so I need to do a casting. Proceeding through the tomb, I knew the path, so it seemed it will go faster than it did for the first time... It did not, because I anyway tended to stop here and there to explore psychedelicly painted and enlighted corners. No secrets, though. Also, the level has a kind of glitch: I could pick up flares, but they didn't appear in the inventory. Also, knowing the path caused me not to be surprised by geometry anymore... until the end of the level, where I found out it's not the end at all... but a cute and fluent epilogue instead. Seems the builder was aware a familiar project will leave some disappointment - so he made it up with a completely new ending. You can ask: How many times one can be surprised by the same motorbike puzzle? Somehow, I could.
I remember the phrase "You can take my project and make a level of it" (or something similar) written by Lil'Kid (the author of Titanic Project), but I didn't think someone has really attempted to take on this challenge. Here, the maze starts in a crack torn by the iceberg in the unsinkable ship vessel. We need to follow the way water pouring into the ship has been passing while sinking it. And, if there is a tear in the vessel, what can a levelbuilder do to make the ship stay afloat? Of course - place it on a giant underwater PILLAR!!! True genious. I knew at once I am supposed to pick up Torso Guys...
...and the usage of crowbar was clear as soon as the first level reloaded again. Knowing already how to survive the high drop, I headed to the destination portal and... I scratched my back. At first, I thought it's too bad the proper door anim is missing, but as next I thought it rather fits the overall climate.
You don't know it yet... but once upon a time, I used to be a serious maniac of LEGO bricks (I have 12 sets of them). When I saw Lara's outfit, I was simply astonished. Surprise continued when I saw Lara's shooting headmesh being replaced with the Lego one (shame it was probably not intended at first - but apparently, the author liked the feature and decided to leave it while betatesting [the game is so fluent it had to be betatested a lot]). I'll be honest: when I saw a remake of cleopal, I felt scared it will be tedious. Fortunately, it was way quicker and smoother than the original one. Unmarked spikes were unexplainable for me, and rather mean. I found them the one of few flaw of the place, apart from the flooded room with a shotgun and without a way out. I explored a little bit, found the landspeeder and took the first break here, because I got stuck. The reason appeared to be another mistake of the creator: probably entering one sarcophagus room triggers a certain door to open - but the sarcophagus room is only optional to visit, and that's why some players can reload the progress from BEFORE triggering the door to open, continue the game without checking the place, and get stuck without a clue what went wrong. Overall stuck time in this level was way too long, what makes this level a rather downhill part. The epilogue can't compete disappointment.
Fortunately, the author ascends to the heights of absurd again here. Logic gets banned. Probably the prologue is a test field of various animation replacement. Depending on a used slot, a removed attack animation is replaced with either running or aiming. From soldiers shooting each other, I presume the builder has been testing TROOPS and SAS slots. However, the walking soldier causing a half-life damage to Lara is a mystery for me. One moment by one, I kept getting stuck in this level as well, only to find something new in another moment, in places which seemed to be already examined. But here, it was well-rewarding, on the contrary with the previous level. Soon, it made me forgot about the recent disappointment for good. Lots of observation, lots of exploration... and a very cute robo. Unfortunately, a REALLY annoying SAS corpse wraith You can't escape during the whole last part of the level is here as well. But the level is so short this flaw is tolerable.
Actually, it's the same level, another LARA_START_POS, to make an impression of a very deep descent. A nice way to bypass the height limit.
I didn't get the broken pattern hint at once (I thought the numbered paragraphs of examine objects are subsequent steps of a local - not global - instruction). Anyway, finding the solution made me very satisfied (in a similar way when I found a secret Bojrkraider's room in Exp3.2).
Lara's outfit changes in midair. Beautiful! Amount of ammo to collect and colorful texturing make this level look like cooperation of Oxy and Cain. In Gmac's "Train Tutorial", we can read the train shouldn't be too wide, for Lara not to be able to reach the surrounding rocks... Here, she reaches them, vanishes inside and opens the moving trapdoor to throw a crowbar switch O.o. When You think about it for a while, You have two options: either You will find the event stupid and non-realistic, or You will claim "Hell yeah, why not???" and see the world differently. I chose the second option before I continued my adventure. In the next part of it, I was highly surprised the lava can burn me :D:D. This shows how inverted my brain got due to playing TR Crazy so far. I need to mention while in other levels of this package I've played so far the lack of sound didn't disturb me, in this one I missed running train background. Freddy, thanks for the enhanced train tutorial - I had no idea water rooms placed below the "killing elevation" can be survived.
