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Author(s): Gravastars
total rating:6.25 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
eTux 4 5 6 5
Gerty 4 5 5 5
Jay 6 6 7 7
Jose 5 7 6 7
Kitkat 6 7 6 7
Kristina 3 5 5 5
Magnus 5 5 6 6
MichaelP 7 8 8 6
Phil 8 9 8 8
Ryan 7 7 7 7
TimJ 8 7 7 7
category averages
(11 reviews)
5.73 6.45 6.45 6.36

Reviewer's comments

"This is such an interesting concept and this level really has a lot of things going for it: be it the charming cartoonish textures (especially the Frosties ones) that convey the Candy Land atmosphere really well, the chocolate river, milk lake or the surprising variation of gameplay tasks throughout, such as timed runs, traps, a mirror room and plenty of platforming. There's also a generous total of 14 (albeit fairly obvious) secrets to find and some tense enemy encounters. It is slightly let down though, by the rather extraneous backtracking and long ladder climbing exercises, the crude architecture of some of the rooms, plus some unnecessarily long corridor running. If all of these had been streamlined a bit more, then this could have been an excellent level. As it is, I can recommend this 90 minute level for its unique and unexplored concept." - Ryan (15-May-2018)

"Reading the title I couldn't picture an adventure in Candy Land. Now I know. Although it was a novel idea it didn't pan out, as there are no camera shots to guide you through. So there is way too much back and fro for my linking. There are also stretched textures, lightning could use some tuning and the biggest NO in my book, you can get stuck and there is no way (apart from re-loading) to get back on track. Sometimes too many directions to choose from and I got confused big time and the chance of not finding all the artefacts is rather big. But if you ever had a dreamt of swimming in a chocolate river, well here is your chance. Have a look, as it is worth to see it and have indeed an adventure in Candy Land." - Gerty (21-Oct-2008)

"As many other reviewers have stated, this long adventure has so much going for it: plenty of diverse tasks, including things like a mirror room, timed runs, spike and boulder traps, tough enemies to battle, use of the torch and several very original ideas to depict this Candyland environment, including the Frosties textures, chocolate river and milk lake, candy crowbar and not to forget the 14 secrets that can be found - even though many of them are just pickups lying in a corner. Well, but what spoils the fun are an equal number of things that are a pain: partly very long and uneventful backtracks and climbs, relatively simply and careless room architecture overall, a series of odd flipmaps with some of them being buggy and causing a deadend if not done in the correct sequence, several dark corners hiding important things or openings and probably worst of them all: almost no camera hints whatsoever, despite the need for the long backtracks several times. Still - recommended for 90 minutes of a fairly unique raid with either the walkthrough close at hand or with a lot of saving in different slots in order to avoid getting stuck." - MichaelP (10-Oct-2007)

"This is a really long level. There are a lot of paths and it is hard to know where to go at the beginning. There is several tasks in this level but they are all quite easy. The hardest thing was often to discover what did the lever that you just pulled. There are spikes and rolling balls, flipmaps, enemies, etc and some boring corridors where there is nothing to do. Most of the rooms are quite empty of objects or decoration and it's a pity in my opinion. "Adventure in Candy Land" made me imagine a world with candy cane instead of trees, with giant strawberries and big orange/lemon slices. I imagined Lara jumping from cakes to cakes and diving into cocktails without forgetting sweet trees. I didn't see a lot of candy in this level apart from some trapped chocolate pieces and mount of Chantilly. The textures weren't bad at all but they could have been applied in a better way. The level was aslo really too dark and I used a lot of candles. I loved the big "frosties" poster and it was really funny to put tiger in this room. The 14 secrets weren't hard to find. The new musics were nice and perhaps it would have been even better to add more instead of TR1 ones (which were well placed and appropriate to the level anyway)." - TimJ (11-Aug-2007)

