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Author(s): Bodlac
total rating:5.77 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Akcy 5 6 7 6
Drakan 6 6 7 5
eRIC 5 6 6 6
EssGee 5 6 6 6
eTux 5 6 7 5
Gerty 4 6 6 4
Jay 6 6 7 4
JesseG 5 6 6 6
Jose 6 6 6 5
Kitkat 5 7 7 5
Kristina 4 5 5 5
MichaelP 6 6 6 4
Obig 7 8 8 7
Orbit Dream 4 7 7 4
Ryan 5 6 7 5
Samu 6 6 7 4
category averages
(16 reviews)
5.25 6.19 6.56 5.06

Reviewer's comments

"I suppose the concept of Tomb Reality excuses a lot of things in a level like this but still, I think the builder overstepped the mark where lighting is concerned. There are more than enough flares to see you through, but it nonetheless becomes very monotonous trudging through the numerous dark corridors, lighting flare after flare until you reach your next objective. And the huge labyrinth was also very tedious. This major gripe overshadowed (no pun intended) what was otherwise a pleasant enough first level with a good atmosphere and nice music added, plus the finale provided a much needed surge of adrenaline as Lara crossed the finish trigger." - Ryan (24-Mar-2019)

"Apart from the labyrinth and the rather obscure passages, this level is quite interesting. The torches are sufficient but it is tiring to play in this darkness. The final fight is not a fight since the boss is invincible and you have to run to maneuver the 3 levers." - Drakan (14-Dec-2018)

"Good idea to have a mythological theme with a twist. Good also to have a builder who cares about realism both in the setting and in situations, even if it means that the setting is often dark , but you get enough flares and later on torches. This catacombesque adventure is interesting to play , and with no difficulties for the player (with the exception of the artefact hidden behind a movable sarcophagus hard to spot). The ending part with the labyrinth that leads to the minotaur lair was not that interesting , but not overwhelming either." - eRIC (28-Apr-2010)

"A simple cave/temple level that lasts a half-hour. Actually, I use the term "simple" loosely, considering part of the level is a multi-level maze. Once you realize that the torches and pushable blocks are meaningless, however, then the pace picks up again. The minotaur encounter made things interesting, and you must avoid flames while throwing open the doors to your freedom. The level is too dark in some places, though at least many flares are given. The textures show effort, but should flow a bit better, especially with triangulated surfaces. Some audio tracks are triggered that are not provided in the download. There is one secret to find that lets you see a picture. A decent first step into the building world." - SSJ6Wolf (18-Apr-2009)

"For those of you who think the title is strange, the whole plot started by Poseidon, when cursed Minos' wife to fall in love with a bull, the result was Minotaur, whom we meet at the end of the level. While the author reached for reality from some standpoints, neglected it from some others, first thing comes to mind is the secret. All in all still a good level, considering it's a debut, positively promising. Nicely designed rooms, just not overdone labyrinth, easy and enjoyable gameplay, mostly fine textures. A bit more Greekish elements here and there wouldn't hurt though. I really liked the added music, and the atmosphere it helped to create. Although there is a good reason for the darkness, and we are given lot of flares, still finished with only two left in my backpack. Aiming for reality is a noble goal indeed, but also is good entertainment, finding the balance between them would be the key, I reckon." - Akcy (29-Apr-2007)

"A solid little debut level in catacomb style which was actually fun to play thorough despite the prevailing darkness, until of course the pitch black maze area comes up towards the end which spoils it all. The room before that was actually quite cleverly designed and fun to explore within and around it. Nothing spectacular otherwise though with a few guards to kill, plenty of flare pickups, a few boulder and spike traps, a fun little secret area and hammergod at the end that you need to evade for a while. 30 minutes, depending how lucky you are in making it through the maze." - MichaelP (22-Apr-2007)

"Reality and playability are two different things. I understand the reality but we, the players want to play a level and we know that being underground it is pitch black without a light source. But give us a break here. This was not a nice level to play and all the work went into it, didn't pan out at all, what is a pity though." - Gerty (21-Apr-2007)

"This is the darkest level I've ever played. I know that underground tombs must be dark, but most of the areas of this level are totally black, there are not any kind of light; at least I found some packs of flares and some torches. To be the first level of this author, it's not bad and there are some good ideas though not innovative puzzles, cameras don't exist but musics are in good direction. This builder can give us good works in the future." - Jose (19-Apr-2007)

"It's amazing just how many enemies drop flares and believe me you'll be glad - this is in parts a very dark level indeed. It's a good concept - Lara exploring the labyrinth and meeting the minotaur, and it's pretty well executed, but it doesn't feel especially Greek, with its predominately catacomb style textures. There are a lot of dead ends and I picked up a trident I never got to use. It's neither a long nor a difficult level so if you don't mind the dark you might just enjoy it. At least plenty of flares are provided and a couple of torches. Not at all a bad offering for a debut level" - Jay (28-Mar-2007)

"There is no Temple of Poseidon here, no relevance with the story or anything to even resemble the Greek mythology that's talking about Crete and the Minotaur. It's just a very dark, most of the time, level with hands, a star and a trident to find. The textures are Egyptian like, there's the hammer guy and Lara pushing a few objects. There is one secret to find with the builder's picture to see, I think. Well I didn't like it." - Kristina (19-Mar-2007)

