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Author(s): Chocolate
total rating:4.40 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Ceamonks890 2 4 4 4
eTux 1 3 4 4
Gerty 2 3 4 3
Jay 3 6 7 7
Jose 3 5 5 6
Kitkat 4 6 7 7
Kristina 4 4 4 4
Leeth 4 4 5 6
MichaelP 2 4 4 4
misho98 4 3 3 5
Orbit Dream 2 4 7 7
Ryan 3 4 4 4
Spike 4 5 6 6
Xela 4 6 6 5
Zhyttya 4 5 5 5
category averages
(15 reviews)
3.07 4.40 5.00 5.13

Reviewer's comments

"Another Mansion level... Yeah, been there and done that countless times over. Unless you're willing to gun down a few unwelcome house guests and witness the admittedly unexpected appearance of a T-Rex (!), there's little deviation from the original format, aside from the fact that all of the doors have an odd tendency to growl like tigers whenever they're opened. But that's really about it. Up to you how long you spend here." - Ryan (25-Mar-2019)

"So there's really nothing negative to point out. I loved the re-visit to TR2 last level and also the music! Thank you so much for including both the action song from TR2 and the mansion! The only reason why this is a low score level it's maybe because it's nothing more but the recreation of a job already done. In other words, it's a copy. Anyway, recommend to anyone who wants to do a killing spree." - Zhyttya (12-Apr-2016)

"Always a pleasant surprise to revisit this level, specially with some lovely additions! Was a fun level to play, would love an end trigger of some kind or some people will just roam about for days if they don't go to the walk-through. Still, recommend for a bit of fun" - Leeth (12-Apr-2016)

"I had some fun shooting the intruders of Lara's home but it ended very quickly and then there's nothing to do. More enemies and more tasks can do a lot for this level otherwise it's just the house from TR3 filled with enemies. I also find the jeep keys but still wasn't very interested. Some animations are missing and you can hear weird sounds at moments. Textures are okay in some rooms and very flawed in others. The music gets annoying after a while. It's cool to blast some enemies in 10 minutes but it didn't felt as action packed as I thought it would be." - misho98 (25-Dec-2015)

"Outside of the general manor layout bearing more of a resemblance to TR3's Home level(rather than TR2's), the gameplay taking place during the day(rather than nighttime) and the Fiamma Nera thugs being replaced with tribal natives, SAS troops and a rather out-of-place T-Rex for whatever reason, this is pretty much the 'Home Sweet Home' level from TR2 as you remember it. But overall though, this is just another Core Design style Croft Manor rehash regardless, that unfortunately still doesn't provide anything drastically different enough from what we've already seen before, amongst the other umpteenth re-releases of this specific level map. So, if that is a problem for you, look elsewhere. Only die-hard fans of Home-themed levels should be recommended to check this one out." - Ceamonks890 (08-Dec-2014)

"I will admit that my bias is in favor of the builder on this one; I love Lara's Home. I loved it in the original games, and I love it here. Granted that that's where the praise has to end, as there isn't much added to this mansion. It strikingly resembles the TR3 House level, and doesn't roll the ball much further. Fighting the enemies was fun, but once they were dealt with I wondered what the main point of all of this was. If you want to see what it's like if natives and a T-rex assault Lara's home, then check this out. But there isn't much else for those outside that diminutive market." - Xela (08-Aug-2013)

"Not thrilled to have to play another house level as most of them are just boring and so this one is as well, so no disappointment here then. In a couple of minutes this was over and done with as it is rather straight forward and you should know the way through this house by now. Picking up some keys and finally meeting a T-Rex, right outside the manor. Why this one is made with TREP is beyond me, but apparently some builders need to lay their hands on the newest of the newest instead of learning the basics. Still mystified why there are Sample sounds in the download as the TR4 has them and also why a double set of English and Script. Oh well...." - Gerty (09-Aug-2007)

