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Author(s): Mr XY
total rating:8.00 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Bene 8 8 8 9
eTux 7 7 8 8
Gerty 7 8 8 8
Jay 7 7 8 8
Jorge22 8 8 8 9
Jose 7 8 8 10
Kitkat 7 8 8 9
Kristina 8 9 9 9
Magnus 7 7 7 7
MichaelP 8 9 8 7
Phil 9 8 9 8
Ryan 8 8 8 9
Shandroid 8 8 8 8
category averages
(13 reviews)
7.62 7.92 8.08 8.38

Reviewer's comments

"This is an amazing d├ębut and clearly showcased this builder's talent for gorgeous settings and entertaining gameplay. The house which constitutes the main part of the gameplay is beautifully decorated if rather darkish, but the outside areas, with the glaring sunshine made up for that. Gameplay is puzzle-oriented, with a push/raise puzzle in a library area and a chessboard-style puzzle marked by numbers. No timed runs, so others may be slightly disappointed in that department, but I enjoyed it all the same." - Ryan (08-Apr-2017)

"This was a debut level upon its release, and it's a mighty good one. It's a modified house level, but the "house" is rather palatial, hence the title. The environs are quite stunning, but for some reason the builder chose to shroud the most visually breathtaking room - that huge room with the multiple balconies and ledges - in relative darkness. The scenery here is so gorgeous that I would have enjoyed being able to see it a little better. The pushpiece puzzle in the room over the aquarium was hindered by an annoying fixed camera angle, but alomost everything else about this 90-minute raid was a sheer delight. The builder has improved over the years, to be sure, but he sure did start off well. Recommended." - Phil (12-Apr-2012)

"My, these floors do look polished! Very nice castle/mansion settings and a trial in search of the holy treasure, which is in fact... a lizard! It feels good when you finally get your hands on it though, after going through some complicated puzzles (namely the pushables puzzle in the room with the glass floor and the second pushable puzzle where you have to get it across several fires), evading the occasional fire wraiths and the pesky skeletons and much more. This is mostly a level to make you think and quite good at that. My only major complaint is the shortage of medipacks even though you can do with just the ones you have. Found one secret rose thanks to the torch. All in all, I'm glad I found this great beginner's level after having missed it for some reason when it first came out." - Jorge22 (04-Nov-2008)

"I really liked this level a lot. I thought it was a bright and nicely designed castle level, which was a nice change over most castle levels which are usually a bit dark. The puzzles were nifty and not too tiresome or difficult. I also liked that many of the castle rooms were actually easily opened up which is rewarding in itself. I hate travelling all about to every door in a level and they all are opened elsewhere or with a key. A nice, solid debut level." - Shandroid (02-Nov-2008)

"Nicely built castle/mansion with good puzzles and if you keep your eyes open, you'll remember where the torch is needed and not just the obvious places. The floors are a thing of beauty with one showing an aquarium beneath and the gardens are lovely. There was a glitch in the first moveable globe puzzle and I had to go back to a savegame and then the shotgun ammo disappeared from inventory. I could have used more medipacks early on and I thought the wraiths were more troublesome than usual. If you go through the blue doors in the beginning and get the shotgun, it makes the other side(through the red doors) easier when you encounter a skellie on a high ledge. Very nice debut. Well done. Recommended for all." - Bene (01-Nov-2008)

"Shiny! Shiny! Shiny! It's all about those reflective floors these days. I dare not think how much the owners had to invest into polish to achieve the stunning result that's one of the main features of this castle. It also features libraries, gardens and pretty much everything you could think to find in a castle like this, and as you can imagine - that also includes a fair share in the gameplay department. It involves a variety of puzzles, including some using a torch, and a burner alley closer to the end that gave me the most trouble. If anything, the game felt a bit slow because of the amount of backtracking involved, but on the other hand - this way it's a fair game for players of any level of expertise to get involved, because finger-agility and knowledge of any of the engine's quirks is not what makes up the process of finding the solutions to the challenges the author sets for you. A very successful debut in my opinion - might not be the favourite level for those who like their levels to move on with a faster pace, but recommended, at least to give a try anyway!" - eTux (26-Jul-2007)

"In this level Lara explores one of the most beautiful castles I have ever seen. The reflecting floor is fantastic and the castle is furnished nicely. There are a few stretched textures but they don't take away from the over all appearance and impression. The gameplay is based mainly on puzzles and exploring than near impossible acrobatic feats or avoiding deadly traps at every turn. There are a few different enemies but the castle isn't over-run with them and the 'boss' is easily avoided, so you have a relatively stress free time as you exlore. I'm more than impressed with this debut." - Kitkat (03-Jul-2007)