Too many initial pickups. No need to. But brick walls and a giant tree growing on the edge of the cabin did their best. Later, I opened one of the cabinets before attempting to pick up all the goodies placed in front of it - and I realized all those pickups vanish at once if I do so. So it wasn't necessary to collect all previous items one by one... Naaah. All in all, it's a builder's fault, not mine! :D:D Yeeah... Nothing makes a player feel better than blaming the builder, everyone knows it. With Jeepers Creeper in my pocket, I returned to the previous level...
MODERN TRAIN discover another tutorial (thanks Freddy for this one as well) - driving the jeep beneath the train "killing elevation" is also survivable... and this is what I was supposed to use in order to find a way out! Pure genious and marvel. Thank You. Also for the waving floor. It looks creepy!
What were I saying about my brain being inverted? Here, the same thing literally happens with the level itself, started by the initial flyby sequence, and continued by a tiger which, even if attacking Lara, seems to be playing with her like a kitten does. Another long (inverted) dive later, I landed next to a slot. Getting the star and using it resulted in throwing me back to main menu. I felt the ending was rather abrupt, especially because I remembered an unexplored, colorful pit beneath the star. There must have been something more inside. I descended into the pit, found a lower pit without an exit, referred to the 5th hint (Save and reload), and... finally... somehow... I stepped... on a trigger... with a lot of luck (it was the first tile I chose)... to see... another load screen... and... find...
Radios attack from the deepest core of cucumber, and even if You find the orange, You can't be sure it throws You into the land of Mordor, where dark Lord Voldemort rules the Galaxy with its powerful guest book filled with stampers easy to collide with piano ghost revealing the last will of chinatown cooking delivery. Never mind and hop into the kennel machine of doom slicing pizzas throughout the speaker objective limits. No matter if You sing the ribbon over the jumping nevertold anoplure or take it down into the center of the pillow, the feathers of destiny will always hit You with their vampire steaming occupation. In such case of philosophical suspension, tracking a device for five steps into the water plunge may solve the problem. If it does not - play this game. SUMMARY TRANSLATION: It's hard to believe I played this game right after watching "The Fairy Queen" by Henry Purcell. The opera, based on Shakespeare's "Summer Night Dream", lets You visit places where fantasy and matter worlds meet each other, and in the end You can't tell which one is real. I had a strange feeling this game is a direct continuation of what I've just seen on the theatre stage - inverted trees, colorful elves, psychedelic lights, just like Stanley Kubrick has been risen from the dead. Another sweet coincidence is that Oberon's wife from Purcell's opera is called Titania. For me, it was a honour to play This Game, and one of the most unforgettable raiding experiences ever. If Freddy thrown out Cleopatra's Playgarden part, I would consider giving a 10 for gameplay. Some game-stopping mistakes are there - and they were sometimes repulsing me - and one serious gameplay design error is also present in the last level - You have to replay it if You find the secret one - but seeing this whole world is well worth reloading it several more times than it would have been necessary if the game was flawless. Highest recommendations. Lalalalalaaaa....." - DJ Full (11-May-2011)

"I should ask the boss to put an altered script with the level-jumping enabled in this level so one could at least try each level. That is what I did, as I was just curious what it was all about. So that at least you can get a glimpse what this level set contains. Do not expect anything, as the textures are very eclectic. The music (or sound) might drive you bonkers (it did at my end). At parts it is way too dark and no flares (although you pick them up) you cannot use them at the beginning. It is a weird level where you play, apart from Lara without a head, also another character. All in all I found it un-playable, bugs, wrong animation, no binoculars, but if your interest is peeked, have a go at it." - Gerty (20-Jun-2010)

"Considering what is on the screen here, some of the reviews have been amazingly generous. This is a real waste of creativity, because clearly the author has command of the intricacies of the level editor. The first two levels have a headless Lara, there are totally dark corners, and there are no flares (though Lara keeps picking up flares), no binoculars, and no pistols, hence no source of illumination. I just couldn't see, so there was no way to explore the main initial room. At no time does game play make sense: Lara pockets a full-size R2D2, puts this onto another R2D2, which turns into Lara herself. In garish flip rooms many textures may be missing. This entire exercise seems a deliberate insult to the player--the save game slot is called "For donkeys only," the load slot is "Continue doing stupid." This is a pretty good indication that players are wasting their time. To add injury to insult there is a nausea-inducing train ride (the rocks move, the train stands still). Camera angles are used to make it difficult to play, as in the finale. I wanted to just get through this to take it off the "Review Wishlist," but as a warning to prospective players, don't expect to sail through these levels using the walkthrough. In level two, the walkthrough says to drive the bike, but there is nowhere to take the bike. From that point I was on my own. Lara has to find a computer disk, and this can be examined for instructions that say to scratch door #3, where the bike is, and save and reload. Then Lara finds the door becomes a passageway. Maybe the walkthrough author was in an alternate reality, which happens a lot in these levels. One sees the same thing with young fiction writers: if you invent a world where anything can happen, where nothing makes sense, then the first things to go are tension and suspense. Or just read the review by Sash." - dmdibl (05-Mar-2010)

