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Author(s): Snap125
total rating:8.26 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
ANoDE 9 10 10 10
Celli 6 7 7 6
DJ Full 9 10 9 8
dya1403 8 8 8 8
eRIC 7 8 10 7
Gerty 8 9 9 8
Jay 9 9 9 9
Jose 7 10 8 9
Kristina 7 7 7 7
Leeth 6 7 8 6
MichaelP 8 8 10 8
misho98 6 7 7 7
Orbit Dream 9 10 10 10
Phil 7 8 9 9
Raymond 8 10 10 9
Ryan 9 9 10 9
Samu 8 8 9 8
Spike 8 9 10 9
Whistle 7 8 9 9
Zhyttya 6 8 8 6
category averages
(20 reviews)
7.60 8.50 8.85 8.10

Reviewer's comments

"A brilliant thing which will totally entertain you if you play casually, but may cause you a lot of trouble if you decide to care too much, mostly because of many zones which seem accessible but aren't. The map is a bit too huge, underlit and uniform but many of its organic structures stand out, gameplay feels natural, cutscene work is remarkable and combat gets challenging yet not farfetched, with certain planning ahead getting rewarded as well. Recommended." - DJ Full (25-Apr-2018)

"Despite this level's relatively high rating (above 8), I approached it with some apprehension, due to complaints of bugs and things not working the way they should. Surprisingly, bar a couple of occasional game crashes near the end, my playing experience went off without a hitch. The locations are authentically designed and I enjoyed exploring the various spacious outside areas and cave areas. The use of Pierre as a guide was a nice touch and I liked some of the cut scenes, particularly the one where Lara alerts a load of Shivas. If you are fortunate enough to encounter no bugs, you're in for a treat. Recommended." - Ryan (13-Oct-2016)

"The author welcomes you in his world of level editing with a pleasantly looking beach area reminiscent to TR3's coastal settings warming you up for some adventure time but sadly you'll be quite disappointed. The world does look good even if textures and lighting lack a bit but the main problem is that gameplay is uninspired and kinda dull. Throughout the whole game all you do is looking for switches and gems. The combat is boring most of the time, especially those Shiva encounters in the small rooms. The main puzzle with the switches and torches near the end was very illogical and boring. I fell through a tree because the texture got me fooled that I'm on solid ground. Some of the ladders didn't work. Many objects had no sound or had the wrong one. Lots of problems here but there are some good qualities too - The part with Pierre, the riffle is a great weapon (sadly there's almost no ammo for it)the cutscenes were well executed, climbing back to the river area was fun, etc. It's a shame because the architecture of this level is amazing (beach area, waterfall area in the jungle, river area, broken bridge area) - only if it was lightened and textured in a better way and had more entertaining gameplay to back it up." - misho98 (16-Apr-2016)

"I don't really know where to start off this review. There were things that i loved about this level, but hated others. Let's speak from topic to topic. 1 - Gameplay and puzzles: In general it was...medium. There are things that really spice up the gameplay, such as Pierre. Pierre will appear somewhere in the middle of the game, helping you progress. He has a "mind of his own" and can show Lara the way or follow her. That was BRILLIANT! I loved the Pierre detail so much, that it actually made me go up a number on the gameplay. Previously, i was experiencing a tedious gameplay, with lots of backtracking to do. You have access to an entire area at the beginning, and you also can roam freely whiting the levels. Meaning that if you forgot something you are forced to explore the entire GAME in order to find out; the lever puzzle at the end was nonsense, you literally have to try each lever and see what gate it opens...expect you don't have the right angle to see which gate opens, resulting in continuous trial and error puzzle with no logic; fighting the 4 shiva statues at once was BORING, and on that area, picking up the artefact was too buggy; sometimes in order to progress in the level, you need to find an entrance that looks more like a passage for a secret, because of how well (too much) is hidden; the ending was dull, it ended in a strange way; 2 - enemies, objects and secrets: as i said above, the entrance to progress the level looked more like a secret passage, that means that the actual secrets passage are easy to find; the friendly monkeys are adorable; 3 - atmosphere, sound and cameras: the soundtracks where really fitting and on the last level it was really nice to hear a nice ambient tune; the tigers however had no sound. 4 - lighting and textures: now here's where the level fails the most. The lighting is terrible! Just terrible. Very hard to see corners, SUPER lighted areas which can actually blind you...overall the lighting is awfully programmed. At least you have enough flares to navigate around. And last but not least, i've encountered a bug with a texture on a tree, which you can fall down when passing through it, resulting in your probably death and the monkey swing textures where hard to spot as well. To conclude it was a nice game to play but we have access to a lot when you start a level, resulting in tedious and repetitive gameplay." - Zhyttya (29-Sep-2015)

