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Author(s): Zelda master
total rating:3.40 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Ampersand 5 5 6 5
Ceamonks890 4 3 5 2
eTux 1 2 1 2
Gerty 2 2 5 2
Ivan 5 4 5 5
Jay 3 3 5 4
JesseG 3 5 5 6
Jose 4 5 4 5
Kristina 1 2 2 2
Leeth 5 4 4 6
manarch2 4 3 5 1
MichaelP 3 3 5 1
Orbit Dream 1 2 2 4
Ruediger 3 3 4 2
Ryan 2 2 4 3
Samu 4 4 3 2
Treeble 1 2 3 3
Zhyttya 5 4 4 4
category averages
(18 reviews)
3.11 3.22 4.00 3.28

Reviewer's comments

"Another demo that ended extremely abruptly. The cutscene was nice, as was the opening ladder/mirror floor puzzle, but then came the dark maze and my enjoyment diminished. A quick slidy floor, followed by some invisible ledges and it's all over." - Ryan (14-May-2017)

"It has a lot of lovely details! Kinda sad it was just a demo. The stairs detail was great! And the last part with the lava and the invisible platforms was awesome. Still, the maze was a bit annoying with the only 3 flares at the beginning and the random kill on the crossbow its kinda frustrating when you end it and don't save. Still, I really wanted to play more of this, but sadly its just a demo.. a great concept never the less! Really recommend if you need new ideas to create a new level" - Leeth (03-Sep-2015)

"The ideas were really good. Loved the first puzzle with the mirror floor, that really got me excited to see the rest of the level. However as soon you enter the maze area, everything goes down hill. The dark maze was super annoying, you have no flares to pick up before entering, meaning that you need to navigate through the maze which has no source of light, except a few torches once in a while. The background sound was very pleasing. Apart from the beginning of the level the atmosphere overall is boring and seems sloppy. Guess that Zelda master got tired after the first part of the level." - Zhyttya (03-Sep-2015)

"After seeing the previous reviews for this release, I genuinely believed that I wouldn't have much fun with this short 10 minute demo. But to be perfectly honest, I didn't find this game nearly as bad as other levels that I've reviewed in the past. It does have its problems of course, but I think this is still pretty commendable for a first release. The animated cutscene at the beginning is pretty decent and helps set up what this demo is about, with a rather solid vocal performance from Greenkey2 as Lara. The ambiance music played throughout the demo is also well-chosen, adding a lot to the atmosphere. And there are some quite creative puzzles shown off here(albeit considerably flawed in terms of their design.) Unfortunately, that's where a lot of the pros end. Most of the time players will spend playing this demo, is within the infamous maze itself(which is far too dark, requiring a lot more flares than you'll ever end up getting and with a lack of proper landmarks in the maze to direct yourself in the right direction, on top of enemies that can blind-sight you quite easily from the shadows, can lead to unnecessarily frustration.) Texturing is also pretty bad with a lot of wallpapered/repetitive textures throughout and the lighting could have used a lot more work. Once we've gotten out of the maze with a unused key(and two secrets, if you manage to find them and put up with the tedium that is) and bypassed a pool of lava via platforms that can only be seen by lighting a flare, the game just anticlimactically ends. Overall, a short demo that demonstrates an interesting concept but fails in terms of proper execution. Seven years on from the original release, we have still not seen the full version of this game that the demo implies. I realize it's incredibly unlikely at this point in time, but I would have liked to see what Zelda Master could have done, if he managed to develop this novel idea any further. But I guess we'll never end up knowing what he had in mind." - Ceamonks890 (26-Mar-2014)

"This level is actually not that bad. OK, the maze is way too dark, but it was quite interesting to find. One thing I never saw before in a custom level; that was to fall WHILE shimmying around a corner to land safely. Well, that is not much, but it made some fun." - manarch2 (02-Nov-2010)

