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Author(s): Lukasz Croft
total rating:5.77 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Blue43 4 6 8 7
eRIC 4 5 8 7
Gerty 3 4 5 5
Jay 5 5 7 6
Jose 4 6 6 7
Kristina 4 5 5 5
MichaelP 5 6 7 6
Orbit Dream 4 6 7 7
Phil 7 7 7 7
Ryan 4 5 7 6
Samu 6 5 7 6
Sash 5 5 6 6
Selene 5 5 7 8
category averages
(13 reviews)
4.62 5.38 6.69 6.38

Reviewer's comments

"This is probably the one where Lukasz Croft began hitting his stride. At least, all his releases after this one garnered some pretty respectable scores. Pakistan is a two-parter with about 40 minutes of total playing time, and although there are some rough edges here you get a fairly rewarding raid. The first segment is played without weapons, and with all the enemies scattered about (including a sentry gun) you have to depend on your wits and your feet to stay alive. The second and shorter segment allows you to exact your revenge, as the shotgun is provided early and you get plenty of shells. I took the reviews and walkthrough at their word and flew into that opening at the end. All you get for doing that, however, is the privilege of shooting two more soldiers, as there is no finish trigger." - Phil (19-Aug-2017)

"No weapons or flares, precious little medipacks, loads of guards around, some of which are friendly and some of which aren't... can you guess what type of level this is. Yep, let your allies do the killing for you, at least until you recover your pistols, then you can exact your revenge upon them. There's not much else in this rather irritating shoot-em- up, aside from a few switches and traps. Not really of my taste, but the music was again well chosen." - Ryan (13-Aug-2017)

"In this levels you are going to taste the "real" personality from this builder: to make players suffer. I finished the first level without medipacks, and I had to think about an strategy to avoid the machine gun shots, exposing Lara so the machine pointed in certain directions to be able to play with tranquility in opposite areas. The friends didn't help so much in this first level, 'cause they got often stucked against the walls. In the second level it was really hard to pick up the coin in the water, I had to try it too many times. Near the end I was not able to jump to that high opening, so I had to abandone in that place. The author was going better in architecture and texturization, but also going worse in the gameplay." - Jose (15-Jul-2017)

"This 2-part level with shooter style game play is very entertaining but has quite a few annoying segments as well. Mainly the first part is very health pack intensive as Lara has no guns and must run around and press multiple buttons while under fire from a sentry gun and several heavily armed guards. As if that wasn't enough, a few locust swarms drop by occasionally to say hi and eat away more health. Other than that, there were a few gem and token pickups (one had a really nasty trap), several climbs, a rope swing, a bull that got stuck inside a box, a giant scorpion and 2 secrets (missed the second one). I did like the background music and sound effects. I general that level had a pretty good atmosphere. Lighting and texturing looked clean, but layout and architecture were a bit strange and didn't seem to fit together that well. There is no end trigger and the level ended for me with an impossible jump where I couldn't get into an opening. I would recommend this level, but only if you don't mind seeing and unarmed Lara getting slaughtered a couple of times in the beginning segment. For me it was a little too frustrating not being able to shoot back. (35 minutes, 1 secret found)" - Blue43 (21-Mar-2011)

"This couple of short levels are on the whole well made, and the settings are quite believable. It is really an idiocy though to start without any flares as the first level in which you start also without weapons is dark. This level is not complicated , with mainly a few jump switches to find, the subtlety is that you must operate in a way that does not cost you too much health. The second level is even shorter , the most difficult part is to pick up a coin without being crushed by a spiked ball. The courtyard looks good for this kind of setting and the atmosphere and music are good. Okay this is only a demo , and if the full game is released, it promises to be an interesting one (if you like this kind of mission which is not too much my case), just hope the author will not have to resort to such nonsenses like starting without any flares." - eRIC (03-Nov-2008)

"This set of two levels turned out to be quite average as I thought before playing it. The bad thing is that this game doesn't offer challenges enough. There are just some easy jumping tasks to complete, enemies to shoot, few traps to avoid and some switches to find. Added to this the environment looks a bit too simple and doesn't look to be done with care enough. I think that there should be more ledges, alcoves and other things in the level to make it look better. I don't mean that things I've mentioned this far would have been done badly but they could have been done much better. There are also some good things in these two levels. One of them is that musics are quite good and they are chosen well." - Samu (13-Jun-2006)

"Aaaaaargh, no pistols, no flares, minimal medipacks, Lukasz what are you doing to us? Good music as usual though. The idea basically is to escape from the area with almost no assets at your disposal, which, whilst quite a good premise, I have to say I found frustrating rather than fun. I especially disliked having no flares at all because I hate stumbling around in the dark and the level is quite gloomy. At least by the beginning of part 2 you do get your pistols, which cheered me up a bit, but after the previous level from this author, which I really liked, this honestly wasn't quite as much to my taste." - Jay (11-Jun-2006)

