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Author(s): Marcos
total rating:8.15 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Blue43 8 9 9 8
eTux 8 9 9 7
Gerty 7 9 8 7
Jay 8 9 9 8
JesseG 9 7 9 7
Jose 8 9 8 8
Kitkat 8 9 9 8
Kristina 6 7 7 7
MichaelP 8 9 8 7
MpGrill 8 9 9 9
Phil 8 8 7 7
Raymond 10 10 9 7
Ryan 8 9 8 8
category averages
(13 reviews)
8.00 8.69 8.38 7.54

Reviewer's comments

"This is a direct sequel to this builder's debut effort and it's very much in a similar vein. The gameplay is again quite cryptic at times, but it is definitely less obscure than before, with less reliance on actions that aren't very clear to the player and more on the exploration and puzzle solving side of things, although some parts again require lateral thinking and it might help to have the walkthrough nearby. The textures are very murky and aren't the most attractive ones out there, but they do serve their purpose for the gameplay, and you don't generally expect light and bright environments from Marcos anyway. The rooms were a bit bare for my liking, but the appearance of the custom enemies and objects, like the appearances of the angel and the dogs leaving behind human skeletons. If you prefer gameplay and don't criticise the environments too much, then you might like this one." - Ryan (20-Apr-2018)

"I recently played the author's latest release the"The Usurped Monastery" and since I liked the style of that level I thought to give one of his earlier levels a try. Well, this is definitely a gloomy underworld level with interesting story line - totally different from the usual raid. The game play is really interesting and contains a good mixture of exploration, fulfilling tasks and combat situations. The builder designed the level to keep the player on the edge and he sure did a good job here. It is one of those levels where one approaches every corner with caution, because there might be a surprise attack. Even just walking around in certain areas could be a little uneasy, as it almost looked like there might be spikes popping up at any time. The game play was definitely not on the easy side. There were a couple of spots where accurate jumping was needed and especially the breakable tile sequences took multiple attempts to accomplish. Also, there were lots of crawl spaces, which were easily overlooked. I had to check with the walk-through multiple times, as I wasn't sure if I missed something or not. The objects in this level were nicely done, lots of statues where one could never be sure if they would suddenly animate and turn into enemies. Lara had a guardian angel in this level, which showed up a couple times either to warn or to help and I thought this was a very nice touch. There was a nice assortment of enemies. Snakes that attacked in groups while Lara was wading through swampy water, a bird monster, skeletons, big black knights and flying red skulls. There were also a couple harmless encounters with spooky creatures and some were even humorous, like the five gargoyles that followed Lara and sounded like they had serious flatulence. I do like spooky levels and I have to say that the atmosphere in this level was top notch. I guess this is the style of level that one either really likes or dislikes. It's definitely not for everyone. The architecture was good and the rooms were well connected. The texturing was well done for the most part, but there were some rooms that looked a little bland. There were a lot of bright red objects used, which made it a bit hard on the eyes sometimes. In general red seemed to be the dominating color in this level. The lighting was bright enough for the most part so that there were not too many flares needed. It seemed a little flat at times but this isn't one of those levels where a player wonders around expecting beautiful views and enjoying the countryside. I am looking forward to play more of the builder's levels after this treat!" - Blue43 (16-Nov-2010)

"First time around I got so stuck and I forgot about this level. Going through my PC I found this one again and decided to give it another go. The very sneaky floor lever in the beginning is to blame that I couldn't continue, so I was glad that the walkthrough was out. There are more levers to pull and they are hidden pretty well, so keep your eyes open. It is still no walk in the park as the builder can put you on the wrong foot so to speak. There are some great things here, like the angels that help you along. Enemies are very well placed and made me jump from time to time. Some nasty jumps are incorporated, with or without blade traps and those for sure will let you reload again and again. The long safety drops one has to do are not so obvious. When you give this one a go, don't be to proud to use the walkthrough or else you might get frustrated enough to throw it in the bin. That is the only downside of the gameplay, in my book anyway." - Gerty (17-Aug-2009)

"Very interesting pair of levels here. Lara is on a quest to track down Susej and trap him in water to help out her blue angel friend, who appears to brief you now and then, and afterward she must escape to what looks like a promising realm of blue skies and trees. Things I were uneasy with: the levels are, naturally, dark and moody, though perhaps a bit too dark sometimes, and unfortunately the larger pits, while impressive in size, get a bit bland as they have mostly one texture used, and are structured as large square rooms with simple columns. The pits are also quite health-draining as Lara must make several death-defying drops and jumps to descend. The darkness serves to obscure several key items, which may get frustrating at times. Lastly I was put off by some misleading breakable tiles in a pit in the first level, from which you can do a running jump to a ledge...if it weren't for invisible walls keeping you from grabbing it. It's all good trying to prevent players from going places they're not supposed to, but the players shouldn't be victimized for it when going places they think they are able to get to. This also left those tiles meaningless. Despite these things the adventure holds a dear place with me as I enjoyed its unique puzzles and encounters, and really felt like I achieved something great after I finished. Look forward to ghosts, headless fiends, flames, swamp things, blades and more. The difficulty is a good challenge, but nothing that takes a dozen tries either, so most raiders should be able to profit from giving this pair of levels a go." - SSJ6Wolf (21-Jun-2009)

"An Amazing level! I always like to play darker and spookier levels,because thay always have something special. Just great work by the Athor. The enemies and the atmosphere in the whole levels are just amazing...really really liked it. A must play." - MpGrill (16-Feb-2009)

