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Author(s): dennis16
total rating:5.98 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Catherin 6 5 6 7
christayc 6 6 7 8
eRIC 4 6 6 6
Gerty 5 6 5 7
Jay 6 6 6 7
JohnC 7 5 7 7
Jose 6 6 6 6
Kristina 5 5 5 5
Magnus 4 5 4 5
MichaelP 6 6 5 7
Moonliteshadow 6 6 7 7
Orbit Dream 5 6 6 8
Phil 7 7 7 7
Ryan 5 6 6 7
Sash 5 6 5 7
category averages
(15 reviews)
5.53 5.80 5.87 6.73

Reviewer's comments

"As others have mentioned, this does seem like the builder's first attempt at building (although apparently not the first that he released) as it doesn't reach the heights of his later and more accomplished efforts. Taken on its own though, it's not a bad raid (aside from one nauseating flyby). It's very sequential, with the gameplay mainly requiring you to complete a task or two in a room and moving on to the next, with possibility of getting stuck being fairly low. The enemy attacks do provide a little challenge, though and one boulder trap caught me by surprise as my attention was focused on the ninjas. Overall, while a couple more puzzles would have helped, it's still a pleasant enough raid with a solid appearance." - Ryan (29-Jan-2018)

"A standard 30 minutes Egyptian level (with the exception of 2 falcon demigods at the end), with nothing really memorable in it, be it in the tasks or in the looks. The level is globally well made but has some errors : firstly at the beginning , there is no real need to enter in the hole to trigger the flipmap/explosion of the blocks as Lara can go over the blocks, it is also possible to reach the "end of the world". The flyby goes through the walls. As for the crashing to the desktop , it was only slightly annoying, because Lara does not die often in this quest which is quite easy. Too easy maybe." - eRIC (21-Oct-2007)

"Did you know that it is a complete fallacy that Goldfish only have a memory of seven seconds? They can actually be trained to perform simple tasks which( it has been proven) they can repeat (i.e. recall) over a period of several days. Why am I telling you all this,you may ask? (Assuming you've even bothered to read this far). It is simply because,while playing,it struck me that only a person of chronically short memory could possibly go astray during this particular adventure. The gameplay is strictly linear and takes you from one large chamber to another,while performing simple but enjoyable quests to pick up the various pieces of each successive puzzle item.You are always fully aware of where to go and what to do next,with only the enemy attacks taking you by occasional surprise. Technically speaking this adventure ranges from the rather pleasing to the downright horrible;in the latter category,the appalling fly-by sticks out like a sore thumb and completely spoils the whole experience.The opening areas are rather inadequate as well,leading me to believe that this was either a 'first effort' whose release was held back for some reason,or a 'rushed job'. The lighting is effective and many of the rooms have been put together with a degree of skill and imagination that therefore make the aforementioned weaknesses seem all the more profound. If,however,you can overlook some of the disapointing errors then you ought to be provided with 35 minutes of relaxed and rather enjoyable adventuring." - Orbit Dream (20-Aug-2007)

"This is the kind of level I wouldn't hesitate to recommend to a fellow reviewer - it's short, easy, and there are no bugs to stop your progress. It's the kind of level where levers are right next to the doors they open, and gameplay mainly consists of locating those levers. It's not a great level, but it never gets frustrating. Lasting less than twenty minutes, it's the perfect level for someone who wants to get an easy review. That said, I wouldn't recommend it to someone who doesn't review levels, as there are much better ones out there. The gameplay in this one is too basic to be particularly enjoyable, and the texturing, though acceptable, isn't fantastic and you'll quickly forget the level after you've finished it. Most of the enemies are easily avoided, there are no traps to speak of, and chances are you won't even die once. I see some people have noted that the level crashes if you die, but just play it with the original script files (rather than the ones in the zip file) and you won't have any problems. I wouldn't recommend this level, but honestly, I've played much worse ones than this." - Magnus (27-Aug-2006)

"Another egypt-tut1 level very easy to play with a really fast gameplay. It taked me half an hour. All you have to do is pull switches, look for and place objects, and shoot some enemies (ninjas, scorps and two demigods at the end). Few cameras and the same well known textures. A level with no interesting features, but I didn't find bugs. Each time I wanted to reload a savegame, the game crashes, as at the end of the level. You can play it if you don't know how to kill the time." - Jose (22-Jun-2006)

"The gameplay is a piece of cake so are the two secrets which aren't hard to find. The big flaw in this level is that if you die or want to reload for whatever reason the game will crash to the desktop. You have to find two hands, a cartouche and the Eye of Horus. In the way there are ninjas, scorpions and at the end demigods to fight. The level is a classic Egyptian one with the appropriate textures. Twenty five minutes of an easy raid." - Kristina (12-May-2006)