"This had such a potential to be an awesomely unique adventure, but somewhere along the way it just fell short of it. Folks who like their levels long will love this one, as it took me roughly 1.5 hours to do pretty much everything but finish the level. Yup, even though I took a peek at the reviews before and was aware of the situation - for good or bad, you simply don't keep track of these things when you play the level yourself and unfortunately don't notice until it's too late anyway. Since the concept is fairly unique in the TRLE world so far, it kind of makes me feel bad that I can only come up with a dozen faults and not praise the better parts of this adventure more, so before I go on - I'll just point out that most of this is my personal take on the level and the only true error in this otherwise fairly memorable debut level is the one I already had the chance to nag about. So what else is there to nag about? As far as the looks go - the areas are fairly large and underused in many aspects and thus don't feel like used very effectively to convey the atmosphere to its fullest potential. The basics are there - the chocolate rivers and ice-cream mountains, the "Frosties" cereal boxes set the mood greatly, but I suppose I was expecting everything to be even more outlandish and surreal than it was here - which, I suppose, as I mentioned, is more an expectation of mine that wasn't met, rather than a fault with the level itself. On the whole the setting is far more memorable than the gameplay as essentially it's an artifact hunt and besides a twist here or there doesn't really differ a whole lot from what you could see in other games. Another noteworthy thing are the secrets - because for some strange reason I was able to collect 13 out of 12 secrets, and according to the walkthrough there are even more than that. But since I seem to have found more than even required for the statistics - you can guess that they won't be the hardest thing to master in this level, and that's not really a bad thing - at some points like the fight with the 3 Tinnos mutants or the immortal-skeletal-harpy you can use any resources you can get! Speaking of enemies - some custom ones would've worked better, but the ones that are there - like the tigers, little freaky Ireland ghost babies or bigfoots - are quite fitting as well. Overall - worth to play for the unique setting - but make sure not to leave any areas without having checked out if you have done everything possible or you'll face the same fate as me and I guess lots of other players have met and will have to resolve to using savegames to finish the game legitimately." - eTux (21-Jul-2007)

"Let me start by justifying my low score in gameplay. Well considering that if you miss a puzzle item very close to the beginning of the level and sadly you can't go back and get it, I've been very lenient with my rating. I don't understand builders that make such unforgivable mistakes. You play an entire level for an hour and a half, searching for many items, killing beasts and tigers and near the end you discover that you can't finish it. There are earthquakes and huge walls with 'Frosties' pictures on them. Anyway it would have been a nice, medium level but now I just have a bad memory from it. In case you are wondering I finished it by downloading a savegame from LB, I believe it was avmaster's so thank you for that. As for the secrets, with my savegame I had all twelve of them." - Kristina (19-Mar-2007)

"This really isn't your usual TR custom level. Lara has been trapped in Candyland by the Muffin Man. Can she escape while her hotpants still fit her? Because with all the sweets and marshmallows lying around - not to mention the chocolate river - she might put on a few pounds/kilos during her stay! This is more than a novelty kids level though, just in case you got that impression from the title. There are some nasty opponents and traps to overcome: TR3 mutants keep popping up where least expected! And the timed run over fire tiles has already been mentioned. The rooms are nicely textured but are just a little too big. So it is easy to get lost and spend ages running around looking for where to go next. Lara has some candy themed pick-ups, I simply loved the candycane crowbar! Overall I enjoyed the level and look forward to the secound part, even though I felt like a kid who had eated far too much candyfloss at the fair by the time I had finished it..." - Kitkat (05-Feb-2007)

"I'm at a loss to account for the low scores awarded in the relatively few reviews submitted to date. I found this to be a charming level with many nice touches, one that took me more than two and a half hours to complete. I suppose I kept my frustration level to a minimum by using Harry's walkthrough, so I didn't have to endure the false starts and backtracking mentioned by some of the others. There's a lot to do here, and the game map seems to be rather immense. The gameplay isn't particularly challenging once you know what you need to do, but the enemies are cleverly placed and can pose considerable problems for you unless you're expecting their appearance. Not an award winner, to be sure, but I had a good time. Recommended." - Phil (12-Dec-2006)