"The level seems to have a promising start, complete with cutscene and all. I liked the puzzle in the first room, I don't think I've seen it done quite that way before. However then I was thrown into an odd maze with some pickups (some of which are booby-trapped), zombies, dogs, and it is all completely dark except for some strange flames that appear and disappear randomly. This part of the level didn't seem to have much significance beyond increasing gameplay time, and I can see why - for all the grandeur of the several areas the whole demo only lasted about 5 minutes. Somehow exiting the maze after a roundabout has the next door open (this is not indicated in any way) which leads to a lava room. You jump some ledges, some of which are only visible with a flare lit. This was unfortunate considering the previous dark maze, in which I did not find any additional flares. Upon clearing that room the level ends. Pretty simple, nothing much to it, but I see potential here. If more things to do could be added to the existing rooms, and the maze scrapped or greatly improved, then this level would have a great start." - SSJ6Wolf (12-Jun-2009)

"The best of this demo is definitely the background audio, and I think it's very fitting for the title of the level. The actual level isn't as relevant however, because it's very bright and then pitch black in the maze. You run out of flares soon enough, and 2 minutes later you find yourself switching off the speakers because you can't stand the sound of Lara's pistols anymore. Fortunately you get more flares after leaving the maze, and make sure you keep one to spot the ledges over the fire later. I actually thought that was a nice touch and reminiscent to the Indian levels of TR3. 10 minutes, 2 secrets. 04/08" - Treeble (06-Apr-2008)

"I am confused with this demo. It's very short, nine minutes long and that is because of the pitch black and complicated maze that holds two secrets, dogs and mummies. The key I found in it had no use. At some point in the lava room I thought it would go further but after the last jump the demo ended. At the beginning there are many ladders but the wall to climb is unmarked and I wonder why. I believe demos should be released only if they have a few vital areas and puzzles to shows, otherwise builders should just finish the game and then release it." - Kristina (12-Apr-2007)

"A demo too much short to can say something about it. There are good details like the first animation, the ladder in the mirror or the invisible ledges, but exploring the labyrinth only with 3 flares is not a good idea. Architecture is simply too and cameras don't exist (when the door in the main room open?), although background music is not bad. A lot of work remains to release a good level." - Jose (14-Mar-2007)

"I think that there are some nice features in this level like a cutscene in the beginning, invisible blocks and a ladder puzzle but mainly this was not an enjoyable raid. One of the bad things is that the maze is too dark and other areas need more lighting. Textures aren't used creatively and the environment looks pretty simple. The gameplay is neither especiall despite this level has some nice things as I mentioned in the beginning of this review. This was also too short level because completing it takes less than 10 minutes. Unfortunately this level didn't manage to appeal to me but I can tell I have seen much worse job." - Samu (28-Feb-2007)

"I was lucky enough to maneuver through the maze quickly and finished this demo in 5 minutes, but if I didn't like the pitch black maze idea in Recon Labs 3, where it actually was pretty atmospheric when you think of it - it didn't work that well for me here either. The flames appearing and disappearing might have been a good idea here to illuminate Lara's way but I couldn't really figure out a pattern that made them work. Surprisingly I still found the 'Darkness key' and a secret in there. Other than that - the sliding floor is nice, as is the first room where it's necessary to find the true ladder via the help of the floor, but overall I didn't see much point in releasing the level as it is now. But if the author thought of this as a cheap way to get some advice on what to improve - I can do that: The rooms are pointlessly big and empty, the lighting could be improved in both - brightness and terms of complexity, the texture appliance could me more interesting, the rooms could have more to do in them, the puzzles more player-friendly - and the level more worth releasing." - eTux (26-Feb-2007)

"The author asked us not to be too hard on his/her(?) first attempt at a cutscene. Actually, I thought it was pretty good. In fact the start was quite promising altogether, with a nice little variation on the mirror room and it looked well built, but then we ventured into pitch black maze territory so I had to grit my teeth and pray for deliverance. Could this be turned into a worthwhile level? Very possibly, with quite a bit of work, but please, please, please ditch the interminable maze (or at least shorten it considerably)." - Jay (07-Feb-2007)