"Well this was a game full of ups and downs.. Loved Pierre, loved the monkeys, the atmosphere was awesome but.. The lighting was bad, the fact that you have access to three levels at once is really annoying because you don't really know where to start.. The fact that you have to fight the 4 Shiva could be fun if the area was bigger with other obstacles.. but there.. just really.. really boring.. And the sphere part is buggy as hell.. Still, a great level but not one of the best.. The level design is a bit boring, the fact that it doesn't show what happens when you use a switch is also something negative and you can go throw all the game with only the pistols, even if you have like 300 UZI ammos.. Oh, and the fact that you only have 2 "arrows" to destroy that buggy sphere its a bit... annoying You will enjoy the game if you have the luck to go throw the right path but if you find your self lost.. well i hope you have a lot of patience.." - Leeth (29-Sep-2015)

"A set of levels mainly based on exploration, which will stick in my mind for the good general atmosphere and audios , also for some innovations with objects and animations. The setting is sometimes pleasant and impressive ( the big fall into the lake in the 2nd level , the tree suspended in the void with its big roots hanging , the room where Lara finds the last mystical gem, room which is flooded after a flyby ) but marred somehow by a texturing which is not always tip top. Especially underwater the disjointed textures hurt ; and I could easily reach the"top and end of the world" in the 2nd level. One thing I had noticed by the way is that in more than one level , many places could be reached and could have been used for some juicy secret. I encountered two annoying things , the first is the famous crash , I could beat that only by persistence, varying the jumps backwards with a roll , at one point Lara dived into a hole of the water and could continue. The other bit is that the super riffle is not that supper , as the glass dome to shoot to retrieve the artifact was hard to break and I had only 2 + 2 ammos , which means only 1 + 1 given the TR4 bug with the laser-sight ; so some reloads were necessary to be able to continue. Aside from that not more problems. In the end , this was quite an adventure , not always eventful , with a few irritating parts , which were quite balanced and 'redeemed' by a few great moments and a good conclusion so the satisfaction was finally there." - eRIC (01-Jan-2011)

"This game takes place in coastal, jungle and temple environments. Areas are created with patience and care despite they may look a bit unrealistic and simple at times. Gameplay is also good consisting of many different kind of tasks accompanied by well chosen audio tracks. This game has also some unusual features for a custom level such as cutscenes including many custom animations. If you like games having jungle/temple environment and action packed gameplay this game is certainly for you." - Samu (03-Mar-2008)

"The starting area is very beautiful, however, it's almost a remake of the TR3 Coastal Village level. The 'almost remake areas' can be found a few times throughout this levelset, however, it quickly changes into newer areas that were freshly created, and here it is obvious that the builder knows how to construct visually pleasing environments. The biggest plus for this levelset is that the atmosphere is terrific, and the use of excellent audio, texturing and lighting all combine to make a realistic and occasionally spooky environment. Gameplay-wise, it is not always obvious what to do, but when you work it out it is usually very fun. There are also lots of nice little touches such as working with Pierre to get artefacts, and having to run back to camp to meet up with him (at which point he...falls through the tree canopies, actually). The cutscenes are also well-made and while the final one does leave us wondering what happens to Lara, it is still designed as excellently as the rest. A great levelset that is easily enjoyable, and should while away a couple of hours of your time." - Spike (23-Jul-2007)