"Another Tut1 style level - short, simple, not badly done but it does crash to the desktop when you reload, so try not to die. Actually, that shouldn't be too hard as there's nothing worse than demigods, ninjas and scorpions to fight. The gameplay is not at all difficult, but it moves along nicely and if you want something non-cerebral to while away 40minutes you could do worse." - Jay (24-Apr-2006)

"This was a clever short level. The graphics were good and the Journey interesting. There were a few nasty surprises. It was a bit annoying crashing to the desktop a few times. I didn't find any secrets! Very slack, but was glad I had found quite a lot of uzi ammo when I was confronted with the demigods. Lots of levers, ninjas, scorpians, an easy to avoid boulder and some demigods added up to a fairly fast enjoyable game." - Moonliteshadow (03-Apr-2006)

"This is a level that could have been released back in 2001 (and for all I known, it was built back then but never released). It's standard Egyptian, and I would recommend it mainly for beginning raiders. It's not really possible to make a wrong turn, so I wrote the walkthrough as I was playing and I don't believe I missed anything important. It's easy but fun, and the only real gripe I have is the fact that you couldn't reload from a previous save while in the game. However, this is not a serious deficiency, as there are not many places in the level where death is a serious threat. One such place, however, is near the end, where you have to do battle with two demigods at the same time. Try it for a risk-free thirty minutes or so." - Phil (23-Mar-2006)

"Apart from a very dizzy fly by somewhere in the middle of this level, I had fun. This is a very fast paste level and the only secret I found was the shotgun. A bit of a lever galore but I think that this was the first level Dennis ever made and not his previous one Crystals of Amun. It is very hard to die unless you get run over by a boulder but if that happens you get thrown to your desktop. 16-03-2006" - Gerty (22-Mar-2006)

"There are some real pluses and minuses to this level. On the plus side I'd have to say that for an Egyptian level it is solidly put together and has a charming use of textures, on the minus side the gameplay is very simple, the game crashes if you try to reload and when you reach the end, and there is one flyby that almost made my eyes bleed it was so bad. In the end when I decide on what makes a level something fun to play it comes down mostly to how it made me use my mental abilities and this had not one neuron in my brain firing unfortunately. This game definitely needed more complexity and some puzzles would have done this, pushing levers does not cut it anymore. I found 2 secrets in 40 minutes." - Sash (17-Mar-2006)

"Interestingly the second release of a classic Egyptian level within a short time. Almost feels like there is a secret 'Back to Basics' competition going on at the Levelbase. This one starts badly and then gets a little better. It is very linear, you can skip the first small maze by simply jumping over the barrier and while doing that easily reach the end of the world. There are a dozen levers to push, a dozen ninjas to kill and a dozen scorpions as well. You move on from stage to stage using two hands, a cartouche and an eye. The script is faulty and you crash to the desktop on reloading, but as you rather don't die along the way that is not such a big deal. There is a one fairly ugly flyby in the later part and the bubbles object missing in the WAD, so that the demigods keep shooting parts of Lara's leg. Having played other levels by Dennis this was either thrown together a little too quickly or he has now chosen to release his very first piece of work. It's fun for the 30 minutes it lasts, despite my gripes listed above. 2 secrets." - MichaelP (15-Mar-2006)

"'The Red Pyramid' is a nice, short and easy level with some enemies to kill (e.g. ninjas, scorpions and demigods). Unfortunately there are quite a lot of levers to push; if the author had used fewer levers it would have been better in my opinion. The atmosphere of this level is well created and the textures are well chosen. 36 minutes of fun. :) " - Tinka (15-Mar-2006)

"Quite a nice, easy level, a lot of doors to open, and to add some touch, quite a few enemys to kill, i only found 1 boulder trap in my journey, and it was so obvious that i easily avoided it. Quite good and i think its worth the download." - christayc (13-Mar-2006)

"I thought I'd play this level since it was made by a young man from Bad Krueznach, where I lived for a couple of years, and generally I enjoyed the level. It is a nice simple level without very hard traps or enemies, but very well put together for an hour or so's play. I perhaps should have turned off volumetric fog, there was one area in the game with a ball of dense fog in the room. I would have rated the level higher had it not been for the abrupt ending, where, (spoiler)-- Lara barely sees the ultimate treasure room and a torch lights, but before she gets into the room the game dumps back to windows for me. Plenty of ammo in this level, all nice and easy to find. Level builders and purists will probably rate this level much lower than I, but I enjoyed it until the ending disappointment." - JohnC (12-Mar-2006)
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