"I was about to write what a run of the mill Lara's Home level this was, and how the natives and T-Rex were terribly out of place, but then this level sort of made me realize what a wonderful tool to express our fantasies the level editor truly is! Think that having natives and pre-historic beings storm Lara's home is a neat idea? Nowadays you have all you need and more to make it happen! Yeah, so there's not a whole lot of innovation involved besides that - the minor alterations in the assault course or training room don't really add much to making this Lara's home experience different than the approximately 50 other home levels out there, but I believe it's a wonderful thing that this can be done - even if only for your own and a couple of friends entertainment! Soppy and noble ideas aside - if the house is built (or even textured and lit!) from scratch and not a pre-made project - then congratulations, cause it's fairly well done - yet as far as other critique goes - in some rooms the lighting could've been more sophisticated (use of sun-bulbs and other lighting objects), I believe several of the 'bugs' in the list the author provides, could've been easily fixed and a finish trigger wouldn't have been bad as well! Nice effort - but since there're only a few crumbs of originality scattered through this house, the ratings are more on the low side - though I can see that the author's original work could be a lot of fun and something to look forward to!" - eTux (23-Jul-2007)

"Another Lara's home level? I thought that people was bored of this mansion but somebody still not. Only a shooter where you must kill a lot of guards, south pacific natives and a T-Rex. There is no finish trigger. And there is not anything else to say. Only if you want to explore, for the umpteenth time the same old house." - Jose (17-Jul-2007)

"Lara's Home - yet another why spend the 10 minutes in here? I honestly don't know. Well, unless you like shooters because you get to kill quite a few invaders, namely guards and natives (?) and not to forget the T-Rex roaming around the front gate. Only for the die hard Home Levle fans." - MichaelP (06-Jul-2007)

"Well, this is certainly one of the more original Home levels I have played...that doesn't mean to say it's fantastic though. It was quite fun blasting the tribesmen and T-rex with a shotgun and the texturing was decent, (if rather predictable) but all in all it was a pretty bland level, that offers nothing particularly different from TR2's 'Home Sweet Home'." - Spike (01-Jul-2007)

"I am tired of these mansion levels. In my opinion they have nothing to offer anymore especially when they are just copies with minor changes. This one is one of those so don't expect anything different except from some tribesmen and SAS that seemed to be out of place. Not to mention the T-Rex outside the gates, now what was that all about!" - Kristina (24-Jun-2007)

"Lara's home but not as you know it. Croft Manor has been over run with SAS, South Pacific cannibals and dinosaurs... Don't worry, there is plenty of ammo in the gun cupboard. Chocolate certainly knows how to liven up a 'Home' level! The lighting and textures are mansion lighting and textures, we all know how it is supposed to look. But they are applied well. I didn't find any secrets or a finish trigger... All in all it's a fun level, not too taxing, but fun." - Kitkat (19-Jun-2007)

"This is basically a rehash of the original TR2 Home Sweet Home level only with the addition of natives and a T-Rex, which makes it a bit odd really. If you liked the official version, you might want to take a look at this just to see the difference, but it's probably more for die hard mansion level fans and I freely admit I'm not one. Still, we always appreciate a T-Rex, don't we? What do you mean, 'no'? Some people have no gratitude, lol." - Jay (15-Jun-2007)

"There are two rather curious aspects to this level: one is that all the doors make a curious burping sound whenever they're opened;the second is that (according to the Read-Me) the Builder seems under the impression that a "Lara's mansion" level is quite a good and original idea. Sorry to disapoint him,but it isn't either of those things. The thirty minutes I spent here were completely predictable (fill in the gameplay elements yourself:locate book in Library;key in aquarium;button behind swimmingpool) and therefore unexciting. The enemies wre easy to kill,especially the poor old T-Rex (the appearance of whom was the one unexpected moment in the game);the race-track involved no challenging maneuvres;and there was no Finish Tigger. I suspect that the Mansion itself was created using an already existing prj,but if that were the case why place some of the doors the wrong way round? If,however,it was built 'from the ground up' exclusively for this level then it's a decent achievement;but there's nothing here to tempt seasoned players,who will already have seen it's type several dozen times before." - Orbit Dream (13-Jun-2007)
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