"This could have been remembered in my book as one of the classics had it not been for the bugs. I first tried it out a month or so ago. I had played about a third of the way through when I decided to take a break for the day. When I came back, I couldn't load from a savegame. I was not inclined to play the whole thing over again, so I let it rest awhile. The second time I made it almost all the way to the end before I experienced a crash as the game attempted to load the Coast level for the second passthrough. Since, according to the walkthrough (which noted other bugs, by the way, that I was fortunate enough not to experience) I had completed at least 95% of the adventure, I figured that now was the time to call it quits and go on to something else. But aside from the bad taste in my mouth occasioned by the premature release (in an inadequately tested and therefore flawed state) of this adventure, I enjoyed myself immensely while actually playing it. The environs are stunning, particularly that huge tree surrounded by a deep pit in the rain forest. The use of Pierre was also a nice touch, not to mention the Perseus--I mean, Shiva--statues which tromped out of the darkness before you could actually see them. Scary. If the builder would withdraw this from circulation and put out a certified bug-free version later (using the tried and true executable, which should do just fine, thank you), I could easily be persuaded to give it a third shot. Recommended with these reservations." - Phil (10-Jul-2007)

"This would have scored the magical 4x10 that every builder dreams of,but I was forced to deduct one point for Gameplay as there are unfortunately a number of bugs which raise their ugly heads on several occasions throughout this game;none of which are are insurmountable with a little common-sense on the part of the player,but all of which get in the way of an otherwise exceptional Custom Level series. Rene has produced a masterpiece,there's no doubt about it.The scale (while geographically limited to one location) is nontheless epic and the brilliantly animated FMV's,the voice recordings,music and interaction with Pierre combine with the excellent visuals and enjoyable gameplay to produce a truly memorable experience. Of the five areas you explore,one is quite vast and non-linear(which occcasionally becomes frustrating as you never quite know what it is you're supposed to be doing there),while the others all have a logical flow provided you have a good look around. The scenery is majestic and quite beautiful,crafted with perfection;and the atmosphere unsurpassable. Gameplay is generally about exploring with comparatively few 'nasty bits',although the placement of enemies is quite effective with some excellent Shiva encounters and lots of pesky bats.In fact you tend to have your armaments at the ready at all times as you never know what sinister foe could be coming for you around the next corner,and the suspense and tension that results is most effective. If the Finale (although brilliantly conceived) was perhaps a little anti-climactic,the sheer dedication of the builder to produce something of the quality of the commercial releases can only be applauded.This is a shockingly under-rated Custom Level adventure (the 'award' of a 7 for Atmosphere,Sound and Cameras is quite despicable)and deserves to be known and recognised as the splendid achievement that it is." - Orbit Dream (20-Feb-2007)

"The title has nothing to do with the contained of the level, yet I must say that I enjoyed playing it.Many jungle settings and exploring to do.An interesting idea of Pierre,yet I could barely understand what he was saying.It is the same idea from the original TR game, except this time it isn't Von Croy guiding Lara through the jungle." - dya1403 (06-Nov-2006)

"A very ambitious project that really deserves more recognition in the community than what it has received when it was released. Set in a south pacific, jungle, cave, Angkor setting it provides very solid gameplay throughout and some great highlights towards the end. Coast (7/8/10/8, 30 min., 3 secrets): A lot of exploration to do in quite a stunning beach setting. Not my favourite type of gameplay, but thanks to some excellent audio choices it's fun to spend the time here. Two keys to find, a timed swim, some ahmets and you move on into the... Jungle (8/8/9/8, 30 min., 3 secrets): Meet the wildlife (eagles, tigers, monkeys) and be amazed by some beautiful waterfalls. The maze area was not particularly funny but the earthquake and flooding was very well designed. And the whole course to get back up is classic raiding at its best. Temple Entrance (7/8/10/8, 20 min., 2 secrets): In this part you meet up with Pierre and encounter a bit of dialogue with him and he helps you open a door or two. The campsite looks nice and the temple in a cave is truly breathtaking. Again, some great audio choices and a few ahmets to fight near the end. Andromedas Temple (8/9/10/9, 30 min., 2 secrets): A lot of originality went into this last part. Absolutely fabulous cutscenes and animations that round up the storyline and some nice backtracking to the previous levels to acquire the missing gems. Also the battle with the four shivas is fun and let's you forget the underwater maze areas that was a bit tedious. Overall a really enjoyable experience that you should not miss! Download now!" - MichaelP (02-Nov-2006)