"Even after playing this level set I am unsure what to make of it. As I played I kept thinking of the old argument - Is modern art"art"? So, is this a Tomb Raider level? Well... Freddy obviously knows how to use the level editor - he has a fully working mirror room, there are lots of script changes and custom item imported into the wad. So I can only assume these levels are the way they are on purpose rather than by mistake. As an experiment as to what you can do {and what people will accept} I'm sure it is very useful, but as an enjoyable, playable level? It is just too disjointed. One minute dark the next too bright; Enemies/Objects Lara can walk straight through; Headless Lara's; Music from Disney films. It is all very strange. I think elements of it are very clever; it is just"too much" all together, just too unbelievable. Tomb Raiders regularly accept dinosaurs living in China and the South Seas after all, Egyptian gods are actually aliens, as well all manner of other 'odd' things. But, we can suspend our disbelief only so far! If Freddy reined in some of the more 'out there' ideas, added a little more gameplay and paid a lot more attention to texturing I think he could produce a really entertaining, surreal Tomb Raider experience." - Kitkat (23-Jul-2007)

"What a deliciously bizarre level this turned out to be. Divided up into seven sections - with one section re-visited for a short while - Lara undergoes some very strange transformations. During the game, we see her headless, see-through, dressed as an evil empress and, at one point, apparently constructed with carrier bags and water cooler bottles. The texturing, lighting and sounds are just as bizarre. At one time, I thought I was finding an awful lot of secrets. :-) Enemies mostly consisted of ninjas but in one section, I was attacked by a horde of Laras. Marvellous. Freddy must have a wonderfully free-ranging mind to have put such a diverse array of locations into this level. One minute in darkness, the next, onboard the Titanic, onwards to a moving train with odd passages leading off into the moving embankments beside the line. I did try playing this a few months back but got hopelessly lost but now, thanks to Mr.Prager translating the walkthrough, I got past my sticking point and went on to enjoy one of the strangest TR adventures it has ever been my pleasure to play. Unlike some of the other reviewers so far, I liked this level a lot and think that, with a little practice, Freddy could become a master of the surreal level. He just needs to fix a few of the bugs, texture a little more carefully and try to eliminate the illegal slopes. The wealth of ideas that are present in this set make it worth a go in my opinion. If you like reality you probably wont like it but, if you just like a good romp through strange and mysterious places, it may well give you as much pleasure as it gave me. At the very least, it may raise a laugh and cause you to wonder about Freddys sanity. :-)" - Staticon (27-Dec-2005)

"A simple but very suitable title for this level series. It is a collection of weird things put together in a way that is sometimes almost artistic and other times rather clumsy or annoying. Driven too Madness (10 min.): A headless Lara, a lot of darkness, the introduction of a pocket bike. The highlight is probably the way the mirror room is used. The Nightmare of Seth (20 min): A replica of the Tomb of Seth level with weird retexturing and some odd flipmaps used. Very annoying repetition of the secret sound as the ambience audio. Some truly strange enemies to encounter and very unprofessional flybys. This part offers relatively much gameplay, as you need to collect two eyepieces, the timeless sands, a cartouche and another pocket bike. The Titany Maze (6 min.): Based on Lil' Kid's Titanic PRJ you basically climb round the ship a bit. Nice horizon though. Cleopatra's Playgarden (20 min.): For me the highlight of the series, as the playable charcater here is truly hilarious. It is a replica of Cleopatra's Palaces, so you will easily find your way around. Of course the unmarked spikes are never fun, but the landspeeder sure is. Temple of the Beast (10 min.): Again an annoying ambience sound here. Lara's outfit is rather bizarre in this Highland Castle setting, as is the various strange behaviours of the soldiers you encounter. You carry along two R2D2s and the alternating flip on/off room was an interesting gameplay element. Modern Train (15 min.): A train level with actually a few original ideas, but designed in a very, very messy way. Another funky Lara outfit to look at and way too many (unnecessary) pickups. Tha Jungaal (5 min.): Quite a cool upside-down-effect at the start (nice illusion), but from there just a simple romp to reach the final pickup and receptacle. There is even an entirely optional level (Pyscho Colors) based on the Title level, which offers nothing but, well, Psycho Colors. So - should you play this? Only if you want to encounter how much a TR Level can be 'far out'. I sure had a few good laughs with it." - MichaelP (03-Oct-2005)

