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Author(s): kutuup
total rating:4.86 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
afzalmiah 4 5 5 3
Cory 5 4 6 5
Gerty 5 4 7 7
Jay 5 4 6 6
Jose 4 3 4 6
Kristina 4 4 5 5
MichaelP 5 4 7 6
Moonpooka 5 1 5 4
Orbit Dream 4 4 6 7
Ryan 5 4 5 6
Selene 5 4 5 6
category averages
(11 reviews)
4.64 3.73 5.55 5.55

Reviewer's comments

"Having played this level as part of the builder's later "Centralia" bundle, the majority of this level was familiar to me (the harmless rolling boulder room, the huge pillar room and the red-lit rooms), but there were also a few rooms that I don't remember going through (the bridge room and the initial corridors), which makes me wonder if the other version was an updated one. This isn't the most memorable level out there, but it's nicely constructed, with no glaring flaws that I could see, apart from the flare bug (although you don't really need flares) and the aforementioned harmless boulders. A good effort." - Ryan (28-Jan-2018)

"(Before I would start this review I would like to thank everyone who congratulated me in the trle forum for getting my rewards. Thanks and you're the greatest!) This level was a short level which basically lara goes to and in the end gets out of. No story. The textures are from the coastal map and I don't think the suther did a good job out of it. The textures were too repetitive and stretched. The static's colour didn't change when you go underwater and the lighting wasn't very good. In the bright side the objects were placed quite nicely and the gameplay wasn't too bad. A good early level and debut from a builder who I think could get better if they keep trying." - afzalmiah (19-Apr-2011)

"It's a very short level with a catacomb setting. There is no real trouble in getting through it since the puzzles are simple. There are two gems to find, a few levers to push and two moveable objects. After some swimming and climbing you reach the end." - Kristina (09-Apr-2007)

"Halls of Glass is a cute little level set in a catacomb environment. The level has a few problems, which is a shame because just a bit of testing would have ironed out such simple mistakes. But nothing should stop you from finishing the game, and you'll get about 45 minutes of game play. Lara will be investigating various areas, using buttons and levers to progress. She will be searching for three cut glass crystals, and apart from a few harmless mummies, who you don't even need to go near, there is only one harmful enemy which is a wraith. You will also pick up the Uzis but not get to use them, and there is also revolver ammo, but no revolver can be found; I find that a little odd in any level, but maybe there will be a second instalment and we get to use them then. Traps are spike balls, but most of the balls don't harm Lara and some don't even fall. There are some fire floors and one set of spikes that you just have to be careful not to fall on, and there's also a booby trapped lever. There are no puzzles to solve. There is one object to move to reveal a lever, and I had one object disappear, spooky! The biggest issue I had was in a pillar room; I had found a crystal and entered a passage nearby, only to find my game crashed at the end of the passage. The author failed to respond to my mail for help, so a kind player looked at my save and announced he also had the crash, we were then able to establish that a lever in a previous area had to be used before entering this particular passage. I also hit the flare bug in a rather dark room, and the binoculars crashed my game. It seems like I only have bad things to say, and this level did have a few problems which could have easily been avoided, but it's not all bad. All in all, it was a nice little level. The rooms looked well dressed and the atmosphere was good. Game play was pretty straight forward, but fun, and this was a good start for a first time builder." - Moonpooka (12-Nov-2006)

"Another catacomb level without interesting things to offer us. The level is well builded and I only found the flare bug near the end. There's a crystal which you can miss but you can return easily and with no much time to spend to find it and continue your game. Poor enemies, weapons and ammo which you don't need to use, poor sounds too. Lights and textures only correct. Only a level more (but thanks to the builder for the work and offer us)." - Jose (27-Sep-2006)

"Another debut, catacomb level. It's short and holds nothing unexpected, but it's quite solidly built and not without entertainment value. It is however a touch buggy if you do things in the wrong order, but otherwise there's nothing contentious. The only enemies are a wraith (with an owl statuette close by) and some mummies that you don't have to get close to at all, so it's quite restful in that respect. Certainly not a bad first attempt at all." - Jay (25-Sep-2006)

"This level was much longer than I thought it would be. I even played it twice (on the Mac and on the PC) and I hardly needed flares in the Mac but it was too dark in too many places on the PC. Had on both a crash after getting the first Gem at the end of the corridor, I was thrown to my desktop. If you are holding a flare, better throw it down almost at the end of that corridor than you can proceed without a crash. The so-called flare bug starts there. For the rest have fun and I'm looking forward to the next level of Phil as there is potential here" - Gerty (11-Sep-2006)

"Phil has here presented a rather standard catacomb level with a nice subterranean feel. It's not a level that requires a massive amount of thinking, as it's rather straight-forward and in general it's more about making your way from room to room rather than solving a lot of puzzles. There were some cut glass crystals to find, but otherwise the association to the glass hall that the title promised was rather obscure. I found both the shotgun and the uzis(plus heaps of ammo), but that was more of an unnecessary treat as there were no enemies(not counting some mummies that were easily avoided and a wraith, but none of them could have been killed by any of the builder's weapons of choice anyways). The lighting and texturing is overall rather good and creates a nice(though not very dynamic) atmosphere. The sound limits itself to the standard TR sounds and could have been a bit more varied. I couldn't find any secrets and the spiked boulders need more work, as none of them actually posed much of a threat to Lara. A nice and simple first work that will bring you about half an hour or so of clean-cut entertainment." - Selene (09-Sep-2006)

"A very repetative level, it was ok, he has got to work on the boulders and having better lighting, i didn't find any secrets but lots of guns and weapon even though there were no baddies. There was a nice jumping room that required a lot of observation. Once you got to a room were there were spikes ii had forgot something and it took 10 mins to get back and figure out what i had missed, A nice 35 min level, hope to play you're next one." - Cory (07-Sep-2006)

"It's always good to see a new builder taking things relatively easy with their debut level,and this is a classic example of it's type: straightforward,solid and rather unspectacular. You'll not be pausing to think much,but the textures and lighting are well-handled and the subterranian atmosphere has been efficiently caught. If it has one major failing,it is the 'multiple-boulder room';this should have been an absolute killer,but as it stands you can get through it the first time without receiving a scratch (and the same applies to the whole level,if you disregard the booby-trapped lever). 20 minutes of fast-moving,unchallenging fun." - Orbit Dream (06-Sep-2006)

"A debut level in standard Catacomb flavour and you get to spend 20 minutes in a rather nicely designed environment with solid texturing. Lighting is maybe a little flat and unnecessarily dark in places. Progression is smooth and never very difficult. Three gems to find, a wraith to outrun and a few moderate traps with boulders, spikes and burners. This level shows that the author has made his way through the tutorial, so looking forward to see more in the future as his building experience grows." - MichaelP (05-Sep-2006)
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