"First level eh? Tomb reality eh? Ok so we are given some parameters of what constitutes 'tomb reality' in the readme. Yep I see where you're coming from with darkness, lightsources, mechanical switches etc, and to that end the author has done what he set out to do. But does this work as a gaming experience? And that's where as a builder one has to choose between reality and simulating reality, if you wish your level to appeal to the TR Fans. (Has flashback to very dark area in first level I built).... yeah it seemed like a real good idea at the time - in hindsight it was not a good look. There are lighting tricks one can learn that can create darkness without a room being pitch black. Having to rely on flares for large portions of a level is simply not good gameplay. Total darkness is a cheap excuse for clever puzzling. And flares tend to expose the stretched and squashed texture mistakes that are made in these dark areas (of which there were quite a few). Same goes for a bland brickwall maze - riveting stuff - not. Ok back to reality (that's tomb reality) - so let's talk about a few things - a naked flame does not cast a blindingly bright red aura throughout a room where it occurs. If a switch needs to be close to the door it operates, then why were there three floor switches scattered at far corners of the minotaur lair? Only one of these was near the door that they triggered. Not sure where modern brick wall textures fitted into the picture of this ancient tomb. If you're gonna have deadly hot zones in the water then perhaps at least put bubbles or a geyser or something to suggest that there is a source of heat. There are other more subtle mishaps like overly large invisible collision on columns or coffins that Lara can walk through. OOh and that pile of shatter vases looked pretty funny when I shot all the middle ones first, leaving the top row mysteriously floating in mid air??? But these are things that hopefully this builder will learn as he develops his building skills. There is a quirky secret to be found where in a light interlude we are greeted by the builder. Don't ask me how a solid brick wall suddenly becomes a water portal. For a first level, I've been fairly harsh in my critique, but don't be discouraged by this, the builder has shown enough potential in this level to take on board what is being suggested and develop as a good builder." - EssGee (16-Mar-2007)

"This is the first level from bodlac and it is quite good. In character it is most reminiscent to the Catacombs of TR4, most of the textures are from that level and some from the greek levels of TR1. Texturing is well done althought the level is quite dark, the added sounds and music nicely enhance the athmosphere. The enemies are a few mercenaries, a small scorpion and of course Minotaur himself with a huge hammer. I had to use one medipack because of the big falls - after the secret Lara's health-meter was barely flashing so I had to cure the girl before the showdown with Minotaur. Do not use DOZY, if you do you have a chance that Laras flare won't work at the last part of the level. It was a good adventure, I recommend it to everyone. You can find a walkthrough, savegames and pictures here:" - Obig (11-Mar-2007)

"This is absolutely the darkest adventure I have ever played. About 90% of the places are so dark that you have to use flares and it was too dark for me. Author tells in read me that he intended to make a realistic level and thats why there's no lighting in places where's no light source. This game has also places you don't have to visit because it's possible in real life. My opinion is that level doesn't have to be as realistic as this level is. I really didn't enjoy the darkness and the areas you don't have to visit. Among the minus sides this level has also plus sides. Atmosphere is pretty nice including well chosen audio tracks and the environment would be quite good if it wasn't as dark as it is. I liked also the room where you have to move some chests to find a hidden crawlspace. I really think that author has potential to build good levels but I advice not to make more this kind of reality projects in future." - Samu (10-Mar-2007)

"Ah, reconstruction of reality in one's levels! Many have tried it, some succeed better, some could've handled it differently. In here it is such a slippery slope from being intentionally - i.e. realistically dark, intentionally leaving some dead ends along the way and then making you wonder why some parts of the pool somewhere in the middle of the adventure kill you or don't according to the author's convenience, and how all the bad guys get ahead of doors yet to be opened, why there are burning torches in a tomb that's been entered for the first time in centuries anyway and the list could go on and on and on. So the reality you can achieve in the levels really does depend on the way you look at it - the author might have thought that the brightness and linearity of gameplay are the main factors, while for me there are so many more dimensions, so in general this level isn't any more realistic than the 600 other levels I've played due to the traits which the author implied makes it more realistic - it's merely dark and, at times, confusing. That's not to say I didn't enjoy it though. The darkness can be annoying, but at least there's a plethora of flares, the one secret I found is neat, the gameplay despite some of its maze-like and misleading elements not so tough, and the atmosphere is rather nice and spooky throughout the adventure - especially when you're on your own. An interesting debut worth playing, just be aware that it's rather dark, and that there is a labyrinth with this level focusing on the Minotaur's myth. As for the author - of course the above was just my take on the whole 'wanting to achieve a realistic tomb raiding experience', but maybe it's worth reconsidering where you can sacrifice realism for enjoyment, and where it actually enhances your level?" - eTux (10-Mar-2007)

"Yes this level is dark. Yes this level has quite a big maze. If you hate both of those things this level isn't for you. But if you are willing to give it a go you will find yourself experiencing a nice little raid. There are a few not to tricky jumps, a good rolling ball trap and a great secret. Also a deadly dead-end and lots of mercenaries who kindly drop lots of flares so you can find your way through the labyrinth to the Minotaur. The level is nicely textured (when you can see it) and the choice of music really enhances the atmosphere. And as it says in the readme it is possible to finish the level without visiting every area and using every key pickup. I'm just not sure what the labyrinth and the Minotaur have to do with Poseidon?" - Kitkat (10-Mar-2007)

"It's apparently a beginners level,it's rather well-crafted and it has a great Secret. However,it also has a few obvious weaknesses which are subtly hinted at in the accompanying Readme,from which I shall now quote(in abridged form): "This is a Tomb Reality project. To keep the level rational, I've followed these points:No lights without a lightsource...Not every road leads to somewhere" Storywise,this adventure tells the tale of Lara hunting down the Minotaur in the centre of a huge dark labyrinth. OK,for those of you who are a bit slow on the up-take,allow me to succinctly re-cap those salient points again: 1) No lights.2)Not every road leads to somewhere.3)Huge dark labyrinth. You have been warned!" - Orbit Dream (08-Mar-2007)
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