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Author(s): Drakan
total rating:7.90 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
eRIC 7 8 7 6
Gerty 8 8 8 7
Ivan 8 7 9 8
Jay 8 8 8 8
Jose 7 8 7 8
Kristina 8 8 8 8
MichaelP 8 8 7 7
Minox 10 9 9 9
Phil 8 8 8 8
Ryan 8 8 8 8
TimJ 8 8 7 7
vienna 9 8 8 8
category averages
(12 reviews)
8.08 8.00 7.83 7.67

Reviewer's comments

"More than an hour of solid, enjoyable raiding in a classic Cleopatra's Palaces setting. You get a lot of tasks here, maybe too many to describe: timed runs, flame/spike trap combinations, four black beetles to find, use of the mechanical scarab, a Lara Clone puzzle (where it is persistently attacked by harpies), swimming and some climbing and jumping. I didn't find it too dark (only the occasional dark shadow) and I thoroughly enjoyed myself." - Ryan (07-May-2017)

"I played this level at levels 10 years anniversary. I liked levels athmosphere and soundtrack. Lighting and textures are good and enemies OK for this level. There could be some more health packs. Gameplay and puzzles are excellent so this level is recommendable! Very good level from 2006." - vienna (01-Nov-2016)

"I enjoyed this very long level. There is much to do before returning to the starting room. It is beautifully lit and I enjoyed the chat's textures that were animated." - Minox (02-Feb-2015)

"After his first level "return towards the Light" which was good but nothing more, JoJo worked a lot to offer a great second level ! At the beginning we'll see a lot of closed doors and empty puzzle holes meaning that we'll have a long travel to do. But there isn't any fear to have here. Even if we see a lot of inaccessible parts from the beginning the level is quite steered and there is often only one possible path. Since his first level Jo made a lot of progress with the LE. The rooms are more complicated, they are better textured and lit... apart from some rooms which appears artificial (I think in particular to an underwater corridor which is completely cubic) or monotonous because monochromatic. But the level is good and quite easy with various trials (traps, timed runs, etc) and well placed enemies. There are nice flybys accompanied by music of Tomb Raider II. There are five secrets." - TimJ (20-Jul-2007)

"A very long level in the Clepoal type of setting. Despite its length , it kept me interesting from beginning to end as the overall gameplay and the tasks are interesting. I particularly liked the room with pillars and burners. Actually it could have been a lot more enjoyable if the author had not hidden switches or climbable greenery in darkness. Also the lighting is not very good , too dark and too reddish, and the outside areas do not look real. On the opposite, the usual enemies are well used , the cameras are often useful, and the secrets are interesting to find. I also liked the animated textures of the cats like in TR1, but they do not really fit here. This is a good level nevertheless, let's hope the author will improve the look of his levels next time." - eRIC (08-Jul-2007)

"It's a classic cleopal level with the appropriate setting and textures. Personally I have played so many of these levels along with coastal and city ones that I am sick of them. Of course I have to acknowledge the nice flow it has even though the puzzles are standard. There are blocks to push/pull, a pillar and four beetles to find plus the gem and the star to exit the level. The unmarked climbable walls though can give you some trouble. It's a long one though, about an hour and a have with five secrets to find and enemies like demigods, harpies and skeletons. If you like the old fashioned standard levels then this is one is definitely for you." - Kristina (19-Mar-2007)

"Wow.... After this debut Joel got himself on my list of favourite builders. Even if he used the Cleopal wad, this is an adventure you cannot miss. Lots of exploring and do look in every nook and cranny as the levers are cleverly hidden. There are many artefacts to gather and some you need and a couple Lara can take with her, at least I got to take home a Trident. I think I missed one secret but it still is on my computer so I will give it another go, later. Although this isn't a hard level there is so much to do in here, swimming, quite a lot though, pushing and pulling, jumping and monkey climbing, some timed doors, flooding areas, you name it and it is probably there. Way to go Joel" - Gerty (19-Jan-2007)

"Expected a fairly quick raid and boy was I wrong. This is classic trle at its best with a lot of Cleopal elements and you will easily spend 90 minutes or more here being very busy with the collection all the various artefacts along the fairly linear path, battling the usual suspects (harpies, demigods, skeletons) and finding the five secrets. Plenty of jumping and climbing throughout, but never too tedious and a few puzzles with pushables and the occasional timed sequence spice things up a bit. Good one if you like classic adventures." - MichaelP (28-Dec-2006)

"Although gameplay is half-lineal is complex too, 'cause there's not cameras to help you and you have to explore a lot to find many hidden jumpswitches in the dark areas; there are few difficult tasks but possible. Flares were not enough for me. The level is very long, and you have to explore a lot each room if you don't want to go back or get stucked. Near the end I shooted an object with crossbow+sight but I didn't notice something (?)." - Jose (21-Nov-2006)

"The bit at the start of this level where you get rid of a couple of pursuing skellies when a door shuts behind you just appealed to me so much that I settled in for an enjoyable raid. I also found the crowbar quite quickly and anybody who has read my reviews on a regular basis will know that I'm just a bit challenged in the crowbar finding category. So, Jay plus crowbar equals feelings of benevolence. So I was just in the mood for this good, traditional fun raid, with nicely devised and well balanced gameplay, plus attractive, solidly build scenery. You can't go wrong with this one really. Definitely recommended." - Jay (16-Nov-2006)

"This is good ol' fashioned Egyptian raiding from the old school. Gameplay is pretty linear and never confusing or overly challenging. I had my own private seeing eye dog in the form of Gerty's walkthrough which I proofed while playing the level, yet it still took me nearly two hours of net gaming time to get through. Such extensive playing time is becoming rare in single levels, so the builder is to be commended. The lighting is ample and the scenery is quite pleasing on the eyes. This is the kind of level we saw frequently during the early days of the level editor, and for me the charm has never worn off. Play it for the sheer fun of the Tomb Raider experience." - Phil (15-Nov-2006)

"About two hour of good playing and relaxing with Sacred Temple of Isis. Egyptian level and looks like Pallace from TR Revelations. My first thought was i will finish this very fast, but after finding all 4 bugs and lot of other staffs, about 2 hours :) MOst which impressed me are water parts, under water doors, some lights with reflexing and angle of cameras for ending part, where i found trident but not use it. Yes i didnot found shotgun and colt (magnum) but lot of munitions yes ;) . Broken glasses are too like souvenire. There is okay jumping parts with catch too amd few hidden jump lever and doors for this. Timed run scenes are correct and after few tries i did with no more problems. Scarabs are borring like always inegyptians games but at least not too bad to very fast run from them :). Very good part was for i mean third scarab, wher ejem was in fire on block and at momment did not saw jump lever for door near to jem. After i jump and Laras litle bur and jump in near water. After all because its notnormal for Lara to burn :D found wher is switch for fire off. very good level for playing and very good idea of Egypt." - Ivan (13-Nov-2006)
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