"Prepare yourself for a long long level. Simple architecture and big rooms and spaces with very few objects into. The tasks you can find are easy, and majority only consist in pull switches and look for objects to place in receptacles; there are many flipped rooms too. Enemies and objects are good, and the best of the game for me. There's new musics, but cameras don't exist; many times you pull a switch or place an object and you have to intuit where to go and perhaps explore huge areas to find the way (bad, bad). There are a lot of new and nice textures too, but a nice environment doesn't make a nice level." - Jose (27-Oct-2006)

"This is certainly an interesting concept and will make chocoholics smile. There are indeed some magical moments - I adored the Frosties room - and some entertaining elements of gameplay. The enemies are tigers, mutants and yetis, which are quite effectively placed and there's an enjoyable timed fire tile run and escaping from a winged skeleton that you need to do in a hurry. The textures are fun and nicely done, but some of the areas do seem rather vast and empty. The real problem I had with the level however was not being able to finish it, due to having missed an item and not being able to go back for it (or at least if I could, I never found the way). OK, I shouldn't have missed the damn thing in the first place, but that's raiding for you (well my style of raiding at any rate) and it's a bit of a bummer to find yourself stranded in a level. Nevertheless, a decent debut and certainly interesting enough to warrant tuning in for part two." - Jay (19-Oct-2006)

"It seems like a shame to have such an original setting and then have it turn into a quest for artefacts, but it was still nice to get a change of scenery. I've always had a bit of a sweet tooth, so I had to play this level. The textures are used effectively in a lot of places to make things look like sweets. There are pieces of chocolate all over the place, a cave made of what I assume was candy floss, and even a chocolate river. The highlight of the level, however, was when the infamous song from the Kellogg's Frosties ad started playing. A lot of the textures are rather stretched and the lighting could use some work, but the overall candy atmosphere is definitely conveyed (even though I can't help but feel that some more custom candy objects would have been great - the possibilities are endless, really). Gameplay isn't quite as good, though, and it even came to a grinding halt near the end due to a flipmap that caused a ladder to stop working. When you get a torch right before a ladder, make sure you don't pick it up and jump down, which was what I did (and what I think most people would do in the situation). Aside from that, I had problems with the non-linear linearity, which I know sounds like something I just made up, which isn't true (I coined the phrase yesterday, I'll have you know). The level attempts to be non-linear by making it possible to get the items you need in the order of your choice (more or less), but it's still built very much like a linear level. Which means that every now and then, you'll come to a crossroad and be able to choose on of several paths. Unfortunately, choosing the wrong path will send you on a five-minute adventure through extremely long hallways (there are tons of those in this level, used for nothing other than to connect areas with each other), only to have you reach a locked door and having to turn around. This happens a lot throughout the level, and when you've climbed up a ladder for several minutes only to realise that hey - this isn't where you're supposed to go right now, it tends to get rather frustrating. It also means that if you miss an item, you'll have no idea where it is and will have to choose on of the paths and run back looking for it. It gets tedious, and is something the author might want to work on in his next level. Another thing I disliked was that doors tended to open without any warning. On more than one occasion, doing something seemingly unrelated led to a door opening up. Cameras would have been nice, or a more obvious connection between the doors and whatever opens them. There are a lot of enemies in the level, but since a lot of the areas are rather large and only one of the enemies shoots at you, most of them are easily avoidable, and I didn't kill a single one of them (I'm all for preserving wildlife). Gameplay in general is pretty standard fare, with the use of spikes being rather confusing at times, as they tend to shoot out of some pieces of chocolate but not others. There are some nice ideas here, like the spike maze or the drainable river, but don't expect to be amazed or anything. In the end, the biggest draw of this level is the theme, which is pulled off well. Because of this, it's a quite enjoyable level, even when the gameplay fails to impress." - Magnus (15-Oct-2006)
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