"Not a bad level with plenty of variations, but at times the game play is spoiled by events which to me did not seem anywhere near logical or probable, e.g. getting Lara's mits on the Andromeda's Eye. The shooting of the blue haze I can accept, but before doing this if you placed Lara at the pedestal in a couple of positions she tries to side walk than stops making you think a slight adjustment will do the trick. Even after shooting (an action finiky in it's own right) Lara is a pain to get positioned to pick up the Eye, again making you think"is there something else to do to get the Eye. Plenty of enemies from bats through crocs and tigers to sheva. Plenty to collect both as pickups and Gems. Graphics and sound were fine with a good use of light and dark areas as you would expect running into caves etc. The ending was a big let down with indecision as to wether you had actually reached the end as you certainly did not reach a conclusion to the story or even if Lara survived the ordeal." - Whistle (05-Jul-2006)

"I didn't see the relevance with Perseus so the title is misleading. All I saw was a jungle setting, shivas, tigers and Lara searching for gems in different levels. I am not sure why but I got bored with this game, maybe it was the lack of interesting puzzles and all that searching to find gems and levers is so common that made me to not enjoy this much. I had no desire to search for the secrets so I only found six, the ones that were sort of obvious. The lighting isn't very good, much light in some places so you can't see and very dark in others with the same result. It took me about two hours to finish this and the only place I liked was the one with the waterfalls and the jungle part. There is also Pierre helping out which was a nice idea but apart from that nothing got my attention. Do give it a try though because tastes vary, you might like it." - Kristina (07-May-2006)

"First I'm going to comment the good features: great and beautiful scenes, good ambience, excellent musics, new and spectacular objects, well lightened and textured and some very good animations which makes a more entertaining game. In the other side we can find that in second level I found a bug in the lake area after getting the Key of Light I noticed that the left ladder in the corner was not climbable, but the author provided me a savegame (many thanks). After a few minutes over this same lake I falled through a triangle with a stone texture. In this area, there's a monkeyswing which doesn't have a different texture than the nearby rocks (difficult to think). I've find some ilegal slopes where Lara got trapped too. There's a big fail of design in the cave with the temple entrance: once you've cross the crawlspace, you can turn left and do a running jump over the rocks in the high NE zone of the cave, and from here another running jump over the E part of the bridge, then you can run into the east room, place the pink stone and open the doors of the temple, pull the NE lion once to open the exit door (the doors with the beasts behind don't open) and go out, drop from the bridge and enter the temple, where the double doors close and you can go to the next level, but you can't go back; so this way you don't need to go over the roof of the temple entrance, solve the ten switches puzzle and retrieve one of the pink gems; so when you are at the end of the level and need the two pink gems you can only get one of them and you'll never finish the game. The difficult to shoot the half-sphere and take the Andromeda's Eye didn't like me too. A good set of levels with much work, but with some defects too." - Jose (13-Apr-2006)

"This has an interesting start, underwater off the coast of the Seychelles. You will need to explore the water thoroughly and with care as it's liberally infested with crocodiles. There are plenty of crocodiles about on dry land as well, plus ahmets, so you may inevitably end up potting some monkeys, which will of course turn the whole lot against you, but damn it, have a good killing spree, why don't you. Lara has the most bloodcurdling scream - not a sound file I remember hearing before, but most effective, and yes I did hear it a lot, being more than capable of killing her off on frequent occasions. There are some really good dramatic moments too - particularly escaping through the collapsing water maze and the scenery is really good looking. It was quite a novelty to have Pierre as an ally and he actually did come in useful. Later on in the game there are loads of shivas to battle and mystic stones to find and I found it all most entertaining." - Jay (10-Apr-2006)

"This level has a good story but I think that Rene wanted more than what was possible as this game is at a crucial points plagued with a serious bug. First of all what is that with the use of a new TR4 file, I couldn't see or hear any difference. I have to be honest that I couldn't go any further with that thing as I had to use the fly cheat to get through the water. So not using the one provided in the download, I could jump into the water, but a reload (just had to try) threw me back to my desktop. Also people who are playing on a MAC can't use it anyway... So far you don't need that TR4 file as I found out. The level was very, very dark and I needed to add some flares. Then the unfair bit of shooting that blue sphere, as you have to stand at the right place and reload every time as you only have two shots to play with. So frustration ran high. But to be fair as I said the story is a good one, the fly by's are great. Music is an added bonus and overall it wasn't that hard. The bits with Pierre was well done but one audio was not up to scratch as I couldn't understand one word he was uttering. 15-03-2006" - Gerty (22-Mar-2006)