"I think this level is as greatly textured as the Dinosaur Research Centre and of course I liked it. The castle though resembles more a mansion than a castle/fort. There are many corridors and doors to open and two puzzles with moveable pieces. The torch is also used for two purposes of which one is for a secret. Make sure you keep your eyes open for hidden jump switches since there are no binoculars, only flares. I liked the gameplay and that the builder placed the correct amount of enemies for such a level. At the end there is a boss but I kept running so should you and you won't have a problem. There is some backtracking at the end but it's no so bad so even that added to the gameplay. I think I am going to become a fan of Kevin's levels, if he keeps building like this. I found two golden roses and unfortunately it lasted only an hour and a half." - Kristina (09-Apr-2007)

"Beautiful castle, well builded and decorated I suppose with a lot of work behind. Gameplay was not very good for me 'cause there are too much switches to find and I had to return to the same places many times. You'll find few enemies and secrets are not hard to find (I only found two). The best for me was the architecture and lights-textures." - Jose (20-Sep-2006)

"Wow - what an impressive debut level. 70 minutes spent in and around a Castle in search for an artefact. There is quite a bit of ground to cover but somehow the next step always felt quite obvious, so it was rather fast paced for me. Impressive settings with the mirror floors and light through the windows and very pleasant outside areas with all the Plants. The balance of enemies is quite nice with bats, spiders, warriors, hellhounds, skellies and fire wraiths in just the right amount and timing. The extensive puhs/raise puzzle in the library is a bit tedious but still fun. The torch is almost impossible to see (needed the walkthrough for that), but the use of it is fun, for the obvious puzzle but then also for finding the secret later. More push objects later (with a map hint) and then the burner alley which was a bit too tedious with the repeated careful action to avoid the fires. A pity also that you basically simply outrun the boss enemy. But all in all a great fun adventure and a very promising debut. 2 secrets." - MichaelP (30-Aug-2006)

"This level is largely puzzle based, which I like so I enjoyed it, but if you're after agility tests you won't find much to do. There are some enemies about - gladiators, spiders, skellies, dogs and bats, but there aren't a lot of them - just enough to keep you on your guard. The puzzles are fairly easy, but nicely thought out, with enough variety to entertain. Admittedly, there is quite a lot of running around/backtracking involved, but the huge, imposing castle and lovely grounds are well worth a good viewing. This is certainly an impressive debut level that left me with a definite hope that we see more from this builder in the near future." - Jay (18-Aug-2006)

"What an adventure and although there is quite a lot of back and fro (too much for me as I got lost in a major way, so now I know my way through this castle blindfold) to get your hands on two Gems. It does look great though. A pity that there is that TR4 patch so Mac players cannot play it and what is that... NO BINOCULARS, a double tsk here. Do look everywhere for hidden levers, and hopefully do not forget what you have in your backpack as I completely forgot that I had the crowbar and could use it on a door. I liked the huge library looking room. There is a nice Torch puzzle and if you take it with you to the other side you even get another secret. There aren't many enemies, but some of them made me jump in my chair. There is some pushing to do and later even pushing through some emitters so, do save every now and then. However I saw a missing texture and some were a bit stretched and in the last room there is a flare bug. There is much potential with this builder so I hope there will a next one for us to enjoy." - Gerty (27-Jul-2006)

"For a first level, this is really good, with some impressive rooms throughout. The author has obviously worked hard at making the level look good; unfortunately, he's made a lot of beginners' mistakes, with quite a few textures being stretched, squashed or missing altogether. There are also a few wafer-thin walls, which could easily have been avoided. Lighting is also rather patchy, and I hated the way the windows looked. That said, the level looks really nice for the most part, with some neat touches, like the fish in the aquarium, the reflection in the floor, and the light from the windows. This forty-minute level is not for players who like action, as the gameplay is slow and there are no traps to speak of, nor any difficult jumps to make. Enemies are also rather scarce, but there are a few dogs, bats, gladiators and skeletons. The final enemy is easily avoided, and I wouldn't even have seen it if I hadn't turned back to see what it looked like. Rather than filling the level to the brim with action, the author has tried to make some interesting puzzles, all of which seem to revolve around pushing things or raising blocks, and sometimes both at the same time. And while most of the puzzles are kind of clever, they do tend to drag on a bit when you've figured out what to do and all that is left to do is push an object across a room. The rest of the gameplay revolves around finding hidden levers, and the only time I got stuck was when I didn't realise that there are two levers in the first room. If you just make sure to check behind ever pillar and in every corner for hidden levers, you shouldn't have any problems with this level. While I personally found it too slow, there's no denying the fact that it's a very promising debut for the author." - Magnus (24-Jul-2006)
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