"For the first of the two levels you will find that Lara is sans weapons which is never a fun thing, but what was worse was that she also doesn't have flares and I wanted these more than guns. The point of this though is that there are friendly men hanging this small section of city to help out with enemies as Lara hunts down some jumpswitches and buttons. The second level had a slightly more intriguing feel for me, and having my weapons and flares again made me a much happier player. You do a few jumps and collecting of coins but then it all goes pear shaped as just before the end Lara happens upon a seemingly impossible jump, one she misses just by inches, which ended this prematurely for me. I've never been a whopping fan of levels from this author as they are more your shooter types and this definitely has that element, but if this a demo that will be completed there needs to be some real reworking of some things to make it draw me in and make it fully playable. 40 minutes, 1 secret." - Sash (05-Jun-2006)

"Another one with a new TR4 file you don't have to use. You start with empty hand; Lara has no guns, no nothing except medipacks. Then you'll find shotgun ammo and they don't show up, the same goes for the flares, they don't work as well. Could have used them as some corners I never saw what was in them because of the darkness. Your goal is to find a number of jump levers and switches to get a Gem and a Coin to proceed to the second level. I have to admit that playing this first time around without the TR4 included; the friendly soldiers were more helpful as they even managed to sabotage the sentry gun. The second lever starts in the water and finding the coin was the first challenge. The Nasty scorpion was the second and last. I wished that people would quit mucking around with that new TR4 file, as it doesn't add anything in my opinion to the game play" - Gerty (04-Jun-2006)

"Two quick parts to this demo of about 15 minutes each. At the beginning Lara is without guns and as there are dogs, guards and a sentry gun you need to watch your health quite a bit, as the guards that help you are not always the brightest guys on Earth. Atmosphere starts out nicely with good sounds/music, a flyby, some custom objects and the bull was kind of fun even though it seemed utterly out of place. But gameplay is only a few jumpswitches and buttons and a quick use of the torch at the end. Part two seems even less accomplished. You have your guns now and meet up with a giant scorpion, a wasp, some locusts and guards, avoid a falling spikeball and some squishing blocks and then hit the non-existing finish trigger. I always like the quick raids that Lukasz has to offer for us, but it would certainly be worthwile to finish levels before releasing them." - MichaelP (02-Jun-2006)

"I dislike levels like this one, with the theme from the 'City of the dead' and SAS guards. It's darkish with Lara having no guns, flares or binoculars in the first part plus there's a sentry gun and a dog with the latter being killed from a friendly guy. There are switches and buttons to use in both parts and fortunately at the second part which is short as well, Lara has her guns and all that she needs. The search is for coins that will help her to open the appropriate doors in order to proceed. I am not sure I am going to like the full game with such a theme but for the ones that are fond of levels like this one, the demo will give you a good idea of what to expect." - Kristina (02-Jun-2006)

"The title indicates that this is a demo, but I do believe Lukasz has gotten the idea that if there is a demo tag on the level he can make it as incomplete as he likes and no one will even care. Unfortunately he couldn't be more wrong in that misconception. These two levels are sadly incomplete. They both start out very well, but fizzle out during the run because of the lack of actual gameplay and the pointlessness of it all. The first one starts with Lara running around with no weapons in a sort of military camp with the gun fire of armed guards and gun turrets blazing around her ears. Luckily she has some allies to help her deal with the guards and their dogs at least, which is a nice touch. There was even a bull in the picture and swarms of locusts to go with it. Unfortunately there was nothing more to do here than pulling switches and picking up a few items. In the second level you get another item and a few kills and dodge a trap or two until you reach a point with an impossible jump that can only be done with the dozy cheat and even so pressing the button you get to only opens a door leading into a dead end. I've been looking around a bit at his underwater exploration level (that was supposed to be released in its full version in May...whatever happened to that project?) and why he did not continue working on that instead of coming up with this is beyond me. Where are the puzzles? Where is the gameplay? Where is that finishing trigger that Lukasz seem to leave out in about 3,5/4 of his levels? The atmosphere, lighting and texturing really shows me that Lukasz does have it in him and the music is great too, but the lack of gameplay completely kills all the fun in it. This looks like something he started on very eagerly, but then got fed up and quit at the end, only to release it in its unfinished state. Unfortunately that's not a good idea if you want decent ratings for your level. For the next time Lukasz, please consider providing us with a complete adventure containing a substantial gameplay and a decent finishing trigger." - Selene (30-May-2006)

"I fail to understand Lukasz,I really do! After his innovative and quite satisfying 'underwater exploration' level,he comes up with this unfinished and unsatisfying contribution. It all starts rather well,with some good 'danger under fire' Gameplay within a Military Base scenario (the choice of music is commendable and adds to the 'spy thriller' ambience;as do the useful allies) but Level 1 ends very abruptly before anything substantial has been done. Level 2 also begins well,but peters out entirely with an apparently impossible jump,leading (after some cheating on my part) to an empty passageway and no finish trigger (as Lukasz warns us in his Read-me). I'm sorry old chap,but simply adding 'Demo' to the title in no way lets you off the hook. Anyway,how many demo's are you going to produce? I've written this before many times when reviewing your levels and I fear I'll be writing it again..but why not take a little more time and give us something complete instead? You had seemed to be on the verge of moving up in the Level Building league after your last contribution,but now I'm afraid you've been penalised and relegated to the bottom division. In terms of construction,the atmosphere is all there;but I'm afraid that this is,once again,another Lukasz 'quickie' and nothing more." - Orbit Dream (28-May-2006)
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