"I am not quite sure what to make of these levels. They have beautiful scenery, especially in the Coast and Jungle levels; however, the gameplay does not match up to that. In the first level, the Coast, your main goal is to find element keys that will aid you in opening the gate to the Jungle. There are a few traps to avoid, and a nice little underwater timed run, but nothing too challenging. There is a flyby in particular that I liked, and that was in the underground tunnel where the lights go out one by one only for Lara to be attacked. Once into the second level, the Jungle, things began getting unusual. Glitches became more common from then until the end of the game (and having read other people's comments, it wasn't just myself experiences these problems). Another common theme became doors that you would never find out how to open. On the upside, the gorge and waterfall area of the Jungle is wonderfully designed (but I didn't understand making most of the gorge climbable if it wasn't necessary to finish the level, great test of jumping and angling skills, however). The Temple Entrance serves as somewhat of an interlude area before Andromeda's Temple and the end sequence. You interact with Pierre, really the guide with a new skin. There is a bit of dialogue, but the quality of it is low and you cannot understand most of it because of problems in the recording. There is also a nice little touch where placing a Mystic Gem opens a secret entrance in the wall to Andromeda's Temple. The temple feels much like the first level in terms of gameplay, with the exception of a battle against 4 Shivas, and an entertaining cutscene just before the battle. Then it is back to the Temple Entrance where Pierre unlocks a new area, where after finding one last Mystic Gem in a new area of the Coast, the level ends with a dramatic cutscene that opens up the possibility for this series to continue. There is a lot of potential for this series if the glitches are taken care of and the gameplay is made more challenging instead of just search and find missions." - Celli (21-Mar-2006)

"This game is divided into four sublevels and takes place on the Seychelles. You start off swimming towards a beautiful beach on an - at first sight - uninhabited island. Soon our brave Lara discovers that something must have gone completely wrong on that island - why else would the monkeys she has to kill explode like a supernova when dying? ;) Leaving the beach behind her, she'll have to explore some ancient ruins - which are beautifully textured (and quite dangerous by the way), as well as a vast waterfall and some underwater mazes. Since not even Lara is able to find every hidden path, her old friend Pierre will provide her with some hints from time to time. As the author told me, this level was partially inspired by some tricky parts of Tomb Raider III where you had to look into every crack to find a way to continue with your adventure. And believe me, there is plenty to look at in this game. But the one thing, that makes this level great are - as Raymond already pointed out - the cutscenes and fly-by scenes. The author obviously has an understanding for cinematic effects, because the combination of music (which mostly was taken from the second TR-movie by the way), camera and shock he utilizes, makes this adventure a really intense one. The only thing that might dampen your excitement is, that sometimes you might encounter crashes when not using the provided executable. All in all this level offers you anything you can expect from a Lara Croft-Adventure - including fast paced action sequences and plenty of exploration. I can't wait to play the sequel to that game - which - judging from the final cutscene - there will undoubtedly be. Oh, and before I forget: If you play the game you HAVE TO drop Lara at least once off a high ledge. Trust me, it will be worth it ;)" - ANoDE (12-Mar-2006)

"This levelset consists of four, strongly interconnected levels. Lara starts at a beautiful beach scenery on the Seychelles, moves then to Temples in the jungle and to a deep canyon with a river. She is on the search for Andromedas Eye and some gems and keys. She has to do a lot of exploring, especially in the beginning, overcome dangerous obstacles, find a way in a maze with walls collapsing around her, solve a very nice lever puzzle und perform difficult fights with shivas and ahmets and a lot more. Laras friend Pierre also helps Lara in some places. So you can say, that the gameplay is balanced and not too difficult. In a few places the author gives only sparse hints how to continue. So you have to look very carefully. What makes this levels really special are the cutscenes and flybys, which are extremly well done and make you feel to be in a real adventure and which create a gripping atmosphere. Very obviously the author put a lot of work into this. The sound is absolutely matching the high standard of this levels. Unfortunately I had some difficulties with bugs. This may be due to the fact, that I didn't use the tomb.exe povided by the author and so I hope, that you won't encounter them, if you use the right exe. Alltogether I enyoyed this adventure very much. A recommandation to play it for everyone. It looks like, that it'll give a continuation of this levelset. I'm looking forward to it!" - Raymond (04-Mar-2006)
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