This adventure is quite atypical. Even though there are many bugs, I have to admit that they have made it a little bit challenging. I have had a hard time rating it because there are some things that show advanced level editing skills (eg. the modification of the script of the inventory). However, there are certain aspects of the adventure that need some work. The crazy aspects of the level and the strange forms of the objects can make an imprudent player get stuck. The author can sometimes go to certain extremes. At the beginning, the player would have to use medipacks sparingly, but at the end of the adventure (thanks to the huge quantities of ammunition in 'Modern Train'), the player would have 2490 bullets for the 'You z'(formerly known as the Uzi), 204 normal shells and 300 hunting shells for the 'Elmer Fudd Gun', 1064 'Moon rocket' (formerly known as 'explosive') arrows and 30 normal arrows for the 'Katholick Cross-Bow' (note: if you put the 'Lasersight', which is called 'Glasses' in this adventure, on top of the Crossbow, the Crossbow's name would change to 'Jesus has Glasses') and 43 small medipacks (the author has changed the name to 'If your nose bleeds'). I have also noticed that each level is stranger than the last. So the end of the adventure makes up for the lack of items at the beginning of it. The objects show a lot of originality (eg. the Landspeeder in 'Cleopatra's Playgarden'), and in some of the levels, Lara has been well-retextured (eg. her outfits in 'Modern Train' and 'Temple of the Beast'), but in certain cases, they have been bugged (eg. the butts in Lara's inventory in 'Psycho Colors') to the point where the game can crash (note: in 'Psycho Colors', don't touch the Binoculars, which the author has renamed 'To Spy Bathrooms'. Otherwise, the game will crash). There are a few paper-thin walls, and the textures are also stretched and repetitive. Some of the flybys are bugged, but the one in 'The Jungle' is quite clever because after picking up the Hand of Orion (which is called 'To Erase your stupid mistakes', which has replaced 'Load' in this adventure), Lara needs to use medipacks during the long flyby, for there are a few ceiling spikes (note: they are hard to see because of the orange ceiling) that constantly pop in and out. I was about to give a one for atmosphere, but the music from 'Driven to Madness' and the flyby in 'The Jungle' made me want to put a 2 instead. In certain areas, the water moves with the floor, and it doesn't always have textures. In 'Driven To Madness' (the first level), Lara is headless, and she needs to use almost all of her medipacks because of three consecutive falls. To make things even more peculiar, there are six immobile statues of Lara (whose heads are burning), and one can also encounter Lara as an animated object with pistols all over her body. I have also found an 'invisible' mirror that you can pass through, a texture of Joseph Stalin near a receptacle of a motor bike (required in order to use the motorcycle), textures that don't match at all (cf the slope leading to the end of the level), an immobile SAS soldier that is actually a small medipack and the song 'Friend like me' from the movie 'Aladdin'. In the 'Nightmare of Seth', the background music is quite cacophonic (the secret chime is played repeatedly) the imps don't have the correct animation (the same thing applies to the sound that they emit), an eye piece cannot be picked up unless you've triggered a flipmap (which makes the blade room underwater and deactivates the blades), the textures don't match. In the floor puzzle, unlike the original 'Tomb of Seth', one needs to avoid the tiles that were meant to allow Lara to pick up the Timeless Sands (in this level, it is called 'Yellow night sand'), and I was surprised to see that to the author, combining two pieces of an object can be seen as marrying them (in the inventory, 'combine' has been replaced by 'Marry'). The end of that level is very odd because there are two headless statues of Lara, a cartouche (it's called 'Little block' in this level) placed near its slot and a boulder suddenly heading towards the player. In the 'Titany Maze' (modified version of Lil' Kid's 'Titanic Project'), the background music is normal (from 'Coastal Ruins'), boulders have been replaced by VCI versions of Lara, Lara has to go through flames, she encounters a mummy that has a lever on its back (note: it cannot be used), and at some point, there are tigers and the TR1 version of Lara walking around spontaneously. Fortunately, there are two large medipacks (which are called 'If you have lost an arm', and in this level, they look like monsters) and a crowbar (it's called 'To scratch your back') which would lead you back to the first level. Once you use the crowbar to pry a monster (which would move). Then, a door would open and the player can go to 'Clopatra's Playgarden'. Then, Lara becomes a Lego character, there is a sound resembling the one from 'City of the Dead', she finally has weapons, flares (in the inventory, it is said that they have been stolen from church), and