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Author(s): pTURKEYq
total rating:5.38 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
eRIC 2 6 5 7
EssGee 4 6 7 8
Gerty 3 2 6 7
Jay 4 4 7 8
Jose 5 6 5 7
Kitkat 4 6 6 8
Kristina 2 3 6 6
MichaelP 3 6 6 8
Orbit Dream 2 4 7 8
Ryan 3 4 7 7
Spike 4 3 7 8
Treeble 3 5 6 7
category averages
(12 reviews)
3.25 4.58 6.25 7.42

Reviewer's comments

"2007 clearly was the year of the demo, and this another one in typical "blink and you'll miss it" style. The TR1 Egypt textures are used nicely to create an attractive environment, but gameplay is quite meagre with just a few jumps (one leading to a useless route), a useless item and an absolute yawnfest of a cage push. 10 minutes and it's done and dusted." - Ryan (25-Mar-2019)

"Well, it's a rather disappointing demo if I may say so. We start out in an area that looks quite promising, but there's at least two issues here. First there's a gap too long for Lara to clear (if there were any new moves included, I have no idea since there's no readme included). But it's ok, because you can jump to a flat surface between another gap, which I'm pretty sure was unintentional. This leads to the next issue, you have two columns covered in grass, but only the far one is climbable, when it looks exactly the same as the one right in front of you. A few minutes later you arrive in a room with catwalks where you have to drag a box to the other side, since there is no clear indication where it should go to open the door, I just pushed it towards the other end and voilá, the door opened -- and the level ended. 15 minutes, 1 secret. 04/09" - Treeble (04-Apr-2009)

"Another demo and this does look promising I have to say. But there is no sound while pushing the block and it is two-dimensional. Now we wait for the full game, at least I hope so." - Gerty (01-Sep-2007)

"This demo is very short to can say something but at first sight has good aspect. Scenes are good and an easy gameplay. Didn't like me to move the cage a long path. Could be more pickups too and not only the secret. The best I like were lights and textures." - Jose (17-Jul-2007)

"This demo is a bit difficult to rate. Climbing at the upper level of the big room was quite confusing. There are some missing sounds for objects, and it ends up quickly after 10 minutes and a pushable object puzzle. I like the jump switch hidden in the bush, and the texturing and shaping of the blocks in the main cave reminds us of the good old TR1. There is certainly potential here and the level looks good, but this demo is quite insufficient in itself to provide a good moment of raiding." - eRIC (14-Jul-2007)

"This is a very short level {it is a demo after all} set in a very imprressive main room. Lovely Egyptian paintings and columns, with sand banked up along walls and blocking doors. After an initial onslaught from three different enemies, you make your indisturbed way around ledges surrounding the room to an ante-chamber, a flooded tunnel and a pushable 'puzzle' and - the level ends. The atmosphere, lighting and textures for a demo are great, it's a pity it is so short as there isn't really enough gameplay and puzzles to really get you teeth into. There was one or two rooms I saw as I went around that I couldn't get into, I'm looking forward to a full game from pTURKEYq so I can see what's in them!" - Kitkat (01-Jul-2007)

"The main attraction of this demo in my opinion is the pretty architecture and texturing. However, the gameplay aspect of it pales in comparison. After getting attacked by a bunch of enemies at the very start, it turns out that there are no more for the rest of the level, which was a bit of a disappointment. Although, at least that means we get to concentrate on the 'puzzles', right? Well, jumping around the first room was fun, but then we arrived at the second main room with a very...tedious...zzz...block pushing task. Hardly the most exciting thing in the world to be doing, and I personally would have preferred some more acrobatics, but at least it's something to wish for in the full version. I found one secret which was not particularly well hidden, seems as I stumbled upon it entirely by accident while backflipping away from a harpy. Plenty of stuff to be improving for the full version then." - Spike (01-Jul-2007)

"Short and sweet. This little demo debut actually looks quite nice and the platforms around the huge sand filled room are fun to negotiate, while the long and tedious push block is a bit of a pain. 10 minutes, 2 secrets." - MichaelP (28-Jun-2007)

"It is a demo of course, so don't be surprised if it lasts only seven minutes. The setting wasn't cleopal in my opinion but more like TR1 with some crocodiles, a puma and a harpy. There is a pharos knot that you won't be able to use, some swimming and a moving block. That's it, you finished the demo already. It didn't even have one puzzle to get us into the mood. You better wait and see the whole game." - Kristina (24-Jun-2007)

"Did anybody else feel the urge to add 'Batman' on the end of the title? No? Okay, just me then. It's clearly demo season at the moment and they do tend to vary quite a bit in quality, from the 'surprisingly good' to the 'so bad you can't stop shuddering for several hours afterwards' category. This falls into the mid range; it certainly has potential and I would like to see it expanded to a full level with more complex gameplay. It certainly looks good with its lovely TR1 Egypt textures, although you won't get much time to admire the view before being attacked by a panther, two crocodiles and a harpy, after which it all goes very quiet and peaceful and you just get a few fairly routine tasks to accomplish." - Jay (20-Jun-2007)

"And so the relentless surge of Demo releases this case we have two large rooms,one of which contains enjoyable gameplay (work your way around the walls of a cave);the other,boring gameplay (pull an Object a very long distance). 10 minutes for the first room,5 for the second. Good texturing and lighting,but there's not enough material here to be able to come to any decisive technical or creative conclusions." - Orbit Dream (11-Jun-2007)

"Here's a demo that shows plenty of potential and I'd really like to see it completed as a full level. Of course it is only a demo and as such plays out in 15-20 minutes. It's a classic Egyptian TR1 style environment that is well textured and well lit and is effectively enhanced by a good choice of scenery objects. The map structure is sound with an interesting climb around the walls and ledges. The gameplay presented in the demo is fine, indicating a good level would be made if continued in this vein. Enemy placement could certainly be improved though, as it seemed silly to be attacked by three different enemies in the first seconds of the game, and then nothing after that. If the author is looking for feedback, there are some minor technical faults with non 3D pushblocks and sound missing from these items and doors, which could easily be fixed for a final level release. The only big no-no is an unmarked climbable rock face, which should definitely be corrected. One can only judge on what is presented in the demo, so gameplay score is low only because there is much to play at this time. I'm sure this would rate much higher in a full level, if the demo is anything to go by. There is no camera work, so perhaps a nice flyby through the opening area might be good, as it is an impressive view. So, if this demo is completed as a full level with about an hour's gameplay, it could be a really good level. Let's hope we see that happen." - EssGee (09-Jun-2007)
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