"Since I had such good progress with "Poor Wiwi!" I thought I'd give the author's other offerings a go too now (one at time, though) and though I still needed a walkthrough quite frequently in this double-level feature, it took me a little below an hour to get to the end of it, which I consider was a good time making the whole experience worth the trouble. The more memorable aspects of the game undoubtedly are where the originality and author's imagination are concerned. The atmosphere is pretty dark - something is stalking Lara in the initial swamps, other enemies jump at you (out of coffins, or sometimes - out of nowhere) at the most inconvenient times, a blue angel appears to either warn you from pursuing dead end roads or to carry the storyline along, dogs leave skeletons behind when dying, and there are a number of tricky moves in form of jumps and blade traps to keep you occupied, though overall I didn't find the gameplay too difficult. That sums up the parts I liked about the game. On the downside - I thought the looks - while serving the purpose of supporting the overall atmosphere - were a bit uninspired, and that gameplay could've been constructed in a more player-friendly way, because - as I said - I had to rely a bit too much on the walkthrough to get through. Nonetheless, it's a fairly inspired game that will most likely not be suited for all tastes out there, but worth a try if you don't mind something different." - eTux (16-Nov-2007)

"A two level set tha is different and quite unique in many ways, but to me the uniqueness was not always for the better.
Mortal Riddle (8/9/8/7, 45 min., 1 secret): Starting in sewers this level is a lot about sneakily hidden switches and some rather long running and/or climbing sequences. The angel appearance, the mirror room and the pad puzzle are nice, but the highlight for me was rather devious use of enemies (snakes, red flying skulls, ahmets and headless guys, often appearing in very inconvenient moments. The quest is for four gems and and times the actions you need to perform are a bit obscure, so I did have to consult the walkthrough a few times. Nice execution of the various flybys though.
Forced baptism (8/9/8/7, 25 min.): In terms of style, part 2 is much like part 1 only a bit shorter. And did I remember that first area from the author's previous level? Again, I found the enemy choice and placement quite intriguing and also at times challenging. Hilarious idea to have a human skeleton appear when a dog dies.
All in all, an interesting set, which is probably more enjoyable to work your way through if you do not have the walkthrough too far away while playing to avoid some possible frustration." - MichaelP (26-Oct-2007)

"That was a nice level although gloomy and with an atmosphere I don't particularly like. The demon like, hell like settings are settings that do not interest me and I do not enjoy such levels. There are gems to find, monsters and demons plus a few enemies that ignore Lara. The gameplay is ok with no surprises though so I would say this is a medium level. I found one secret." - Kristina (04-Apr-2007)

"I nearly didn't play this level once I realised it was a sequel and I hadn't played the first installement. I'm glad I did play it now and shall be playing "The Holy Misison" soon too. This is a dark level, psychologically as well as the lighting! Lara is in Hell after all and it is a challenging place for her and us. There was some tricky jumps and difficult to find items. The "demons" Lara trageted but you couldn't really see properly and which didn't attack her were just disturbing! There was some lighter moments too - I liked the statues that stuck their tongues out at Lara! There was lots of nice custom objects and textures also. This is a creepy, enjoyable level. One to be played at night with the lights off!" - Kitkat (01-Apr-2007)

"Another gloomy level from this author. Gameplay is better than the previous "The Holly Mission" 'cause although it's a dark level (you are in hell) you can see where you're going and there are enough flares. Some new cool objects and enemies, horrible creatures and a tetric atmosphere make a terrifying level but musics are not much in accord with the ambience. Could be some more weapons too but you really don't need them. Sometimes you have to hurt Lara a lot dropping from high places, and another times it's difficult to figure out where to place the objects you have got; there are serveral jumpswitches very well hidden and disimulated, and several hard tasks too, but superable after a few tries so don't you become desperate, you can get it." - Jose (12-Mar-2007)

"This isn't my cup of tea at all. The gameplay actually isn't all that bad, it's just that the surroundings are so dark and devoid of any artistic interest. It almost made UB4 seem like a splash of midday brightness by comparison. There are two levels here, both of which will take you on the order of ninety minutes to complete. With all the other levels out there, I can't think of a single reason to recommend this one. My scores may seem higher than this review would suggest, but I recognize the technical skills that went into the building of this release, and these are worthy of notice." - Phil (09-Mar-2007)

"It's immediately obvious that this is going to be something a little different, very much in the same vein as the author's first level, to which this is a sequel. From the unseen creatures in the murky water that Lara kept aiming at but never seemed to do any actual harm to her, the small weird red things, the creepy cut scenes and general atmosphere, it's very spooky indeed. There are some tricky manoeuvres at times and some interesting puzzles too. My only criticism would be that some of the large areas were very bare and could have used a bit of 'furniture'. Well worth playing however." - Jay (07-Feb-2007)

"Again a creepy level by Marcos. And also again a very enjoyable level, with creative, excellent gameplay. Lara is again in a demonish world to find Susej, a kind of chief demon. In the first part Lara has to find amagic star and four gems and place it in the right places to solve a riddle given in the beginning of the level. You have to solve some creative puzzles, do some tricky things, make some nice jumps and find very well (but always fair) hidden objects. The second level is rather short, but also full of nice ideas. You will have situatins, which are frightening and hilarious at the same time, at least it had been for me. Marcos understands to create a nice atmosphere, with the objects, enemies and audio he used and with well done cutscenes. Only lighting is rather poor in most places and textures are sometimes wallpaper like. If Marcos improves his skills in this area, his levels will become masterpieces. So this level is nothing for the faint harted ones. A must-play for all expierenced players (It's quite challenging sometimes!)" - Raymond (14-Jan-2007)
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