visible medipacks. Watch out for the water flipmaps (especially after lowering the floor) because they can make you get permanently stuck. The four 'Blue coconuts' allow the player to get the 'Landspeeder's key', some areas have spikes while others don't (the spike holes don't always indicate the presence of spikes), there are a few ivisible walls, and the hathor effigy has been renamed 'Dumbhead Stick'. Fortunately, the player would finally have enough medipacks (51 small medipacks from one sarcophagus). After the showdown with a demigod, Lara can go underwater and suddenly see an underwater demigod, but she won't have to face it because the level would suddenly end. In 'Temple of the Beast' (she finally looks like Lara), the music is cacophonic, there is Lara's butler (with a bugged AI) and a variety of SAS soldiers. Lara has to watch out for the huge SAS soldier that can walk on her and avoid dropping down (otherwise, she would face tiny SAS soldiers that are as deadly as morgue beetles). She also needs to sprint in order to avoid getting killed by an invisible and rapid machine gun. I think it was an invisible machine gun because when I didn't move quickly, Lara would die (with the sound of a machine gun in the background). Then, she would see SAS soldiers with bugged AIs and even an SAS soldier with Lara's leg (which is used as an arm). In order to obtain the 'sweet robot' (R2-D2), Lara must go to a strange room where there is a flipmap once every two seconds. After putting the 'sweet robot' in its slot, Lara would be able to proceed to the next area and face wraiths that are disguised as SAS soldiers. To my surprise, the lava is not dangerous at all. There is also a large medipack that can be picked up after going through an uneven sliding slope (note: after picking up the medipack, it would transform into a flight of stairs). Then, a boulder (retextured as an SAS soldier) would appear out of the blue, and Lara would need to drop down. The passage leading to the end of the level is hidden by the textures of that room. In 'Modern Train', there is an unbelievable amount of boxes and ammunition and passages are hidden by rocks. In 'The Jungle', the music lacks harmony, Lara's pistols have been replaced by a grenade launcher (but it works like a pistol) and Lara's leg, a tiger is upside down, and Lara needs to jump up in order to reach the winding underwater passage. It is possible to skip 'Psycho Colors' by immediately putting the hand of Orion in its right place (then the level would end abruptly). However, 'Psycho Colors' is definitely worth looking at (it is a remake of the title flyby). Some passages were so dark that I needed to use my pistols (note: the bullets would be replaced by butts), and the objects have a plethora of colors mixed together (including the butts). I have also detected a few invisible walls here and there. Then, at the end of 'Psycho Colors', the player would go back to the beginning of 'The Jungle', start the level all over again, get the hand of Orion (note: in 'Psycho Colors', Lara no longer has the Hand, but it can be retrieved again in 'The Jungle') and use it in order to end the level. Even though this level has quite a few bugs, I have appreciated it because of the gameplay. Since it is possible to be permanently stuck in certain areas, I would recommend the player to have many savegames. In order to enjoy this adventure, it would also be a good idea to play a little bit at a time. - Sakusha (27-Jun-2005)

"Crapola! And irritating crapola at that. I played about ten minutes of this and just got sick of the intended ridiculous confusion when I hit the retextured Tomb of Seth (I think) and could not stand one more minute. If you choose to see more than I did then all I can say is you must be crazier than this level!" - Sash (26-May-2005)

"The author game his level the title 'TR Crazy' and who am I to disagree with the builder himself! This is indeed the craziest level I've ever played I don't know if anyone will be able to beat this one ever. First off I must warn you that at the beginning you'll be playing with a headless Lara creepy in a very dark level. Needless to say that the entire game has stretched and patched textures a tone of bugs and you shouldn't expect any design or at least nothing great or usual. As far as originality I must give the author that much I mean it's innovative weird and most unusual but original. Let me give you a taste of what to expect should you decide to load it up. There are pocket bikes you can pick up and use them to make motorcycles drivable robots you'll pick up and wait for this soldiers you can pick up in normal size for the game of course that are actually medipacks. Ha what do you think of that! There are places you can get stuck for good so make sure you save often and in different slots one such place I can recall was in 'Cleopatra's Playground' but there were others. In another level the 'Modern Train' I had such a big laugh; you see it's not that open sort of train that's moving but everything around it so expect to see the rocks pass you by. The enemies and one of Lara's outfits were nicely done but in all that craziness it's hard to rate this really. I mean just for the idea I could have given an eight but then again I can rate level according to ideas but according to what I've played and with so little to go by plus the bugs this is the best I can do. I would be interested to see with what the author can come up with if he decides to build a 'normal' level normal is relevant of course. Gameplay wise it's nothing great or even good the design is below average if you can call that design but it's worth taking a look at (only if you have a fast connection because it's huge) just to see how far you can get and who knows you might like it in a twisted kind of way." - Kristina (12-Jan-2005)