"In second try when played this level saw more than first time:) Thanks to Michael for opening my eyes. Little was confused and blind like mice and after saw hidden ladder in same entry room, start. For a demo level is not too long for play and will continue to better and better. Found two secrets in labyrinth area, few enemies and some objects which are very usefull, flares as first. Area with lava is better than start, and two small demons keeps secret of hidden transparent jumping way. Waiting for continue of demo." - Ivan (06-Feb-2007)

"I was attracted to the level by Michael's review ("pitch black maze and no flares provided"), but actually I spent 10 of the 13 minutes playing time in that monotonously textured maze, so there wasn't really much else, and there is a difference between darkness and atmospheric darkness! Lara begins looking up and down in a room with glass floor where the only climbable wall is indicated by a ladder in the room below. Strange idea, because if you see ladders before you which you can't climb, that simply doesn't make sense, unless they were made of fog. These looked like solid wood, though! Anyhow, up you go and into the maze. Following the left wall, you meet mummies and dogs, find a key and (in a crawlspace!) a crossbow. Don't pick up the other one that is so conveniently placed in the middle of the corridor... Out of the maze, you get into a room where you slide down and jump over lava - attention: invisible platforms! Then, the demo suddenly ends. Which is possible in a demo and I've seen worse, but it wasn't too inviting to come back for an extended raid next time, either." - Ruediger (27-Jan-2007)

"It's a Demo;it's a learning experience for the builder;an ordeal for the player.All of the Gameplay elements are mis-judged and need to be removed but the construction is solid,as far as it goes. Interesting cut-scene..and that's about it." - Orbit Dream (22-Jan-2007)

"Maybe if the time that was spend on making the cut scene was poured into finishing this level to make it more playable than the 10 minutes it took me to get as far as it goes. The maze wasn't that bad but either give me more flares than the two-flare pick-up I found or put some light in this pitch-black maze. Found some invisible doors, so have a look at those, as that is plain sloppy. The unmarked climb wall, well isn't so unmarked as looking at the floor might give you a hint where to expect a ladder. The invisible ledges are a big NO NO as that is plain mean. Found even 2 secrets. So back to the computer and give us a proper game please." - Gerty (22-Jan-2007)

"I guess I can understand the desire to release a demo as a debut in order to get something out there and get some feedback. This one however was clearly released prematurely. It is very short indeed at less than 10 minutes, it stops abruptly just when you think it could get going further with the almost pickup of a second key and instead of producing a technically ok, but conceptionally rather irrelevant cutscene, it might have been better to think about spending more time on the actual level design, which has several of the big No-No's in it (unmarked climb wall in the first room, invisible ledges in the lava room, pitch black maze and no flares provided), so that the few minutes spent here create no desire at all to play a possible extended version in the future." - MichaelP (21-Jan-2007)

"Tomb of Eternal Vexation' would have been a more apt title for this demo. It got off to a promising start, with a great little cutscene, a clever ladder puzzle and some excellent background music, but unfortunately I didn't enjoy the rest as much - particularly the maze. I'm afraid complete blackness doesn't equal atmosphere, nor does a seemingly endless maze of blind alleys equal gameplay. I spent several minutes running about banging into corners and being attacked by enemies I could hardly see, and without a single flare left to alleviate my suffering. When I finally escaped, it was only to find that I needed yet more flares to continue, but none were forthcoming. I felt the level was trying too hard to be clever, inserting lots of fancy but ultimately pointless and player-unfriendly features. I was relieved when I reached the (very abrupt) end, and disappointed because with a little tweaking it could have been so much more enjoyable. I hope the author rectifies things for the final level. If you have time to spare and eyesight to waste, try this level out. Ten minutes and two secrets found." - Ampersand (20-Jan-2007)
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