"Though I think Magnus gave this release every point it deserves I'm going to be just a little more generous as though this is among the levels that are far FAR away from perfect it shows that the author has at least some knowledge of what he's doing. Triggers script changes animated textures a couple of flybys (one particular in the Jungle level at the start is why I gave it the only point in this category as I found that flyby to be pretty clever if you'll play you'll see why) wad changes and even simple animations is what the author shows he has learned in order to make this level but I couldn't get rid of the gut feeling that this level was supposed to be bug ridden frustrating and ugly wherever it can be - ie the author had intended it to be this way - so with all this summed together this level might not take the player's attention by storm but in all its craziness it is worth a look... unless your download rate isn't very fast. Though I don't like discouraging players from starting up levels this really might not be my best recommendation if you're all concerned about the download size as it won't live up to what you would expect from a 50 MB download. Even the start eluded me at first (I thought that for some reason Lara keeps being thrown back at the start when the solution was to simply just drop as many times as needed) and overall it cannot excel with any creativity (strangeness would be a more fitting word) and what proved to me that all the bad things were intentional was that I found a readable laser trap (lol) with solutions to any stuck places AFTER I had passed them already. Textures and lighting deserved 1 point IMO cause though careless and not all that pretty it probably did take quite some effort to apply them to 9(!) levels. The levels vary here from remakes of Core originals (Cleopatras Palaces Tomb of Seth the title flyby) a Titanic level a jungle level two train levels and two more levels with an indefinable theme. Also the psycho colours level and the (dead) end of the jungle level with the disco effects that are more colourful than the video's on MTV are where I presume someone from the health department would put a sign for epileptic players to watch out due to the bright flashing colours lol. This might sound negative and in all honesty there truly isn't much good you can say about this level comparing to what I've seen before but this is relative. Relative in the way of what you consider a good fun to play and fun to build level. I could give the author an advice in a form of a quote from Magnus' review - 'to make a good level you need to change everything but you might not enjoy building anymore if you do. It's your call.' - couldn't have said better myself the author must decide what works best for him. Bottomline - this definitely is not the good old conventional fun we've had for all these years and it fails in being good in a surreal kind of way as well yet is filled with countless of the author's ideas and when finishing the least thing you'll be able to say about it will be that it was crazy yet memorable. It makes me ponder about one thing though - if you try to fail and succeed in doing so have you failed your goal?" - eTux (10-Jan-2005)

"I haven't reviewed a level for many many months and haven't even played one since 'Lara at the Movies' was released more than six months ago. Then I noticed this level. I'll tell you a secret - most levels are mediocre at best. Occasionally great levels are released but most levels really aren't that great. At the moment this level doesn't have any reviews but I'm guessing that the score it has when you're reading this isn't very high. So why download this level? The thing that intrigued me was that the author hasn't even tried to make a good level. Instead he has taken everything he wanted to use in a level and put it in. There's not much gameplay to speak of the textures are horrible there are tons of bugs and half of the levels take place in the official levels (and even one in the Titanic project released years ago). Yet that's what makes it interesting. There's something liberating about seeing someone let his mind wander freely while he builds. No 'this doesn't seem realistic' or 'the lighting in this room needs some work' - just plain old builder's joy. It's not good by any stretch of the word but it's fascinating. I spent fifty-five minutes running around Cleopatra's Palaces swimming through the Tomb of Set walking through moving cliffs and picking up motorcycles and robots. It could have been five minutes less if I had realised that the end was actually in the second to last level (that was a hint by the way). The author asked people to review his level because he didn't want to make the same mistakes in his next one. Well here's what I think: to make a good level you need to change everything but you might not enjoy building anymore if you do. It's your call. Do yourself a favour and try this level. You're most likely going to hate it but you're going to love hating it." - Magnus (04-Jan-2005)
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